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Monday, February 22, 2010:
What I'm watching: Moonlight

L.A. gumshoe Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) prowls the darkened streets of L.A. trying to crack his cases. But his predilection for the nightlife doesn't have solely a professional basis--Mick's a vampire. First bitten 60 years ago, Mick now he uses his paranormal powers to help humans rather than drain their blood. But his double life leads to complications caused by his lingering affiliations with the undead--among them his bloodsucking stockbroker friend, Josef (Jason Dohring), and vampiric ex-wife, Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon)--as well as his growing affections for a delectable reporter, Beth (Sophia Myles), who he saved years ago. This collection presents all 16 episodes of the show's first season.

I've heard about this show since it was on the air, but wasn't interested at the time. Even after it was cancelled, I couldn't drum up any interest in it. I felt I could go through life without having watched it. But two things changed my mind:
  • Alex O'Loughlin

  • vampires

First off, vampires have really, um, risen in popularity the last several years, and now it's impossible to go anywhere without finding something about vamps. Even though our paranormal elements are finding their own way, vampires are still the more seductive, mysterious creatures. While I don't read any and every vampire story that's published, I have discovered several that I am quite taken with. And now movies and television have jumped on the bandwagon and really saturated the market.

Yet even that alone probably wouldn't have convinced me to watch "Moonlight". It wasn't until I saw "August Rush", with Alex O'Loughlin in the role of one of the main character's brothers. His presence onscreen caught my attention. Oooh mama! It wasn't long after that that I ended up adding "Moonlight" to my Netflix queue.

So this weekend I finally got it in the mail, and settled in to watch it. Now I'll admit, I had certain expectations, and the first episode was a little disappointing because it was rather campy and cheesy, but after awhile, that aspect grew on me. I really liked Beth, a gossip reporter who follows all the hot stories, even though she tended to get mixed up in things that put her in danger, but she was smart and persistent, and I enjoyed how she didn't immediately fall for Mick, even though it was obvious he had feelings for her. Feelings that go back longer than she's aware of.

But the main draw of the show of course IS Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin). He's got a raspy voice and a little boy charm that is hard to resist. It's very easy to become enamored of him. He doesn't have a sexy Irish accent, but he does have a mean swagger and an irresistible smile. He doesn't take himself too seriously, which is good, because when he turns into a vampire, it's more amusing than scary. I find myself rolling my eyes when the vamps come out to play.

The first, and only, season has 16 episodes, and so far I've watched 12 of them, not quite ready to see it come to an end. Somehow it got under my skin, and there's so much potential for further seasons, but alas, that is not to be. I know Alex O'Loughlin was in another series called Three Rivers and that now will be cast in the new Hawaii-Five-O series, so the actors have obviously moved on.

Did you ever watch Moonlight?

Do you agree that Alex O'Loughlin is pretty damn hot?

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  1. My sister was addicted to this show, but I watched a few episodes and thought it was too cheesy. Actually it is a remake-ish on Forever Knight that used to air on the USA Networks back in the early 90's about a crime fighting vampire.

    But Alex does look pretty. he's in a new movie with J-Lo and will be in the remake of Hawaii 5-0 next year on tv.

  2. Hey Stacy:

    I loved this show and watched all of the episodes (what there was of them). Unfortunately it aired at the wrong time, with the writers strike etc. and CBS mismanaged it horribly.

    I really liked the storyline and thought the two lead actors had great chemistry.

    "Moonlight" was the last network television show I have watched. Every time I like one they cancel it. lol

  3. I loved the series, and was so ticked off when they cancelled it. Twilight was being filmed at the time and I knew the craze for vampires would hit an all time high after its release. I know the ratings would have been much better in the second year. Oh well. You are right though Alex O is not only handsome, but an extremely talented actor.

    BTW, I watched the first season of BBC's Being Human (It's only 6 episodes) and I can't recommend it enough. Great, great characters. They were playing it on BBC America a month or so ago. The second season started a month or so ago.

  4. Kate, that's what I thought, a little cheesy. If I didn't like Mick so much I'd probably pass on it completely. Not sure about the J-Lo movie, but the Hawaii, 5-O might be interesting...

    Lea, I always feel the same: Life Goes On, My So-Called Life were 2 of the shows I LOVED that got cancelled. Now I'm not so obsessed w/ t.v. anymore. Much anyway...

    Stacey, thanx for the info. I'll have to check that one out :)

  5. I loved this show and the Desdren Files. I always felt like the shows were ahead of the Vampire curve. If they had been released now they would have been big hits.

  6. I've never watched this..I actually don't think I have ever heard of it - but hot diggity..that dude is hot!

  7. I loved this show. It was really cheesy, yes, but I love cheesy shows.

    The main draw for me was actually Jason Dohring, who played Mick's bestie vamp friend. LOVE him. He was such a great character.

  8. Hi! I never watched this show but I do have to agree with you that Alex O'Loughlin is pretty damn cute...that hair, makes you want to run your fingers right thru it!
    It's so funny that vamps are all the rage now considering that at an early age, early teens actually, I've had a 'thing' for the paranormal, made worse now by all these amazing books that are out in the market! And I'm in my, ahem, 30'ishes, ahem.

  9. I really liked this series, but didn't see all of it. I do however, have the series on dvd, so I can finish watching it. Really think it would have done better if another network had put it out. CBS really didn't give it a good time slot or give it enough of a chance. Maybe a cable station would have given it a better shot.

  10. I never got into it because oddly enough it was on at the same time as another vampire series I was mad about - True Blood.

  11. Ooops!! That would be rather - Blood Ties

  12. Lisa, I've never watched the Dresden files. But I've heard it's good stuff.

    Oh yeah Mandi, he was. Is. He can bite me anytime ;) He's actually in the new J-Lo movie The Backup Plan. The ONLY reason I'd see it is cuz he's in it.

    Heidenkind, I love Jason Dohring in this show. He's funny and adorable. I totally get his appeal.

    Mar, I actually think Alex is cuter with shorter hair. Did you see August Rush? Oh mama....

    Liza, that's true. It's sad when a show is almost sabotaged from the beginning. And I'm thinking about buying this on DVD...

    Kristie, Blood Ties? I've heard of True Blood but not Blood Ties...hmmmm, must look into this.

  13. My friend was totally drooling over Loughlin and she made me watch a couple of episodes, but I never could drum up any interest in him. For me, Jason Dohring was a bigger draw; I loved him in Veronica Mars and I wanted to see him in more shows.

  14. I've never seen it, but I do think it screened here. I'm still making my way through Fringe, but everything is on hold while the Winter Olympics in on *grin*

  15. Stacy: It was a GREAT series based on a series of books by Tanya Huff. The hero in question is a vampire who just happened to be the son of Henry VIII who in current times, writes graphic novels and helps the heroine, a private detective, solve crimes of the supernatural nature. I know the series is out on DVD. It's another series that lost out because of the strike.
    And the guy who played Henry - the vampire - OH MY!!!!

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