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Monday, May 04, 2009:
Guest blogger Julie on "The Seduction of Informercials"
Well I'm going to be working in D.C. this week with limited blogging time, and so I'll be posting some book alerts, as well as a topic by a guest blogger. My good pal Julie is here to talk about what's on her mind these days. She was here before with a post about reading OCD (of which I personally suffer from), and so I am thrilled to have her back. Take it away, Julie!


Who hasn't caught themselves flipping through channels just to stop at an infomercial??

They grab your attention with their fast talking and pretty faces. They reel you in with the ease and fun of their product. Then cap it off with double the order and free shipping. Who can pass up that kind of deal??

They are on every weekend but all the really good ones are on late at night. Being an insomniac, I've gotten quite the education.

Did you know that there are exercises you can do without moving?? Heck, if I can get a six-pack like her without leaving the couch, sign me up.

Have you seen that magic towel that can soak up every last spilled drop without dribbling. Boy, I could use that.

Oh and the knife that can cut through EVERYTHING, even a car, without getting dull. Just think of the possibilities.

After watching enough of these you start thinking you're missing out if you don't get it. Sure I've gotten sucked in more times than I'm comfortable mentioning. (Honey, I hope you're not reading this) I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but even I have a hard time believing you can drop 10 pounds in a week without moving or changing your diet. (If someone has tried it please let me know how it went) However, I applaud the creativity and ingenuity it takes to think up these products and make it sound so enticing.

I just got the Smooth Away which removes body hair without chemicals or razor rash. It uses flex crystals which were engineered in Europe (sounds impressive, huh?). I'll let you know how it goes.

Have you ever bought something sight unseen, as it were??
What was the last product you bought over the TV?? And did it work??



  1. Awesome post!

    The last thing I bought over an infomercial sight unseen was that skin stuff for acne. (I can't even remember the name of it.) However, it is still on and thriving I think.

    I purchased it for my teenage sons who were both going through acne angst at the time.

    Very little improvement in their skin I'm afraid and the stuff bleached all the color out of my towels!! lol

    Best Regards

  2. First of all - I want a Snuggie.

    I think the last thing I bought from an infomercial was one of those butterfly nets where they send you the caterpillars and you watch them turn into butterflies. It was for the kids..and it actually worked!

    I don't think I have ever really bought anything off of one. They do draw me in though!

  3. I don't believe I've ever bought something on TV sight unseen, usually I see it somewhere else and get to look at it before I buy it.

    My question is, why does Billy Mays feel the need to holler constantly? That guy aggravates the snot out of me!

    Great blog, Jules!

  4. Oooo, yes, Mandi, I want a Snuggie, too. They look so warm and comfy.

    Lea, I always wondered if that skin stuff worked better than the over the counter stuff. Thanks for the warning.

    You know, Kati, I think Billy is just a really excitable person. Plus, his Oxyclean really does work. ;p

    Unlike the Smooth Away. To be fair if you have patience, time, and fine hair it works. However if you're like me and you don't have an hour to spend on your legs, shaving is easier and more effective. I think the key is to also catch the hair when it's at a certain length. I'm not sure but will try it again in a couple of days.

  5. Oh man, yes! (another reason not to turn the tv on ever again :wink: )

    The first thing I bought due to an infomercial was a walking contraption which, sadly, didn't work. Then again, I wasn't very committed to using it, what with the difficulty keeping my balance while trying to glide/walk on it.

    Then it was an ab thing (have forgotten the name too) which again, didn't work very well.

    However, the last two things I bought (and hopefully the last I'll every buy) because of infomercials have both worked out really well.

    The first one is the OneSweep. I have cats and dogs and a ferret and (at the time) two teens tramping around the house. All the brushing and vacuuming in the world didn't make a dent on the hair floating about and sticking to all surfaces, from drapes to furniture to carpets. So I got one of the OneSweep things and the rest is history. I'm so in love with the thing I got a box of 12 to give away, and have converted everyone in my immediate family who owns pets.

    The second one is the Power90 workout program, by Beachbody. All I can say is that it has worked for me to a degree nothing else had for over a decade, so four years later I'm still with it.

  6. Hmmm, I know I've been tempted, especially those slicers and dicers, or some of those cleaning products. I did buy that "Ice" hairspray stuff off of HSN or QVC - you know, the stuff which was supposed to magically transform your limp, fine hair into a thing of beauty - and found it did nothing for me but make my hair a sticky mess. Lesson learned LOL.

