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Thursday, January 21, 2010:
Give me some m/m love (recs)
Who doesn't love a good romance? The majority of what I read consists of that simple formula, which was formerly known as boy meets girl, boy and girl have issues, boy and girl work on issues and fall in love. Now, it's not so much boy meets girl. It could very well be boy meets boy.

Ah yes, boys. Who knew reading about two hot, sexy, masculine men getting all nekkid and being dirty together could be so much fun? Not me, at least not for a long time. I definitely believe in love, and what that means between two people, regardless of the combination, and a significant part of the enjoyment is the hot lovin' between them, and I've always been drawn to very earthy, alpha guys in my romances. So to read about TWO alpha men is even better ;) There's just something so thrilling about the raw, agressive nature of two guys acting out their sexual fantasies together. Whew, turn on the a/c! Even in the middle of frigid winter, a scorching m/m romance can send you up in flames.

My absolute favorite kind of m/m romance is the kind where it's two heterosexual men who fall in lust, then eventually love. There's just something so wickedly sexy about the forbidden feelings for each other, the longing and the need to be with someone so strongly yet not really knowing if they feel the same way. And that moment when one or both lose control...whoa. Now that is what I'm talking about! *g*

I haven't read a lot of m/m romance, mostly because the majority of it is in ebook format, but I've read 5-10 books in the last year. Today I'm looking for suggestions, especially for those stories with my favorite theme, again, that would be two heterosexual men who can't resist each other. Just for clarification, I have read "My Fair Captain", and thanx to several Twitter pals, have added "Faith & Fidelity" to my list, as well as "Grey's Awakening".

Give me some man love recommendations:

Which m/m romances float your boat?

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  1. I'm afraid I have no recs for you as I've never read an M/M romance. Oh, except for one by Suzanne Brockmann. I also have 'Remastering Jerna' by Ann Somerville on my TBR shelf.

    I'm looking forward to reading people's recs as I'd like to try this genre.

  2. Stace - Have you read any Samantha Kane? Granted, her books aren't *just* m/m, they're menage. But she does m/m love beautifully.

    And of course, you've read Cover Me by LBea, yes?

  3. The other Tere Michaels book is awesome as well, Love and Loyalty.

    Here are a few of my favorites:
    Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane
    Admit One by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
    Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley
    Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville

    I have more but I don't want to overwhelm you. hehe

  4. I have been on a m/m role past few months.

    Fav books thus far:

    Gobsmack LB Gregg

    Cover Me LB Gregg

    Broken H JL Langley

    Strongest Shape Tessa Cardenas {with 3 dudes but verra sensual}---also reviewed this on my site if you need more 411.

    Handyman by Claire Thompson

    I love LB Gregg because she is so funny and witty. The above books are not hardcore m/m which is nice and the heros are all sexy alphas.

  5. I've liked books by:
    -Claire Thompson
    -Evangeline Anderson
    -J.L. Langley

  6. I am afraid that I have nothing to offer, nope nothing at all

  7. Like KC, the one book that is along the lines you mention (at least for 1 guy in the couple) which comes to mind is Claire Thompson's Handyman. I liked it a lot.

    Other authors I'm really enjoying right now (aside from the ones already mentioned):
    Jordan Castillo Price's PsyCop series and Hemovore (a standalone)
    Samantha Kane's Islands -the one m/m she's written so far
    A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear -fantasy. Not really m/m per se, but had m/m sexual relationships as part of their wolf-based culture. Hard to explain, but really worked for me and one of my all time favorite books.

  8. I like the same kind of m/m books Stacy, so I am going to take notes on all the comments left here *grins*.
    My first m/m books were actually m/m/f by Samantha Kane - love them, the guys have their own romance going on and it's good.
    My first m/m ONLY romance with 2 heterosexual guys getting it on was "The Assignment" by Evangeline Anderson. It's about two cops who are best friends and go undercover as gay men only to find themselves falling in lust and love. I love this story.



  9. Another rec for JL Langley and Samantha Kane. And maybe Jet Mykles, too.

  10. So to read about TWO alpha men is even better ;)

    Definitely *grin*

    Even though I've barely scratched the m/m romance surface, I'd echo those who suggested Jordan Castillo Price's PsyCop series and JL Langley. Also, Josh Lanyon has written some very good m/m books (although, um...I've yet to read them :) (His Adrian English books are suspense FYI).

  11. My absolute favorite kind of m/m romance is the kind where it's two heterosexual men who fall in lust, then eventually love.

    The one that totally fits this is Acting Naughty by GA Hauser. However, I do NOt recommend the followup to it. Yuck. (I reviewed it on my blog if you want an idea of what it's about.)

    I agree with the others. try LB Gregg. Her guys aren't het, but she writes really well!

    Also try KA Mitchell, JL Langley, and Claire Thompson. All excellent. Oh, and Ally Blue, too.

  12. You've got some great recs already. Most of the above mentioned authors I've read and liked as well. But two that haven't been mentioned yet and definitely were 5 stars reads for me were:
    - A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten (one het and one closeted gay, both verrry hot alpha cops - it's also about my fav theme of two friends falling in love)
    - The One That Got Away by Madeleine Urban and Rhianna Aile (also one het, one gay hero and friends falling in love)

    I'm a fan of the hetero alpha falling in love with another man theme too, because it has that innocence and unknowing about the sex part, which make them not the hardcore m/m type of books.
    Have fun with all the recs!

  13. False Colors by Alex Beecroft! I read that earlier this month and I LOVED it!

  14. I just read one and loved it: Gobsmacked LB Gregg
    Really great book!

  15. I just heard from Chris that Faith and Fidelity was great so I'll have to get that one.

    I have to agree - Samantha Kane is a good one.

    LB Gregg
    JL Langley
    Josh Lanyon
    Jordan Castillo Price
    KA Mitchell
    All of theses are good.
    Oh, and Almost Like Being In Love by Steve Kluger is a great one.

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