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Wednesday, March 31, 2010:
What I'm watching: True Blood (season 1)

Created by SIX FEET UNDER’s Alan Ball, TRUE BLOOD is like a sexier, bloodier older sister to the relatively well-behaved TWILIGHT. This HBO drama is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris, a series set in a world where vampires have just begun to "come out" after a synthetic blood substitute called True Blood is introduced. Oscar winner Anna Paquin stars as Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress living in Bon Temps, Louisiana, who falls hard for Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), a Civil War veteran and vampire. But their romantic romps aren’t the only draw for the series: the existence between humans and vampires is an uneasy one, and people are dying.

Clothes fall to the floor almost as often as blood spatters the walls in this show that blends supernatural horror, sex, and mystery, with just a little bit of social commentary thrown in for good measure. Executive producer Ball and his writers have shaped a variety of fascinating characters in addition to Sookie and Bill, including Sookie’s mysterious boss, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell); her best friend, Tara (Rutina Wesley); her womanizing brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten); and her sweet grandmother, Adele (Lois Smith). This collection presents the series' complete first season.

Vampires. They're everywhere. On your t.v. and in your books. They're your creditors. For the most part I've made my peace with vamps and have grown to love several of them. However I have not read this series and really have no intention of doing so. Not I just don't need another series right now. But the HBO series intrigued me.

Vamps have come out of the closet, thanx to synthetic blood. Of course not everyone's happy about the vamps, and not all vamps are well-adjusted and polite. Some love to kill. And that's what's happening. Someone is killing people, and everyone blames the vamps for what's happening, especially when it appears the victims are fangbangers. The majority of Bon Temps would love it if the vamps just went away for good.

To be honest, initially I really had no interest in seeing it until I'd seen parts of episode 7 one night when I was on a business trip, and I was mildly hooked. So I added it to the queue and just finished season 1 this week. I'll be honest, it was better than I had expected. I like Sookie a lot and how she has strong ideals and doesn't care much what others think (she knows what they think because she can hear them). Bill is the somber, loner vamp she falls for, a southern gentleman who can't figure Sookie out. I do like his character, for the most part, but there's kind of an ick factor there too. For one thing, I hate longer fingernails on a guy. Creeps me out. But he's got the brooding thing down pretty well. Eric is a really old vamp, and so far, he does nothing for me. Not seeing the hot factor there. And what is up with both Bill's and Eric's hair? Bill looked like he had something dead on his head and Eric, the long hair? Uh NO. Hope they both look better in season 2.

The other characters? I do like Sam, but let's face it, he's too nice. I want to see a bit more aggression out of him. Unleash that animal side. Still, he's a good guy, and deserves to be happy. Tara freakin' cracks me up. I love that her and Sookie are best friends. Both very opinionated in their own ways. Jason, Sookie's brother? Well hey he's cute but dumb as a box of rocks, and in his stupidity he can be a real jerk. And what a damn horndog. Gets more action than the rest of the town altogether! Not sure that I like him much, but he is pretty to look at. For now.

The season ended on an upbeat note, but we just know there's all kinds of danger and death and sex to follow. Can't wait!

Are you a fan of True Blood?

Who is your VILF?



  1. ERIC. And wait for Godrick. Gotta love Godrick.

    They fix Eric's hair in Season 2.


    You will love him. Oh yes, you will!

    And my roommate and I both got these mugs, mine says "Eric Bites Best":

    TEAM ERIC. ;)

  2. Eric gets much better in Season 2. I really didn't like True Blood when I saw the first couple of episodes. However, I kept watching because everyone said it was so wonderful and ended up really liking it. I still have a few episodes from Season 2 to watch before Season 3 starts. Might just have to catch up this weekend(I love on demand).

  3. I like this series. Am waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD.

    The books are fabulous too if you haven't read them then do give them a try. They are really fast reads....well they were for me anyway.

  4. I tried to read the first book but it just didn't work for me. Season 1 screened here and I know my best friend watched it but it was always on when I wasn't home so.... *shrug*

    Am just about to finish Season 1 of Fringe and start Season 1 of Criminal Minds...finally!

  5. Oh, Eric, Eric, Eric! Rawrrrrrrr.

    Watch Season 2--it gets better, and there's more Eric. :)

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