  7. Now see, Azteclady, that Power90 has been on my radar. It's good to hear it worked for you. I LOVE a good success story. I'm really curious about the OneSweep you mentioned. I haven't seen that and it sounds terrific. We have two dogs and a cat and they all shed something fierce.

    I saw a new one this weekend called Melt Away. It's an exercise video done my the olympic gymnist Mitch Gaylord. It looks promising but I'm leary on exercise things. The last exercise tape I got was the Turbo Jam. It just looked really fun. I did it for about a week but couldn't keep up with it.
    My hubby and I both get sucked in by the exercisers. We have the Bean, the Rock-Away, yoga, pilates and even Carmen Electra's strip tease vids. I think it's me though. I need to find something I can stick with. So far, it's been a big ZERO.

    Kati, you're smart not to buy without seeing. I can be addicting, like Ebay.

    Stacy, I've never tried the hair stuffs but there is a scrunchie thingy that I've wanted to try for my girls. It also is suppose to bring limp hair to life.

  8. So yeah I’m a total sucker for infomercials :o)

    I have a thigh master that I never use, I bought the diet pills that never really worked, I bought the diet supplement that I need to get back on because it did actually suppress my apatite and had me eating less. I also bout Neutrogena’s Skin ID which is working really well and is clearing up my skin (crossing fingers and praying that it lasts). And those are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Oh I’ve also bought the vacuum bags lol. Those work ok.

    Yep I’m a sucker for impulse buys. But now I do try to keep myself in check :o)

  9. I was looking into the leg things I’m glad you mentioned it Julie LOL. And I have the Carmen Electra's strip tease DVD too LOL. I felt so dumb the first time I tried it that I never did it again. But I will say that I did feel it the next day.

  10. LeeAnn, you are a girl after my own heart. LOL!! I have the Thighmaster also. Now my kids play with it. ;o)
    The strip tease vid I could only do when no one else was around. But I enjoyed the way it made me feel sexy. Maybe I'll give that one another go. ;p

  11. Julie--what an awesome post. I have to admit I have an aversion to infomercials. Something about the tone usually really turns me off. But I did get sort of interested in the Snuggie craze, only because I'm such a snugaholoic.
    It would be an awesome idea for a blog though. Someone who tests out those amazing claims...

  12. Well my hubby bought that Power90 and it was really hard - he stuck with it though and looked great after!

    I don't watch tv anymore so don't need to decide whether I need it or not, but at one time I did buy an Epilady. OMG. I tried to get drunk to dull the pain! lol It was horrid and I sent it back. Funny, a friend of mine and I were just talking about the Epilady and she had one and used it forever and loved it. She said it was the type of pain you forget. Uh, no it's no! I still remember the pain and that was 16 years ago! lol

  13. You know, Beth, I wonder how one becomes a test subject. That would be an interesting job to have and just think of the benefits. =o)

    Tracy, I always wondered how some the models/actors keep a straight face while on camera. Especially when using the waxing products. Having never experienced it, I can't say for sure but I just can't believe that's not painful.

  14. I have a love/hate relationship with informercials.

    That being said, yes, I have bought something I saw on TV. The H20 mop. Yes, I bought it. It worked wonders twice and now doesn't work anymore.

  15. I feel your pain, Casee. There are some good products out there but you never know what you're gonna get.
    I bought a vaccum that was specially made to pick up pet hair without getting clogged. I was so sick of tearing apart my old cleaner that this one sounded like paradise. It was more expensive but if it worked, it would be worth it. It worked for a couple of weeks then it got clogged to heck. I couldn't believe it. Now I have to unclog the dumb thing after ever use. :grumble:

  16. Julie that stinks about the vacuum. I finally broke down one year and took my tax refund money and bought a Dyson. I LOVE it. It was pretty pricey but well worth the money since I cat hair to vacuum up :o)

  17. LOL Loved this! When I saw that pic with the 'blanket robe' I laughed because I've seen it so many times lately! My mother in law used to buy alot of the items like these on TV, most of the kitchen related ones and I got something for Christmas each year. Our last Christmas with us a couple of years ago, she gave me one of these cake decorators. I've never used it but my daughter has. The last I can remember buying was like this 6 hour video of Betty Boops movie (Did I spell that right, LOL). My daughter loved Betty Boop and that was probably terrible of me buying a six hour one, LOL. But she was happy! I don't think I bought anything since and she's 23 now!!

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