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Tuesday, September 01, 2009:
Spotlight: J - Julie James

This week's spotlight is truly a treat, as it is about one of my favorite new authors. I first heard about Julie James when I saw a wonderful review from Rowena at Book Binge for "Just the Sexiest Man Alive". The review was so engaging that I was immediately hooked, so much so that I hadn't even read the book yet when I decided to go meet her last November when she was having a booksigning in Chicago.

I always get a bit nervous meeting people for the first time, but Julie is one of those people who immediately puts you at ease (much like another fave, Suz Brockmann). The signing was at a local bookstore called The Book Cellar, an independent bookstore that caters to the wine drinker crowd, which was perfectly fine by me. In addition to signing her books, there was also a the part of the event where she read a portion of her work, and had a Q&A session. Now, those in the crowd did not come across as your typical romance readers, yet I think even they were tempted to pick up a copy of such a fun, snappy book. And if you've read either JTSMA or PMP, then you know exactly what I mean by that. It's easy to see the Julie must have been a very successful attorney, because she grabbed the crowd's attention and left us wanting more.

Since that night, I've read both of her releases and LOVED them immensely, and have met her at other events. I'll admit to being more of a historical romance reader, but Julie's contemporaries are at the top of my auto-buy list. Anyone looking for sexy, dynamic heroes and intelligent, confident, sassy heroines are definitely in for a treat with Julie's books. I'm usually all about the hero, but Julie writes about heroines that we can all appreciate and respect (just ask Kati who wrote a lovely tribute to Payton Kendall recently at RNTV); women who hold their own against any man and never stoop to being petty, silly or whiny. It was such a revelation to read not one, but two wonderful contemporary romances that showcased strong, capable, funny, compassionate, likeable women that aren't bitter or self-pitying harpies. Now to be fair, not all contemporary heroines are painted with that brush, but it's rather common to come across a heroine who has some irritating quirk that renders them almost unsympathetic. But you won't find one of those in a Julie James' novel.

Julie's next release, "Something About You", is scheduled to be released in March 2010, and it's definitely on my TBB list. A loooong wait, but one that I know will be well worth it. And Julie's been recently seen teasing us on Twitter with little tidbits about the coveted Book #4. Gotta love the sound of that. I sure the heck do :)
Have you met Julie and/or read any of her books?

Do you have a favorite scene from JTSMA or PMP?


I'd also like to take this opportunity to give a little shout-out to a fellow fan, who also happens to be Julie's husband. That would be Mr. James, an incredibly brilliant individual with exemplary taste who, from what I've been told, has been known to swing by this place from time to time. Maybe one day we can find out what it's like to be the inspiration for all those heroes :D

What say you, Mr. James????


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  1. I enjoyed both Julie James books. So far, 'Practice Makes Perfect' is my fave contemporary romance of 2009.

    My favourite scene is one at the end of PMP. I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't yet read the book, so I'll just say it has to do with the resolution of Payton and J.D.'s bid to make partner in their law firm. Beautifully done!

  2. Sounds like a new writer for me to check out - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hands down the court scene where Payton shows off her undies in PMP. Still chuckle over that one.

  4. Sarah T, that was a wonderful scene. I also liked the scene with Payton & J.D. in the library. Wow, talk about great sexual tension! Left me wanting more ;)

    Stephanie, oh you must check out her books. Just fabulous. 2 friends & I pimped her books at B&N last week. They're a sure bet.

    Kate, that scene WAS priceless *g*

  5. Sometimes I can't stand myself. I buy so many books that I don't have time to read them :((

    Have JTSMA and PMP on the shelves, they have been there for a month or 2, the buy was induced by Twitter buzz...But I can't find the time to start in them! And I want to really badly!

    September is a lost cause with obligatory reads for ROOB and challenges but in October I will get to these Julie James books. I swear!

  6. Thanks for putting the spotlight on Julie and her books Stacy!

    As you know, I hope, she is one of my favorite authors too.

