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Wednesday, August 19, 2009:
The J.D. debate: does Ryan Reynolds make the cut?
So there's this crazy idea out there some people have that actor Ryan Reynolds is the inspiration behind Julie James' hero in her release, "Practice Makes Perfect". Ryan Reynolds! Can you believe it? No, me either. To me, Ryan is the goofball med student from "Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place" (later just "Two Guys And A Girl"), or National Lampoon's "Van Wilder", which I admit I've never seen but can imagine it quite well. Classic cinema right there, I'm telling ya. (Nostalgic moment: watching Berg (RR) being dominated by Pete's virginal stalker Irene. Good stuff...)

So Katiebabs, our favorite eccentric redhead, stands behind her claim, and I believe so does the author, Julie James, who up until that moment, seemed rather clever and level-headed. Now I'm seriously questioning her judgment, because yet having seen "Definitely, Maybe", "Wolverine", and even "The Proposal", I was still not convinced of Ryan's worthiness.

However Miss Julie is offering up "Blade: Trinity" as her proof of the wonder that is Ryan. I've been warned that the movie is pretty bad (no surprise there) but to pay especially close attention to his abs, particularly, as Katiebabs insists, during his stint as Parker Posey's bitch. She believes this will be her winning argument in the ongoing debate. But first off: Hannibal King??? Really?!

I don't know, folks. As I'm watching, definitely do I see RR's trademark smartass charm, but I'm thinking that even that isn't enough to woo me. Case in point: "I ate a lot of garlic, and I just farted. Silent but deadly." Funny but not sexy talk. Now if Parker had managed to rips his pants off, I have a feeling I would have had a much different reaction. I think the makers of this film missed a golden opportunity by not having the movie further investigate the tattoo located in the near nether region of RR's body. There was obviously an important key element of the story missing because of such neglect. Personally, I feel like I was deprived of privileged information - we were robbed!


Verdict: Despite all the evidence, despite the sweet, lingering perusal of the muscular physique of one yummy Ryan Reynolds, despite the charisma and the humor and the winning smile, I stand by my original decision: Ryan Reynolds is not and never will be J.D. Jameson. Yeah, sure, he's the original creation of Ms. Julie James, author tres extraordinaire, and technically I guess she calls the shots here, but as a reader, I claim a tiny piece of him (obviously not THAT piece because it better not be tiny - besides it would have already been claimed by Katiebabs, or perhaps KingMhoFho, no doubt). So the search for the perfect J.D. Jameson lives dismissed.

Who is YOUR J.D.?

(a.k.a. anyone else but Ryan Reynolds!)

What's the worst movie you've ever seen just to watch

a certain hot actor appear in it?

Who was it and was it worth the pain?

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  1. *pats sofa*

    You come sit by me, Stacy. Of course, we have it right from Julie that Ryan is the inspiration behind JD. Here's my thing, I'm OK if JD *looks* like Ryan (who, let's face it, is HAWT). But no possible way does JD have Ryan's personality.

    I said it on Twitter the other day...I just get the feeling that Ryan is the kind of guy who would sit on your lap and fart and think it's funny. And...well, that's NOT hawt.

    So, I agree.

    No idea who I think JD is, but I know *my* JD isn't Ryan.

    (all of this is said with total love and affection for Julie James, who brought us the wonder of JD in the first place).

  2. This post seriously cracks me up.

    Okay, first, Stacy, you should know that in addition to secretly stalking my blog, my husband apparently stalks yours as well, because nearly the first thing he said to me this morning was, "Stacy has a funny blog about Ryan Reynolds as J.D."

    Second-- I gotta admit, that Silence of the Lambs homage photo is damning evidence against RR. You pretty much could've rested your case on that and the "I just farted" line.

    But allow me one small rebuttal first... RR doesn't control the lines in the script--he's just playing a certain character, and those characters, apparently, talk about farting. The real question is, could he play the character of J.D., even if he hasn't played such a character yet? I still think he could. But what do I know. ;-)

    I haven't seen The Proposal yet-- I need to check that out and see if that changes my opinion.

    Hmm... have I ever watched a bad movie just for a certain actor? Yes, The Mexican with Brad Pitt.

    As for other ideas for J.D... what about Christian Bale? Can he be funny?

