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Friday, January 15, 2010:
What I'm watching: Brothers & Sisters
ABC's drama BROTHERS & SISTERS is centered on the lives of the Walkers, a Californian family who seemingly lead idyllic lives--until the death of patriarch William Walker (Tom Skerritt) unearths some unpleasant truths. The aftermath of William's death resonates throughout the first season, as his wife, Nora (Sally Field), comes to terms with the revelation of her husband's infidelity.

Their five children, gay lawyer Kevin (Matthew Rhys), Justin (Dave Annable), Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), Kitty (Calista Flockhart), and businessman Tommy (Balthazar Getty) also struggle with increasingly strained relationships and the running of the family business, Ojai Foods.

This is another show that was recommended to me in 2009, and my Netflix queue has finally gotten to season 1. I'd seen brief snippets on t.v. over the years, but never sat down and watched it for long. Now I'm starting from scratch.

It's part family show, part mystery. The show focuses around the Walker family, as well as the financial struggles their family business, Ojai Foods, is going through. The family is trying to figure out why the company is in trouble, and it's lead them in some pretty painful directions.

What I like: (there may be spoilers)

  • the tight bond of the Walker family. No matter what's going on, they are always there for each other, through losing William, to Paige's diabetes, through Tommy's inability to have children, they support each other and drop everything to be there for their family.

  • Kevin & Scotty. I understand from Kati that Kevin can be a real bitch, and I'm waiting for that, but for now, I'm enjoying the sweet relationship he's developing with Scotty. It's rather romantic, watching these two, and yes, they even kiss.

  • The sparring between Kitty & Warren. Not a huge Calista Flockhart fan, but I do like watching her argue with Josh Hopkins. I know he's not sticking around (i.e. Rob Lowe comes on the scene) but for now it's fun. Much more interesting than watching her and Johnathan together, though the phone sex scene was pretty funny.

  • Justin's difficult adjustment to life after being at war. It's hard to watch at times, especially when they showed the 9/11 coverage, but it's also something I know a lot of soldiers are continuing to deal with everyday. I think it was a smart move to show Justin trying to deal with being home, holding down a job, having nightmares and turning to drugs and alcohol to make him forget. It's heartbreaking, but very important. I can't wait to see what happens with him over the next few seasons.

  • The cast of women. Wow, how refreshing to see women with curves, and wrinkles, who don't always look perfect, but who can attract some hot men. I love that they are not all blonde, skinny, 22-year-old's flitting around in skintight outfits.

What I don't like:

  • Nora Walker so far gets on my nerves. I guess that's a testament to Sally Fields' acting becuase I do like her, just not her character.

  • Tommy. Okay, I admit, this is more because Balthazar Getty cheated on his wife in real life with that skanky what's-her-name, so everytime I see him, that's what I'm imagining instead of paying attention to Tommy. His character is really not horrible, though the way he treats Justin at times is maddening.

Other than that, I have no other complaints, but then again so far I've only watched 8 episodes of the show so far. And I'm liking it. I know a little about what's ahead so I'm curious to know how we get there, and to find out what happens to Ojai Foods.

Do you watch B & S?

If so, favorite character?



  1. I seriously love this show. It's a bit like cotton candy, unsubstantial, and yet for me, surprisingly delicious.

    Kevin is easily my favorite character. Although I also love Sarah. Well...and Luc, but you're not there yet. ;o)

    Nora does get better. As she gets some distance on the whole William cheated on me thing. Stick with it Stacy, it's a show that makes me laugh out loud at least once every episode.

  2. I used to love this show but I'm not anymore. Sorry, I won't say anymore because you just started watching it.

  3. i like Holly.

  4. I need to start watching this show! My mother is addicted.

  5. I used to watch this show but it came on kind of late and I always feel sleep. But what I did see I loved!! I might have to pick it up again later :o)

    I'm really thinking that I need to get NetFlicks! It would be so much cheaper than buying the box sets like I do.

  6. I adore this show! My favorite character is Kevin. He is flat out the best part of this show for me. Well him and the bond between all of the Walker siblings. It's a great show!

    I agree with Kati, Nora gets better as the show progresses.

  7. my reasons for liking this show are sooo super shallow! i don't regularly watch but if i see it's on (and can convince hubby) i will def tune in.

    i just like it because of sally fields. i adore her and wish she were my mom/friend/acqaintance. everytime her Boniva commercials come on hubby says, "oh look! there's your crush!"

    and tis true.

    rob lowe is nothing to sneeze at either.

  8. I love this show! I haven't watched it from the beginning...wish I had. :( My favorite character is Scotty. He has the greatest smile. I live in fear that Kevin is going to do something amazingly stupid and lose him. (Sorry to all you Kevin lovers out there.)

    And I love the family dinners! Don't we all love those? OMG!!

  9. I love B&S. I can promise Nora does get better, but I don't think Tommy ever gets better. He is easily my least favorite character on the show. The Walker family dinners are probably my favorite part of the show.

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