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Saturday, January 16, 2010:
Ready for the weekend....
Well, I know you guys are going to miss me while I'm away, LOL, so hence the weekend blog post. As you read this, I'll be in Arizona with about 70 of my coworkers taking part in a team-building experience. Yes, that's how I like to spend my 3-day weekends. But hey, it's Arizona in January, so really, it's not the worst thing in the world.

Lets' see, what's a-happenin'? Well (hanging head in shame) I still haven't sent out the prizes for my anniversary contest. I'm so awful, and can offer no legitimate excuses. But I can promise it will be done before the end of the month. Just a lot going on right now and my energy level in winter is near nil.

Reading: nothing. No slump for me, just haven't selected my next book yet. This weekend there will be little or no reading time, and I am already stressing out from early withdrawal.

Listening to: Orianthi's "According to You". Yes I'm totally mainstream, and this is a catchy little ditty, but not in an annoying way. Earworm: Tick Tock. Hate it so much I love it.

Watching: covered that already. Brothers & Sisters, and have 2 more episodes of Season 4 of Supernatural. Heard rumors about Sam/Dean (Jared/Jensen) as in togethertogether. Hmmm, what a M/M romance that would make.....

Contemplating: driving up to Wisconsin next weekend to see Chloe Neill in Wisconsin. It's not far, but I got stuff going on, so I might not be able to swing it. However she might not make it any closer to Chicago, and I'll be sincerely bummed if I miss out.

Dying for: Nickelback tickets! They are back in town this May, and I HAVE to go, I just have to!

Drinking: Starbucks coffee...and it's growing on me. Not a fan of the diesel fuel, but the regular coffee maker at work is broken and all that's left is Starbucks, so I gave in and indulged. After two weeks, I think it's finally working its magic. Now if I had a choice I'd still rather drink regular, cheap coffee, but the Starbucks isn't bad. Just too damn expensive.

Praying for: those in Haiti, as well as their families across the world. Such devastation, it just breaks my heart. Those images are just horrifying, and I cannot imagine going through that. So grateful for my blessings. But what does make me feel good is my employer is matching donations up to $25,000!

Enjoy your weekend, and I'll be seeing you again real soon..... :)



  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend in Arizona. Not to take anything away from Starbuck's coffee, but if there is a McDonald's near you, they have great coffee and right now I think it is only $1.00 a cup.

  2. There's PLENTY of WIncest around if you look. And loads of J/J slash also. It makes me pretty squicky tho...

  3. I hope you had a great weekend!
    What's that about the Winchester boys and a M/M romance?! I need to know everything about that... LOL!

  4. I hope the team-building weekend went well. And looking forward to seeing you back online when you have recovered :)

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