    Favorite scenes? Well, in JTSMA it would have to be the mock court scene where Jason is left with his mouth hanging open.

    PMP? Definitely the "feminazi scene"... lol (forgive if I didn't spell correctly)


  7. I have read JSMA and loved it..have PMP in my tbr:) and I am usually not one for contemps!

  8. The "incredibly brilliant" Mr. James... I am so never going to hear the end of that, Stacy.

    Thanks so much for the spotlight! It's really been such a pleasure to get to know you. You were the first reader to come to my very first signing, and I'm so glad we've had the chance to hang out on several occasions since then.

    And I laughed when I saw your previous blog-- I'm reading Double Play by Jill Shalvis right now. (I didn't read the review yet--are there any spoilers? I'm only about 50 pages in.)


  9. I've only read Julie's first book, but Practice Makes Perfect is in my TBR pile. I've heard so many wonderful things about PMP I really need to move it up to the top.

  10. I just love Julie James's books. Seriously wonderful reads that are so wonderfully romantic. She's definitely an auto-buy for me as well. As they say: she could write a grocery list and I've love it. :)

    Great post Stacy.

  11. Oh I forgot my favorite scene of PMP (which is my favorite of her two releases). That would have to be the scene in the library - loved it.

  12. Stacy you wicked woman, I heard about Julie James, they were on the wishlist, now I want to read them so I just ordered them and hope I can read them real soon so I can enjoy those scenes you all are talking about!

  13. Yay, Julie! I absolutely love her books. The dialogue is snappy and sharp. The characters have humor, laughing at each other and at themselves.

    I think Julie created one of my all-time favorite minor characters. He only appears in one scene, but steals the show. Who, you ask? The Jane Auten quoting cabbie in PMP. Sadly, when I asked Julie if he was based on a real cabbie here in Chicago she said no. There goes my dreams of one day hopping in his cab!

    Julie is an absolute doll. Having had the opportunity to spend time with her I can say she is one of sweetest people I've met... with a snarky sense of humor.

  14. Pearl, I promise you will love them. They are quick reads because they're so fun and snappy and clever.

    Lea, you mentioned some great scenes. Makes me want to go back for a re-read of both.

    Mandi, that's what I thought too, until I read Julie's books. Just fun, sexy books.

    Hey Julie. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention *g* And I figured I owed it to Mr. J for stopping by. Wow, was I really the first reader at your first signing? How cool. And nope, I'm not gonna spoil anything for matter how much you beg ;)

    Liza, I loved PMP even more than JTSMA. And I'm so jonesing for book #3.

    Hey Tracy, thanx for stopping by. Julie does make the most ordinary events seem fun, doesn't she? I'm totally impressed with how polished these books are for a "newbie" writer. Just imagine where she'll go now...

    Marissa - ha! My work here is done. Being wicked obviously pays off. Can't wait for your review :)

    Shannon, hanging out with you, Julie & Beth is a blast. And you just never know, maybe that cabbie is out there, somewhere. Waiting to be discovered.

  15. I love PMP! I will never for get reading the first few pages and Payton wasn’t calling J.D. very nice names in her mind. I giggling out loud and knew that I was going to love the book :o) The whole book was full of witty remarks and tons of fun.

  16. Great post Stacy - I just love your spotlights! And my favourite scene was the one in the library.

    And I have JSMA on my TBR list :)

  17. Hey Stacy!!! Thanks for having Ms James here!!
    I read both of her books. Thanks to Aymless's book club. We were to read PMP for August... well you know OCD me, I had to get JTSMA and read that one first. I LOVED HER BOOKS!!! I loved JTSMA more than PMP... but still, I loved them both. They were great reads and I can NOT wait for the other one to come out!
    My favorite scene... in JTSMA... Every time she would walk out on him and leave him speechless!! Priceless!!!
    PMP.. the court scene where he "messed" with her heel and she went flying over the banister into the jury box!!! LOVED IT!! And of course a million others in both!
    Great books and great showcase!!

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