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Monday, October 09, 2006:
Dishing about writing with Kathleen Dante
Kathleen Dante is another on-line friend whom I met prior to her being published, and it's been really exciting to see and hear all about her experiences, those of someone who actually followed her muse. Without further ado, here's Kathleen, though she has told me she is now a bit of a redhead now, with some Fuschia Flash added. (I admire a person who is not afraid to experiment, especially with their appearance *g*).
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Kathleen, thank you so much for being here. Please share a few details about yourself: any unusual talents?
No unusual talents, unless you count a vivid imagination. I'm a so-so dancer, not much of an athlete, and only dabble in other languages (Spanish, Japanese, French, German). Research is everything, but I don't count that as a talent.
Tell us a little about your first release, "Entangled". What was the inspiration behind it?
Well, besides romance, I also read a lot of fantasy and science fiction. One of the things that caught my imagination was combining science and magic. I'd been playing with various scenarios involving science and magic, but nothing really took fire. Then a few years back, I'd read "TINKER" by Wen Spencer and one of her characters made a comment about fate and entanglement, and around the same time there was a news article about scientists successfully entangling two photons separated by a river. My back brain suddenly asked, "What if people could be entangled? How would they perceive the entanglement? Surely they wouldn't perceive it in the same way?" And Lantis stepped forward and volunteered to findout. ;-) (Sounds fascinating!)
What has been the most fun or interesting research you've done for one of your stories?
Window shopping. =) I've gone to all sorts of stores and websites --furniture, jewelry, lingerie, you name it -- to find things that appeal to my characters. It's like shopping for friends; I find myself thinking that something is Kiera's type or that Lantis wouldn't like it. I don't necessarily buy, but I definitely LOOK. It's all grist for the writer's mill and food for the muse. The most exotic place I've been to, thus far, is Taipei's Snake Market,where you can find restaurants offering snakes (sometimes killed and drained right in front of the audience) side by side with stores selling sex toys. That was an eye-opening stroll, let me tell you. (Ahem, I can imagine!)
What part of the world or country would you love to set one of your stories in if it meant you had to travel there for research?
The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I've been wanting to go there for years and years, but my travel plans keep getting pushed back. (Oh, Kathleen I really hope you get the chance. I also would love to visit that part of Australia).
Tell us about the moment you first found out you were going to be published.
It was in November last year and I got an e-mail from my agent, totally out of the blue. I was flabbergasted. Literally! I was so shocked and excited I couldn't manage even a squeak, much less scream for joy. I could only bounce around and wave my arms and gasp for breath. LOL I was a loon. I think I read that e-mail five or six times before it sank in.
Name a book that has had an impact with you. It doesn't have to be your favorite, but maybe it affected the way you look at writing, or inspired you to write in the first place. What was it about this book that affected you?
Well, my immediate inspiration was TINKER, but I've already mentioned that, so I'll have to say SECRETS, vol.3, which had Angela Knight's "Blood and Kisses." That story made her an auto-buy author and led me to looking her up online. If I hadn't ended up in her SP Pack, I doubt I'd have tried to write ENTANGLED.
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Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Language: English
ISBN: 0425212750
Describe the type of hero that is your favorite, the ultimate dream man (can include looks and what type of personality).
: > Linda Howard's John Medina, Price Tanner and Black Niall. Angela Knight's Jim Decker. The strong, sexy, protective, extremely capable man who nevertheless recognizes his woman's strengths and *helps* her achieve her goals.
If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?
Reading or sightseeing (aka window shopping).
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How do your family and friends react to your career choice?
They're extremely supportive and excited on my behalf. However, except for my parents, I've refused to tell the older generation (my aunts and uncles) how they can find my books. If they do read them, I don't want to know about it. ;-)
What types of stories do you enjoy reading most?
Whether romance, science fiction, fantasy or adventure, I prefer stories with lots of action.
Do you remember what the first romance was that you ever read? How old were you and what was your first reaction?
I think it was HEART OF THE WHIRLWIND, a Mills&Boon by Dorothy Cork. I was 8 years old at the time and my mom had it in her bookshelves. Mills&Boons were quite tame at the time. IIRC the most the H/H did was kiss, but I thought it was exotic with its descriptions of the Australian Outback and raided Mom's bookshelves for more of her books.
I always like to give authors a chance to have a few last words, maybe about an upcoming release, or advice. Feel free to share some thoughts.
Back in 2003, when I started writing the scene that introduced me to Lantis and his world, I never imagined it would lead to today. In fact, I'd stopped writing after a couple of months because work pressures took up all my energy. I returned to ENTANGLED in 2004 after stumbling over the file and re-reading what I'd written. I found myself caught up in the scenes and figured I should give myself the chance to see where it would go. I went so far as to leave my job to give my writing that chance. I figured that if I didn't, I'd always wonder "What if?" Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd end up seeing ENTANGLED in the bookstores.
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**Look what I found? Kathleen on release day - with red hair!**
This is an absolute thrill. For me, it's proof that if you keep reaching for your dream, anything is possible. I hope ENTANGLED is as thrilling to read as it was for me to write.
Thanx Kathleen. I hope this is just the beginning for you and that you enjoy the ride :) Good luck with the books, and here's to MANY more!
Click here for an excerpt from "Entangled" and stay tuned for an upcoming contest to win a copy of this book!


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