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Wednesday, March 31, 2010:
Gimme the wine!
A few weeks ago after going to my 2nd wine bar in the city, I suddenly decided I wanted to find out more about wine. Eventually I'm going to start going to more tastings in the spring/summer months in order to determine exactly where my palate lies. I know it will be more on the sweet side, but how sweet? How spicy?

These things never mattered all that much to me before, not even after seeing the wonderful scene in the movie "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Meg is asked to describe the wine she is drinking, and it's a very evocative, hypnotic scene. Made me think of wine in a totally different light. Yet even still, it wasn't enough to get me to care what all the flavors were and how the contributed to the enjoyment of drinking a fine merlot or chardonnay.

So today I'd like to know:

What is your favorite wine(s) - and if possible describe it as much as possible. Red or white? Dry or...not dry?

Why do you like it so much?



  1. I'm curious to know how one would describe the different wines as well. I have never had a glass of wine. Yeah weird huh? One day I will try some. hehe

  2. you should ear the french !
    they have tones of adjectives for it.
    And you know what ? it must be in my blood because i find wine fascinating ,the way it is done ,how to enjoy it best ect.....
    i like rosé (from the south of France) best but really i am not much of a drinker (i know weird).

  3. When I drink wine, I prefer red. I don't really know much about wine, so I pretty much stick to the types that taste best to me. I've been to a few wine tastings and wine dinners, but really need to learn more about different wines.

  4. Used to be a die hard Pinot Noir fan now I drink Rieslings or *small whisper* beer.

  5. I like that movie so much!

    I used to prefer sweeter whites, but I've been enjoying the more full-bodied reds lately. I don't think I have a very discerning palate, but I'm a sucker for descriptions that include notes of chocolate, vanilla, and cherry.

    Smokin, me too! Beer tasting is getting to be almost as serious as wine tasting any more.

  6. I'm one of the weirdos. I can't stand wine. It all tastes like rotten fruit to me. :( And I've tried A LOT of samples. It makes me so sad! I so wish I could get into wine. I feel so left out.

    So far the only thing I can tolerate is good champagne. I also tried a lambrusco once, and it was nice too. It's kind of odd, as one is a dry sparkling white and the other is a sweet red, so I guess I'm on both ends of the spectrum. LOL

  7. You should watch Sideways.

    My favorite type of wine is Beaujolais-villages. It's a sweet red wine. I've also started to get into zinfandel lately, which is more dry.

    My advice is just to try different kinds of wine and figure out what you like.

  8. Oh yes, watch Sideways!!! You will never drink Merlot again..LOL.

    I love the dry red wines - malbec, cabernet, pinot, syrah. They may take a little longer to get used to ...but they will be more rewarding in the end ;)

  9. Well, thanx for the suggestions. Nicola I love the sound of chocolate in wine *g*

    I can't say that I'm a big wine drinker, but as I've gotten older I've notice I drink it more often. Beer is okay, but mostly too bitter for me. I'll take a Coke over a beer anyday.

    But this gives me much to try. Can't learn if you don't drink, right??? LOl.

  10. YAH for you! don't drink...AT ALL! Beer tastes bitter, wine tastes sour. I figure I've just got the wrong proportions of taste buds. It does make for a cheaper night out, plus I can be the designated driver :)

  11. I'm woefully ignorant of New World wines.

    As I don't like beer, wine is my preferred alcoholic drink. I like both red and white wine, depending on the food it's served with and also on the time of year.

    I prefer my white wine to be crisp and dry but not overly acidic. I like Grauburgunder/Pinot Grigio, for example. I also like Chablis, although it's no longer considered fashionable.

    I prefer my red wine rich and full bodied. In contrast to white wine, I prefer heavier and fruitier red wine to overly dry. One of my faves is Merlot.

    In addition to wine, I'm also a huge fan of Champagne and sparkling wine. I lived in Southwest Germany for several years and they have a thriving white wine and sekt (sparkling wine) industry. I often went to wine and sekt festivals in the Autumn.

    Please keep us updated on your wine course! I've never done one but I really should someday.

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