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Monday, April 05, 2010:
Win a copy of "Faith & Fidelity" by Tere Michaels!
Today I'm VERY excited to be giving away a copy of a truly amazing love story (please see previous post for my review). And if you have not read this wonderful book yet, or if want to step outside your own comfort zone and read this m/m romance, I think you are in for a real treat.

Rules: contest is open to anyone who can receive mail. Contest will end Friday, April 9th at 7pm CST. Please DO NOT leave your email address in your response as the winner is responsible for contacting me within 7 days of announcement or another winner will be announced. All who participate must answer the contest question to be eligible. See, that's not so bad *g*

Question: "Faith & Fidelity" is one of the most romantic stories I've read in a long, long time. In the last few months, what would you say is the most romantic book you've read, and why?




  1. In the last few months the most romantic book I have read is Summer of You by Kate Noble. I want to twirl and hold the book..LOL

    I think everyone needs to read F&F;)

  2. The most romantic book I have read in the last few months is Lead me On by Victoria Dahl. Chase was such a great guy. He wanted to take Jane on dates and do just normal stuff with her. He just wanted to make Jane happy.e

  3. Nicholas Sparks always gets me with his reads. Dear John was the last romantic book I read!

  4. No need to enter me because I've devoured all of Tere Michael's work ;)

    Hmm probably Little Boy Lost by JP Barnaby. The story was so moving it touched me, I still think about it. Both boys are best friends & have to hide the fact that they are gay b/b they live in AL. Anyway the most romantic scene is when they go on their first date and Jamie brings a sweatshirt to the movie theater. He lays it over both their hands so they can hold hands while watching a movie.

  5. I've been going through Kate Douglas' Wolf Tales series. I really loved the second book, focusing on Luc and Tia. They had a rocky start but their romance is hot and sweaty.

  6. The book that was most romantic was one I'd read quite a few months ago. That book was Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight. Causes you to look at the meaning of love in a whole new way.

  7. I'd have to say The Marriage Ring by Cathy Maxwell was the most romantic I've read lately. The importance of the ring was very sighworthy.

  8. Hey Stacy - sorry I didn't get to post in your earlier review. I happen to have purchased F&F when you mentioned on Goodreads - and you were right - very romantic - and your review was spot on. I'm going to get the sequel, Duty and Devotion, this week.

    I have to agree with Joder - Butterfly Tattoo was amazing, romantic and a page turner.

    Recently I've read Cameron Dane's Knowing Caleb - another m/m romance and it was one of the most romantic reads I've happened upon in a while. I think you'd like this one.
    I've also finished Demonkeepers by Jessica Andersen and while the action is high octane and the mythology fairly dense, the romance is very strong.

    (please don't enter me in the contest)

  9. In the last few months , the most romantic book I've read is Enough to Let You Go by Okati Willa.I loved the way that Paul never stopped loving Max.

  10. I recently reread Lucas' and Sasha's story, from Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series. It's amazing how deep his devotion is, in being willing to share his life force with her, even though it meant death for them both. *sigh*

  11. HUMM, "Fantasy In Death" is the most romantic I've read this year. Roarke just smokes.

  12. The most romantic book I've read lately is Lessons in French by Laura Kinsale. Trev was a very romantic character and I adored the way he felt and thought about Callie. Strangely though, the most "romantic" part of the book, for me, was the way Trev was with his mother - and I don't mean that in a squicky way - but he played this gallant little game with her while they both pretended she wasn't dying and it was really very touching. hope that makes sense. *shrugs*

    Please count me in for the competition - F&F sounds great.

  13. I am going to go with Coming Undone by Lauren Dane. It's the first one that comes to mind.....

  14. The most romantic? Gosh, I have to pick one? You know, I'm going to have to say Maire by Linda Windsor, which is one of my favorite books that I just recently reread. The entire series is just amazing.

  15. I have this book on my TBR list and I can't wait to read it.

    As for the most romantic book I've read would have to be The Darkest Tide by Josh Lanyon. (I'm not sure if you've read any of the Adrien English series Stacy, but they are oh so good). There is a scene at the pulls the heartstrings something wicked!

  16. The most romantic book I read in the last few months? Tough choice. I think I take The Rose of Shanhasson by Joely Sue Burkhart. This book is so full of love. It was just a great fantasy. Loved every word.

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