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Wednesday, August 26, 2009:
Bloggers & book pimpin': giving & receiving
I received a lovely surprise Tuesday when I found out that one of the bloggers I visit, Nicola, was in town for a few days visiting family, and she and Shannon invited me to hang out with them Tuesday evening. We decided to meet at Barnes and Noble, naturally, at a location not far from me, and chill. This is always fun for me because I rarely get to shop for romance books with others who love them as much as I do. I hadn't met Nicola in person before, but I recognized her almost right away from her picture. She's one of those people you warm up to right away, and boy, has she read a lot of interesting books. I took special note of one she mentioned by Fern Michaels called "Captive Passions". I don't know if I'll ever read it, but having Nicola telling the outlandish tale of how the story goes definitely made me laugh, and I admit I'm rather tempted to try to find a copy just to see if it's everything she said it was. There's just something about those old school romances written in the 70's and 80's that managed to get away with throwing in all kinds of crazy stuff and still manage to win the hearts of fans. Gotta love that. Readers of today are much pickier, though rightfully so.

Another fun thing we did was come across another reader who heard us chatting in the romance aisles and wanted to know what books we were talking about. She was looking for contemporary romance, and Nicola immediately mentioned a local favorite, Julie James, to which Shannon and I readily agreed. It was so cool to actually show her the books, put them in her hand, and watch her walk up to the cash register, happy as any reader could be to find a gem of a story. Book pimpin' at its finest.

Of course I was not exempt from being being pimped to. Shannon came across Patricia Briggs' latest in the Alpha & Omega series, "Hunting Ground" and I snatched it up without even thinking twice. I believe she's the one who got me hooked when she encouraged me to get the anthology "On The Prowl" where we first meet Anna and Charles, and I fell completely for the cautious, fated pair, so she hadn't steered me wrong with her rec.

So definitely this was a fun evening, where I came away with only 3 books (got the last 2 in Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series, now I have all 6 titles) but I'm set for awhile. Can't wait for a chance for some uninterrupted reading time.

What book(s) are you pimpin' these days?

What's the best pimpin' you've received lately?

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  1. I'm pimping two books that will be released in October

    1. Jodi Thomas' The Lone Texan, it's the fourth in her Whispering Mountain Series and it's Sage's story. I love this series. If you like westerns and haven't read the series, you've got lots to look forward to.

    2. J.R. Ward's The Covet. It's the first book in her new Fallen Angels series. I was blown away by it. Her writing compels you to turn the pages.

  2. Hey Stacy! I am so jealous you got to meet some of your fellow bloggers!!! That is too cool!

    I have not met anyone, but just chatting with you all like is very cool! "One great day, I will meet everyone..."

    As far as pimping... honey, I guess I am a book "hussy" because I will pimp anything that interest me or my fellow friends... I am looking to reading Hunting Grounds and The Darkest Whispher...
    I hope you have a great day!

  3. Hi Stace! I'm totally looking forward Hunting Ground! I need to go pick it up!

  4. What a fun night! I started Hunting Ground last night:)

    I have been pimping Chloe Neill lately, she wrote Some Girls Bite and also Ann Aguirre, although I am totally late on that!

    Carolyn Crane rec'd Deanna Raybourn on her blog.. I have yet to read her but I bought all the books ;)

  5. Hi Stacy!

    How fun that you guys got together! I agree-- it's always fun to "talk books" with others. And thanks for pimping out my books!

    What books am I currently pimping... In terms of non-romance, I really, really enjoyed The Help by Kathryn Stockett. As for romance, I just told someone who hadn't read any of Nalini Singh's books that they needed to fix that immediately. I just finished the second book in the Psy-Changeling series and really liked it.

  6. Hey Stacy:

    I'm pimping Beth Kery's upcoming book "Paradise Rules", excellent read.

    I just finished "Becoming Miss Becky", by Shannon Stacey, a new to me author and loved it! Some definite pimpage ahead.