  3. Hi Stacy:
    I think there maybe something wrong with me...this is my fourth time back here! But in my defense I had to read Julie James response :) Everytime I see that picture of him in chains...I just want to go and unlock him.
    Thanks again for posting. Can't wait til your next post.
    Andrea desherb

  4. I'm with Kati, I'm ok if JD looks like Ryan.

  5. Sadly, I haven't read Practice Makes Perfect yet, so I can't participate in this debate. But it is kind of hard for me to imagine RR in the role of a romantic hero after Van Wilder, I have to say. Yeah, he has great abs. Would I object to him starring in a scene featuring shirtless men standing around and, say, fanning Cleopatra? No. As long he doesn't speak.

    The worst movie I ever sat through just for the hawt menz was Van Helsing. You have Hugh Jackman, who is the sexiest man alive as far as I'm concerned; and the absolutely lovely David Wenham, who was Faramir in LotR and was also in 300 (can't remember his character's name there). Was it worth it? Hmm... maybe if there had been more David Wenham, it would have been worth it. But no.

  6. Kati, just one of the many reasons I love ya - you do so understand me. RR's got the body, but the personality makes me laugh, it doesn't get me all tingly, which is what a hero is supposed to do.

    Julie, wow, your husband stalks my blog? Why do I wonder if maybe he's possibly the true inspiration behind J.D., hmmm? I bet Mr. James is very hero-worthy, what with his intelligence and all *g* Btw, in rebuttal to your rebuttal, I actually played the extended commentary version right after watching the extended version and there was a lot of ad-libbing going on, so yes, RR had some input to Hannibal's dialogue, and was inspired to use what he calls his "Alec Baldwin" voice. Freakin' hilarious. I'll have to work on my idea for J.D., because really, funny guys can be very sexy. Just not "immature, fart-joke" funny guys.

    Andrea, only 4???? I feel neglected! Please, come back LOL. Next post? Oh, the pressure is on. I have nothing lined up! God, where is inspiration when you need it!

    Right Liza, no talking!

    Heidenkind, I forgot about Van Helsing! I kinda liked the movie, but it was all because of Hugh. He made the movie.

  7. *waving*

    Hello, Mr. Julie. Yes, I said it.

    I'm trying to think of what awful movie I sat through in appreciation of the Hotness. I can't really think of one. I'm sure there are some, but what the heck were they?

    I have to say, RR grew on my in The Proposal. He was pretty cute. But I couldn't get over an interview I'd read before I saw it that said that RR and ScarJo and Sandy and Jesse go on vacation together. Um, AWKWARD. So, you spend a week together in Cabo, and then your spouses go do a scene where they're lying all over each other naked. Yeah, that's not weird at all.

    I'm just sayin'.

  8. Mr. James as the inspiration behind J.D.?? Seriously, Stacy, where do you get these ideas? I mean, just because Mr. James is a class action trial lawyer, staunchly non-vegetarian, went to an Ivy League school, and tends to skew more conservative than moi, well... oh, wait... hmm...

    And, Kati, somewhere in a high-rise Chicago office building, that staunchly non-vegetarian class action lawyer just fell over in his chair for being called "Mr. Julie".

    Well, serves him right for stalking our all blogs. ;-)

  9. *looks at Stacy & Kati on the couch*

    May I please join you? I can't see RR as JD either.

    As for other ideas for J.D... what about Christian Bale?

    Now, Christian Bale I can see. Do you know the first movie I ever saw him in (Howl's Moving Castle) I just heard his voice? And I can imagine that voice floating over Payton's shoulder very easily *grin* It gives me goosebumps!

  10. *joins the group on the couch* RR is not my JD. I'm not sure who is (not CB, either) but I will now be on the lookout. :o)

  11. Ok I may be the only woman on earth who does not feel a quiver when looking at Ryan Reynolds. I think it's his too close to together eyes, his body definitely ooolalala.

    Sadly, no clue who J.D. is so I cannot nominate another hawt male *sigh*

    God worse movie I sat through was GI Joe. Channing Tatum I'd pretty much sell my first born baby

  12. I have to say, this post (and the comments) made me crack up. It also made me put Ms. James book on my TBB list. I have a feeling I'll be reading it this weekend. (Kindle for iPhone, it is my crack.)

    Can't think of a worst movie example right now, though I did look up clips of Shark Attack 3 on YouTube just to watch John Barrowman play a horndog straight guy. And some really, really bad special effects work.

  13. I see Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConnaughey, or perhaps Jason Patric. Maybe George Clooney or if he could get a shave and a haircut, Gerard Butler.
    JD is born to priveledge and has an arrogant streak. So I picture someone who comes off as cocky and fullof himself and gets humbled by love at the end of the book.
    Clooney et al may be a bit old for the role, but his "type" is what I picture.

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