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Tuesday, August 04, 2009:
Spotlight: F - Lori Foster

When I took my first ride on the information highway, I was a complete in need of a WWW for Dummies guidebook. I hadn't a clue as to what to do, but eventually I figured it out. One of the first things I did was find some of the websites of my favorite authors, and was quickly steered towards Yahoo groups (which were actually called something else back then but now they are just groups). Among the first that I joined was Lori Foster's BookJunkys group. I was nervous, because none of my friends read romance, so I figured I wouldn't know what to say at a Yahoo group. Once there, I realized wow, lots of people love romance novels. What a revelation.

Lori's books are amongst my comfort reads. I love her incredibly masculine, alpha heroes. Sam from "My House, My Rules". Bram from "Luring Lucy". Joe from "Say No to Joe?" And a multitude of others. Not to mention Jamie from the Visitation series. I love her unique families, her down-to-earth characters, the sexy, earthy love scenes. She doesn't write complex stories, and sometimes the stories are way too predictable, but at the same time, that's what I enjoy most about them. I know what I'm getting from a Lori Foster book...even when it's a time travel.

After a few years, I was brave enough to go to RAD (Romance Appreciation Day) in Ohio, back in February 2005. Later that year, Lori Foster co-hosted the first annual Reader/Author Get-Together. This year was the 5th annual event, and I've gone every year. I've met Lori and spoken to her numerous times, and love how personable and charming she is, and she's such a recognizable name in the business. She's been instrumental in helping several authors getting their start, and the get-togethers are always centered around supporting at least one charity, including the battered women's shelter, pet adoption, the troops, and numerous other organizations she believes in.

I would have to say that with all her numerous stories, out of her full-length books, there are two that I would probably consider my favorites, both from the Visitation series. There's "When Bruce Met Cyn", because it deals with a preacher falling in love with a former prostitute. It's really a wonderful story, and I loved both characters, but especially how tough and resilient and caring Cyn is. The other would be "Jamie", because Jamie was a character that stuck with me from the time I first met him earlier in the series to long past his own story. "My House, My Rules" and "Luring Lucy" are my favorite novellas. Sam and Bram (heh) are two of her sexiest heroes, imho. Why choose?

Have you met Lori?

Have you been to the get-together?

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  1. I absolutely adore Lori Foster. Her books are wonderful as the woman herself, and that is saying something! I was lucky enough to meet Lori about three years ago and found her to be a warm, friendly woman.

    I've attended the last three get together's and loved every minute. I hope to be able to go each and every year.

    I always look forward to Lori's new releases, no matter the setting of the book, Lori's writing always comes through.

  2. I've not been lucky enough to meet Lori but it is something I hope I get to do in the future. I adore her as well and also consider her books to be comfort reads! I'm working on collecting her older titles! I loved her Buckhorn Brothers series, took me forever to get my hand son Casey's story though!! I'm looking forward to all the new and wonderful books she has coming out!! :)

  3. I've never met Lori nor have I been to her get together yet. However, I hope to fix that next year.

    I've read Lori's books for years and can't wait to finally meet her.

  4. Stacy, how nice of you! :-) What a way to put a smile on my face. Now I'll be grinning all day!
    Thank you so much!

    My best,


  5. I've never met her, and how could I - I live in Finland :) But I just wanted to drop by and say that I've just recently discovered her books. I've read two of her SBC Fighters books and loved them both (and will definitely read rest of the series and other books too). I don't usually read contemporaries, so it was so surprising to find something so wonderful to read. Maybe I'll check other contemporary authors after her... Thanks to her lovely books!

  6. I finally got to meet her this year :o)

    I need to start working on hr back list again. I miss her old flow chart that she had. Once had I figured it out I realized how awesome it was :o)

  7. Hey Stacy.. I met Lori back when she had a book signing at Media Play got to chat for a good long while. I was very nervous and Lori put me at ease.

    I have been to every get together and just love them.

    Luring Lucy is a fav of mine too

  8. I as well have been to all of the Get Togethers. If I remember correctly you Stacy made me feel at ease there as I sat on the sidelines. The first book of Lori's I read was Jamie! I am now, finally working my through the SBC Fighter series. So far Simon Says if my fave of those.


  9. I have never been to a get together, nor have I ever met her. But I have bought a sleugh of her books over the past few weeks. I have yet to read them... and I did say yet... I am working on that. Or should I say that my TBR pile is working on me.
    Anyway... great post Stacy!! Thanks for spotlighting the authors and letting us peek inside!!
    I hope you have a wonderful tomorrow!

  10. I love all of Lori Foster books and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Wild, Say No To Joe and Just A Hint Clint from the Visitation series (yes, I know Wild isn't technically in it, but it leads to it), Too Much Temptation is terrific and Jude's Law (a forerunner to the SBC Fighter books). I love the novellas Once in a Blue Moon and the Dr series (which I call the trio of He Sees You When You're Sleeping, Some Like It Hot and Playing Doctor). The Buckhorn Brothers are great also, my favorite being Gabe and then Morgan. Too many...and yet not nearly enough!

  11. Hey Stacy, I have metLori, but I have nevergone to one of her get-togethers...I am seriously thinking about going to the one she is having next year. I absolutely love the Visitation series...Joe is definitely one of my fav lead characters of hers..."Say No to Joe" was the first book I read by her, and I was so excited to learn that it was the first in a series...I loved Jamie's book too, and Bruce and Cyn's story was very touching as well...I have been working on getting her backlist books for while now too...great blog...

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

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