  7. It's the best feeling to get together with other passionate readers! I feel so lucky to have the So Cal Bloggers to cruise the bookstores with and chat.

    Right now, I'm pimping (aside from Hunting Ground,) Jill Sorenson's Set the Dark on Fire and Suzanne Collins (YA) Catching Fire. Can't wait for payday to run out and grab them! :-)

  8. Wow! This sounds really really fun! And JJ is such a great book to recommend. Who doesn't love her?
    My fallback pimp these days is still The Spymaster's Lady. That is just such a high quality read!

  9. I am pimping Charlaine Harris' "Grave" series and her Sookie Stackhouse for anyone who hasn't yet given her a try - great paranormal mystery series- both of them.
    I am also pimping and can not say enough about the YA romance "Perfect Chemistry" by Simone Elkeles. WOW! I loved this book and place it at my ALL TIME favorite YA romance book.
    If you read any YA please don't miss this one.



  10. I just pimped Jess Granger's Beyond the Rain over at Mad's Novel Thoughts.

    And I'm starting the pimping for Ann Aguirre's upcoming two releases (Doubleblind in September and Skin Game (as Ava Gray) in December) They are GOOOOOOD!!!

    And Bronwyn Parry's Dark Country comes out in Australia on September 1st.

    There are more but I'm having one of those CRS* moments.

    *CRS: can't remember sh!t :wink:

  11. Ohhh, some interesting books being pimped! I pimped the Psy-Changeling series to the receptionist at work. She love Angels' Blood but wasn't so sure about paranormal romance. She loved it and has requested the second from the library.

    I'm so hanging out to read Hunting Ground *checks library catalogue again*

    And I can't imagine how lovely it was to catch up with bloggers adn just talk books :)

  12. Moi??? Pimp books *cough*
    How about a whole genre - heh heh heh.
    The book I will be pimping - once I finish it - Highland Rebel by Judith James. I'm about half way done and lovin' it just as much as Broken Wing - in a different way.

    Glad you had a great time with your fellow bloggers. Tis a grand time when you get to meet them isn't it?

  13. Maria, I've not read Jodi Thomas, but I'm not a huge fan of westerns so I guess I'm okay to pass up an author (whimper...not really!) And The Covet is already on my tbb list thanx to you and Marisa!

    Cecile, I feel very lucky! It's been fun these last few years, and it definitely makes up for not having RL friends who read romance. I live in a great city. And I love book hussies *g*

    Kati, I really love Briggs' wolf series. Never thought I'd say that, but these are great books.

    Mandi, I think I'm going to be sorry I asked this question LOL. Because now I must to go CJ's blog...

    Julie, I really need to catch up on Nalini's books. I have all of them, just need to read 'em.

    Lea, I am SO jealous you've read Paradise Rules! That one is definitely on my radar, and can't wait. Beth always has such nice things to say about you, all well-deserved :)

    Renee, you are so right. It's fun to have a community within reach to hang with. It doesn't happen often, but that makes it all the more special.

    CJ, that's a great rec. Loved that book :)

    EJM, I'm thinking I probably won't invest in another vamp series, though I plan to watch the HBO version. How many books are out - 9? 12? I don't even know anymore... But will check out Perfect Chemistry.

    AL, Ann's books are always a sure bet for me. And I've heard of Jess Granger. Must look into that one.

    Orannia, I just wish we had more time to hang out. Life just gets in the way LOL.

    Kristie, love, you've never steered me wrong. I mean, you have 2 HUGE hits w/ N&S and Broken Wing, so I'm definitely adding Judith's next to my list. Thanx doll :)

  14. What a lovely post, Stacy. I love meeting fellow bloggers, and reading about other bloggers meeting each other is sometimes just as nice.

    I just finished HUNTING GROUND last night. I just love Patricia Briggs' writing. Anna and Charles are so beautiful together--they are indeed a cautious fated couple. Good choice of words, Stacy. I think I like them because of that.

    What have I been pimping? hmm... a lot of YA for me lately.

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