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Thursday, April 17, 2008:
"Seven Nights of Sin" by Lacey Alexander (2008) - review

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: NAL Trade (April 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451223144
ISBN-13: 978-0451223142

A sizzling novel about seven steamy nights in Sin City, each one hotter than the last…

Brenna Cayton doesn’t need a man. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself. Then her boss sends her on a business trip to Vegas to make sure Damon Andros—the sexiest man in the entire music industry—doesn’t live up to his bad boy image. But before she knows it, business turns to extreme pleasure as Damon brings out her naughty side, fulfilling every one of her wildest fantasies. Now, she has just seven sultry nights to commit every sin in the book. Because once Damon discovers her dirty little secret, he’ll surely never indulge their lust again…

Brenna works as the personal assistant for Carl Jenkins, CEO of Blue Night Records, an indie label that's going places. When her boss offers her the opportunity to go to Vegas and mentor with the company's popular and very sexy A & R Rep (artist and repertoire) Damon Andros, she jumps at the chance. Only there's a catch...

Damon never glanced twice at Brenna before, but now her new sexy look and a bit of confidence definitely captures his attention, and while this is just a business trip, it turns out to be a lot more about pleasure. He's enjoying showing her the biz, scouting out new talent and watching her honest and refreshing reactions to everything she experiences. Her unguarded responses intrigue him, and he feels himself falling under her spell, even while he fights it every step of the way.

Brenna hates that she has a secret she can't share with Damon, especially since it involves him, but she came to Vegas to do her job, and that's what she's going to do. That, and enjoy the sensual awareness between her and Damon, which leads to some pretty hot encounters. Brenna is opening up in ways she never imagined, and feels freer and more at ease with her sexuality the more she gets to know Damon. But eventually she knows that this week of sin is going to come to an end, and it just mind end up breaking her heart.

I love Lacey Alexander's books, I really do. They are so hot and can make you feel sexy, and she explores some of the less kinky yet still exciting and forbidden fantasies a lot of women share. I love that about these books a lot. Her books are like potato chips mixed with some decadent chocolate. Can't get enough. And I love that Lacey wrote about the music industry, which is fascinating to me as I just love music and found it cool to see how bands and singers are approached by record companies. Plus, Damon was one majorly hot, hot, HOT guy, and what woman wouldn't just love to spend one night, much less a week of them, reveling in outrageous sin with such a gorgeous, sexy man? Sign me up please! I so need a Damon in my life.

Brenna was likeable, a woman I could relate to, and I totally got her insecurity issues, yet she seemed to place a little too much importance on Damon's opinion of her as a woman and was always trying to prove she could be bolder, sexier, wilder for him. The only person she has to impress is herself, imo. I also felt that she was a little too much like Laura, the heroine in "Voyeur", inhibited and easily shocked by some of the sexual acts she would witness or participate in. Now I loved that book, and I enjoyed "Seven Nights of Sin" very much. This time around it just felt like it's been done before. I would have liked to have seen Brenna more assertive, and more interested in fulfilling fantasies because that was what turned her on, not just because she wanted to please Damon. I was a little disappointed at her feeling like she was a dirty girl because the way she talked about it didn't sound very sexy or freeing. I felt more like she was submitting to things more for Damon than for herself, even if she did end up enjoying them. I think I would have respected her more if she had fulfilled her own private fantasies and to hell whether Damon liked them or not. Their affair was supposed to be a hot and temporary week of pleasure, not a life-long commitment. This was Brenna's turn to do her own thing, not to worry about impressing someone else.

The other thing that bothered me was her passive behavior once the secret she was keeping finally was revealed, albeit unexpectedly, to Damon. Come on girl, be brave, not a wuss! She should have confronted Damon, said her piece, and he could take it or leave it. Instead she crawls away with her tail between her legs. Yet I couldn't really hate her, not when she was a genuinely nice person, and she realized what she really wanted out of life, and her job, in the end, and it wasn't all about fame and money. What a shocker (and I mean that most sincerely). There are just too many "bitch" heroines in books these days, so to find a genuinely nice one, even if she's a bit too meek, I still liked her. In a lot of ways she still retained her sweetness, and I was glad about that. If she became selfish and hardened, she wouldn't have been the woman Damon started to fall in love with.

Overall, "SNoS" is a sexy book, one that explores Sin City in some of its most decadent, luxurious and forbidden hideaways that the average person probably will never see, where the music industry and beautiful people collide, and anything goes, and then some. That in itself might be a fantasy, to experience such lavish accommodations and meet famous people, all while exploring your sexuality and see how far you're willing to go for pleasure.

Yet as sexy as it was, this book wouldn't have worked if there wasn't the elements of romance to it. Brenna and Damon could have had their week together and went their separate ways, happy to move on to the next adventure. Instead, their emotions were engaged, and that's what kept me interested, and made me care for these characters, even when I was at times exasperated with Brenna. Wondering how they were going to find their HEA is what always will keep me coming back. To watch them fall in love, by actually talking to each other and becoming closer emotionally and not just though sex, is why I read romance novels. That's the big pay-off for me.

Rating: **** out of *****

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  1. Man you write such better reviews than me! I’m going to start writing them and never post them till I’m half way decent at it :o)

    I loved this book and I can see where you were disappointed with Brenna, but for some strange reason it didn’t bother me all that much. As far as her being shocked about certain things to me that was believable because my Mom just came back from LV for the first time and was just blown away LOL.

    I’m glad that you liked it. Now I’m just waiting to hear your review on Letter to a Secret Lover. And I’m way green with envy over the fact that you got an ARC :o)

  2. Thank you LeeAnn. I agonize over reviews sooo much, and it never sounds right. Some people have a flair for it. Alas I do not.

    I haven't started LTASL yet, but soon. It was so unexpected to get an ARC. I know what you mean about the envy part though. Been there many, many times *g*

  3. Wow, Stacy! What an excellent review! I still haven't gotten my hands on this one, but hope to soon. I love how you can make a comment that's not quite positive, but you make a criticism w/out turning it into a negative or nasty statement. Does that make sense? You're a real pro. You'll love LTASL - typical Toni w/fun, sweet, passionate characters and an unexpected twist in the storyline.

    Have a great weekend, sweetie!

  4. Wow! This was really helpful review, and I may have to look into this book. For one thing, that is a great title, and also, I am so curious about this secret. Thanks for not spoiling it. I have never read this author.

    "she explores some of the less kinky yet still exciting and forbidden fantasies a lot of women share. "

    THAT sounds promising. Is this a good one to start with??

  5. Thanx Laurie. I adore Lacey's books, and it was hard to write criticism of any kind, but I felt compelled to be completely honest. I still think she writes some of the sexiest, most amazing erotic romance out there, and she will always be an auto-buy for me. I appreciate your kind words.

    Hi Carol Jean. I think this would be a lovely book to start with. Some of her Ellora's Cave stuff is a little wilder, but I loved that too. In a way, she seems to have mellowed out, tamed down a bit, and there's nothing wrong with that. Having been to Vegas, it really makes me curious about some of these places LOL. If you read it, I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  6. Okay! Thanks.

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