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Thursday, January 14, 2010:
Lessons From a Scarlet Lady by Emma Wildes (2010)
No real lady should take lessons from a scarlet woman...or should she?

The Duke of Rolthven's new wife, Brianna Northfield, is well-bred, demure, polite - everything a young bride should be. So what would society say if they saw her with a copy of "Lady Rothburg's Advice"--a courtesan's lessons for the boudoir? her very proper husband certainly wouln't approve, but he is far too busy with his ducal duties to pay her much attention. Though if Brianna has her way, that's about to change...

When his beautiful, innocent young wife suddenly becomes a vixen in the bedroom, Colton Northfield is taken by surprise. He wants her now - at the opera, in his carriage, and even during tea at their country estate - but he can't help being alarmed by her seductive powers. Where the devil did she learn such tricks?

Soon, Brianna's scandalous campaign is taking off in ways she never could have imagined...Following a courtesan's advice is bound to lead to trouble-but will it lead to her ultimate desire: winning her husband's love?

Though not as erotic as first believed, I really enjoyed Emma Wildes' An Indecent Proposition. So when I heard she had a second book come out in December, I was eager to scoop it right up. Besides, the premise of the story sounded perfectly naughty, and when am I ever not in the mood for something naughty? Hardly ever.

My thoughts:

This book started out well, with Brianna determined to seduce her reserved husband by wearing some suggestive clothing at the opera. It works, as he's barely able to keep his hands off of her and they end up getting busy in the carriage. Colton is befuddled by his bold wife, and the erotic things she does to him. I thought she gradually eased into her role as brazen temptress, and it was fun to watch Colton lose his ever present control.

It was fun for awhile, and then I got a little bored with their story. Everything seemed to be going well, yetere was no conflict. But that was okay because there was a secondary storyline with Brianna's dear friend Rebecca and the man she's in love with, so I was highly entertained by their romantic dance.

Then Brianna gets pregnant and because of all the naughty things his wife has been doing to him when they're alone, he suddenly becomes suspicious, and perhaps rightfully so. He had no idea where she was learning some of these erotic bedroom tricks, and his first and foremost idea is that she has another lover. Now that suspicion has set in, it changes the dynamic of their marriage, yet because Colton is so reserved and tends to keep to himself, she has no idea what he's thinking.

I apologize for the brief review, because I really did like this book, I just can't think of much to say about it. It's an enjoyable historical, albeit predictable. But I find that there's nothing wrong with that, because I know exactly what I'm getting, and sometimes that's all I need in a book; the comfort of knowing what you're getting and sitting back and enjoying the experience.

I would say that some of the love scenes are more erotic than you see in some romances (i.e. Brianna ties Colton to the bed) but nothing shocking. I thought the scenes made sense with the lessons in the book, and weren't out of context. After all, Brianna was determined to keep her husband from straying, so she was a little inventive in her methods.

So this book gave me luke-warm feelings, yet as I mentioned, there's nothing wrong with that. It's like having a bit of a crush on a cute guy, but not that overwhelming infatuation. So it's good, and sweet and makes me happy, but doesn't consume my every waking thought. An enjoyable historical for a chilly weekend. I would definitely read her next book :)

Rating: **** out of *****

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  1. Thanks for the review Stacy -- I can't wait to read this book.

  2. I'm on the fence about this book. I quite enjoyed the first one, but I've heard mixed reviews about this book.

    The cover is just gorgeous though!

  3. Lukewarm is ok with me, I would rea it :)

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