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Friday, August 07, 2009:
Rewind: Faith No More
I had mentioned earlier in my Kreativ blog award post that one of my favorite things is (was) the music of Faith No More, but it reminded me that I haven't listened to my 2 favorite albums in years. What a fair weather fan I am!

The thing is, I tend to get completely obsessive about something until I either get sick of it and never want to get near it again, or gradually my fascination with it fades. [FYI: I haven't updated my Nathan Kamp covers in at least a year, I'm figuring. "I still love you, Nathan, I'm just not IN love with you".]

Don't ask me why I loved this album so much, I just did. My brothers used to listen to it, and like Metallica, it just insidiously seeps into your bloodstream until you are hooked. I remember watching "Epic" on MTV and I developed a bizarre crush on the strange lead singer, Mike Patton. He has this weird, kinda creepy vibe about him, but back then, when I was 17, I thought he was hot. He couldn't sing for shit live (having seen performances on various late night talk shows) but I didn't care. I would just listen to the album and be in heaven.

"Epic" is probably their most well-known song, which is why I've listed it below, but it's not my favorite. I really liked the title song, "The Real Thing", and "Falling to Pieces", and "Edge of the World" the best from this album. Granted, these songs are not known for being politically correct, in fact some of them are down-right offensive, but I'm not big on liking things because they're nice and right and agreeable. I do tend to go for some things that get me in trouble.

Epic Lyrics

Artist(Band): Faith No More

Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?

If you can't, then it doesn't matter anyway

You will never understand it cuz it happens too fast

And it feels so good, it's like walking on glass

It's so cool, it's so hip, it's so right

It's so groovy, it's outta sight

You can touch it, smell it, taste it so sweet

But it makes no difference cuz it knocks you

off your feet

You want it all but you can't have it

It's cryin', bleedin', lying on the floor

So you lay down on it and you do it some


You've got to share it, so you dare it

Then you bare it and you tear it

You want it all but you can't have it

It's in your face but you can't grab it

It's alive, afraid, a lie, a sin

It's magic, it's tragic, it's a loss, it's a win

It's dark, it's moist, it's a bitter pain

It's sad it happened and it's a shame

You want it all but you can't have it

It's in your face but you can't grab it

What is it?

They say What is it?

They say What is it?....

In this album, "Angel Dust", Mike had cut his long hair and had a goatee going on, and I was like, wow. I know, it doesn't take much to impress me, does it? But there was something about the way he made fun of everything that I liked. I think it's also because I was the good girl (for the most part, except for those few times...) and easily attracted to those who flipped off society and what was acceptable and proper. Not that I necessarily wanted to run to the dark side but it definitely held a fascination for me. Heck, I was a teen, that's that you do at that age.
I liked "Angel Dust" almost as much as "The Real Thing", though I never wore out the cassette, and there really were some catchy songs, like "Be Aggressive", "Small Victory" and "RV". It was a darker album, edgier, and I was all over it. Huh, until do my re-wind here, I'd forgotten how much I really enjoyed these albums.

Now I'm thinking I need to upgrade my CD collection and get both of these so I can listen and re-live my past. Of course I could also download them to my iPod, if I could find where I put it....

So what album/cassette(s) have you played so much you wore them out?

What is probably the most "inappropriate" music

you like to listen to?

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  1. I love Epic. Just listened to The Real Thing because I was not familiar with it:)

    I have gone through different stages throughout my life. I definitely do the same thing though - find a band and listen to them until I can't stand it anymore. When I was younger it was Aerosmith and Bon Jovi (still music gods in my opinion). College it was Metallica and AC/DC.

    Now it is The Killers and Mika. I listen to them every day. I hope I never tire of The Killers...

  2. I saw FNM in concert once and they were amazing. I really liked their "best album of the year' album, too. Now I want to dig it up.

  3. I listened to Hootie & the Blowfish's Musical Chairs so much, I pretty much don't ever want to hear it again. I guess I can take it small doses, but that's about it.

    Currently I'm obsessed with The Teeth, which is this great punk sort of band. LOVE them. Sadly, they broke up last year. :(

  4. I have not thought of that song in so long. My music tastes are so ecclectic i have a hard time wearing out a song or group

  5. My hubby is a big Faith No More and Metallica fan. Big time.

    I'm like you once I find something I like, I wear it out until I can't stand to listen it.

    For awhile now, I been on a Kings of Leon kick. Haven't gotten sick of listening to their album yet.

  6. I used to love that first FNM album you mentioned. Haven't heard it in years!

  7. The thing is, I tend to get completely obsessive about something until I either get sick of it and never want to get near it again, or gradually my fascination with it fades.

    It's like you read my mind :) However, I don't ussally get that way about bands...more songs. The one I really want to listen too (but can't because I can't download music and I utterly refuse to buy the whole CD) is Miley Cyrus' The Climb. It's one of those 'speak to the heart of me' songs :)

  8. I am a closet New Kids on the Block fun...
    oops I just outed myself:)

  9. Mandi, another fan. How cool. Funny how a band can influence you without you even knowing.

    Carolyn! Wow, how cool. And they sound good live? Whenever I've seen them perform live on t.v., they sucked. Of course that could be on purpose LOL. I'm so getting the best of the year album now.

    Heidenkind, being the mediocre mainstream music listener I am, I've never heard of The Teeth. I must get out more.

    Kris I'd have to agree with you on that now. I spin the dial and listen to everything. The closest was the Toby Keith greatest hits 1 & 2. We'd play them at work over and over. I work with some sick people LOL.

    Donna, I have to get that album. They were just here for Lalapalooza, but alas I wasn't there.

    Wow Kelley, how cool. I need to dig out those "oldies" LOL.

    Orannia, I do like a lot of Miley's songs. My new obsession though, is Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me". Luckily my co-workers feel the same.

    LOL Mari. I never had any of their albums, but I was a fan. Don't mind admitting that.

  10. My teen turned me onto the band The Myriad and I probably listen to them more than she does now. Or maybe she chooses not to listen to them so much anymore because I do? Hmm... hadn't really thought of it from that angle before. lol

    As far as the most "inappropriate" music I listen to? Definitely when I went through my 50 Cent phase a year or two ago. Don't worry, it was a short phase. Seriously, have you heard those lyrics?

  11. faith no more...greatest band ever!!

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