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Tuesday, October 30, 2007:
Contest: sharing memories to win....
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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had an extra copy of Elizabeth Scott's "Spin the Bottle" and I decided to use it for a contest. But then I had trouble figuring out what kinda contest. I like to ask questions and find out more about the people who blog here, so then it hit me: Spin the Bottle was/is a naughty game you usually play in high school, or college. I thought it would be fun to talk about your favorite games you played as a kid.
I remember "Kiss and Kill" from grade school, where the boys chased the girls and either knocked them down or kissed them. I always wished Jason W. would kiss me, but he never did. Needless to say, I was knocked down a lot LOL.
Then there was Dodge Ball, with two bowling pins for each team - if both pins are knocked down or all the players on one team are eliminated, the other team wins. Now I might not be all that athletic, but I can play a mean game of Dodge Ball. One year, the 5th graders played the 6th graders, and I, on the 5th grade team, caught the ball and won for our team. What a shining moment.

What were your favorite games?

Ever play spin the bottle?

Did you enjoy it?

Contest will run through Friday, November 2nd, at 7pm CST.

Good Luck!

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  1. My favorite game was a game my cousins and I invented. I used to live in a tri-level house growing up. So there was a staircase of only about 5 or 6 steps connecting the mid and lower level. The game we invented was called "Water" we had blankets at the bottom of the steps and would jump from the top step into the "Water". We would also come up with different categories of our favorites (food, colors, etc.) and you had to yell them out as you jumped.

    HAHAHA. We were easily entertained little ones. I loved that ridiculous game.

  2. We used to play kick the can a lot. I don't even remember exactly how to play. I know someone is it like in hide and seek. Somehow the can is involved. I think the it person kicked it and thats when everyone else hid. Oh yeah, then they had to run get the can and put it back. However was found was in like a jail and then if someone else kicked the can while the it person wasn't watching then they freed everyone.

  3. My favorite game growing up was kickball. I lived in a neighborhood with a LOT of other kids. We would take over the street each evening and play kickball. Our parents would come out, sit on the porch, and talk with each other. For a city neighborhood, it was safe and everyone knew everyone else on the street.

    I also played Spin the Bottle at my first Girl-Boy part in the 6th grade. There was an option to kiss at the table or to go to the closet. I chose the closet every time! :)

  4. My favorite game was red rover. The teachers would line us up and we would we play. I also liked Dodge ball. We played truth and dare at our parties.

  5. My favorite game was Kick Ball - I was a fairly decent kicker, thank heavens, because I couldn't run to save my life! We also used to play a game similar to Dodge Ball, but it was called "Smear the Queer" - I still remember the look of horror on my mother's face when I told her about the new game I learned at recess!

  6. Oh, I forgot to mention - don't enter me in your contest, Stacy - I have Elizabeth's books - just blogged about SPIN THE BOTTLE this morning myself! Thanks, sweetie!

  7. I always liked to play kick ball and Red Rover.
    I don't remember ever playing spin the bottle. I think I missed out on all of the action! LOL

  8. Hmmm...I don't remember playing or liking many games from childhood...I was a bit of a bookworm and would take a book with me to the playground...LOL.

    I do remember playing Dodgeball...I always got hit (and then I would sit on the side and read...LOL). We also played Monkey in the Middle (or keepaway a lot). And I remember Red Rover (I think that is the name)...where everyone holds hands on two sides and you call someone over to break through ("Red Rover, Red Rover, Send So-and-so over")...that game hurt! My cousins also liked playing Mother May I and Red Light Green Light.

    Hmm...guess I remember more than I thought.

    But I do have to say one of my fave memories was playing Duck, Duck, college...LOL. To break the ice at our first hall social as freshmen, our RA's had us play the game. It was so much fun...even if I did fall...LOL. I am a bit of a klutz. I prefer board games.

    I never played Spin the Bottle. I don't have this book and it sounds great!

  9. LOL - we used to play Truth or Dare in 6th grade. My whole "group" would go to the ice skating rink at the mall and we'd skate for about an hour, then we'd sit in the corner of the rink and play T or D. We were very advanced, and the dares always included some sort of kissing, and the truths were always some deep ark secret about who we liked etc.

    *sigh* those were the days....

  10. Happy Halloween!!

  11. One of my favorites games when I was young was tag in the dark. When I used to go back to visit my grandparents...all my extended family on both sides with the exception of my parents still live in the same town I was born in....I would get togeher with my second cousins who lived next door to my grandparents and their friends and we would play tag when it was dark. It was very cool and I can still remember the excitement...okay, I was twelve...of being out after dark and how it felt a little adventurous to be playing out in the dark. I was, also, a bit of bookworm and was just as content to be sitting on my Grandma's couch with my grandparents and reading.
    I really only have very magical memories of visiting my grandparents.

  12. Ah, yes. Spin the Bottle. It was responsible for my first kiss -- by a classmate I had a huge crush on. That kiss, forced by the game, was the only one we ever shared, much to my dismay.

    Years later he came out of the closet. Friends still (jokingly?) blame me for his being gay. :)

  13. I loved being outside and playing games when I was little. Kickball, tag, wiffleball, red rover...I don't think I can pick a favorite! LOL

    I don't think I played spin the bottle. Hmmm. If I did, it obviously wasn't memorable. LOL

  14. Happy Halloween!

    We used to pay red rover, tag and all of those other games. But my fav. was just playing games that we came up with using our imaginations. We all have pretty deep lots on my street and growing up there was a pack of us kids and we used to go from house to house. My neighbor was a Shriner Clown and had a clown car in his yard that he made and would let us play with it. That was way cool. We always had backyards, trees to clime through, and would have camp outs in each others yards. It was a blast! I’m knida sad that there really aren’t any kids on our street anymore for my son to play with.

  15. My favorite childhood game was Hide and Go Seek...and hopscotch. I had a favorite stone that I used for hopscotch only.

  16. I loved Indian leg wrestling lol. Maybe because even then I had long legs and could pin the boys down more often than not.

    I also liked Red Rover and basketball too. :)

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