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Friday, April 10, 2009:
Josh: How do I love thee?


One of my favorite authors, Julie James, had a post the other day about the sexiest man alive?, and it got me thinking fondly of one of my favorite hotties of all time: Josh Bernstein. Those of you who've been visiting my blog for awhile know I got the chance to meet Josh a few years ago when he was in the Chicago area for a booksigning. Not only is he as good-looking in person, and rather tall, but he's also funny and amiable and extremely interesting. And there's just something about a smart guy that is so incredibly sexy.


Then of course, there are those brown eyes. I'm a sucker for eyes like melted chocolate...


Here he is, comfortable in any exotic setting...


A man not afraid to wear pink...and looking really hot, I might add...


Looking good from any angle....


Just because....

I believe he was/is on the Discovery Channel on a show called "Into the Unknown". I've not seen it, but I think I must get the DVD. You can never have enough Josh.

The sad thing in all of this, well for me anyway, is that no matter how much time I spent surfing the internet, I did not find one shirtless Josh picture. For someone who is as into the earth and health as he is, I'm sure that would be like the 9th wonder of the world, one that I would want to visit time and again ;-)

So this is my treat to you for this upcoming Easter weekend. Enjoy ;)

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  1. Thank you for the yummy Easter Treat Stacy. :)

    "Josh" is far better than chocolate. :)

    My goal is to read Julie James' books this weekend.

    Warm Regards

  2. What is the typing equivalent of speechless? I'm thinking this is also a nice Passover treat. A hottie for all seasons, actually. I feel your pain about coming up empty handed, as it were, in the shirtless pic dept. I was looking at some of these pics thinking he may be doing a little creative manscaping, and I can't remember whether you like em clean n shiny or are ok w/ a little hair, cause our boy looks like he's a bit mediterranean, ya know? sigh.

    Thanks for being so thoughtful of all of us and giving us this nice holiday treat. You're always so self-sacrificing. A giver. That's what you are.

  3. Been too long since I've visited your blog. Hi! I don't know Josh. Thanks for the intro. Happy Easter.

  4. Thank you Stacy :) I do have one confession though...I don't actually know who Josh is *ducks head* I hope I'm not in the dog box now?

    What's he been in please? Happy Easter everyone!

  5. Boy oh boy does he look familiar. And he's tall you say? Like how tall? Taller than me? LOL! Why are all the tall guys not in Portland? *sigh*

    Thanks for the hottie Easter present. You are an angel. :D

  6. Is Josh the guy they call the modern-day Indiana Jones? That one picture of him with the hat certainly made me think of that. And oh yeah, smart guys really do it for me, too... ; )

  7. Hey, Stace!! Are you the Easter Bunny in disguise?? Because you sure know how to give the treats. ;o)

    Happy Easter!!

  8. Lea, anytime. Josh could be here everyday and I wouldn't mind ;)

    Michelle, he IS a hottie for all seasons. I have learned from you how to be a giver *g*

    Hey Kwana, glad I'm able to introduce you to Josh. He's one of my guilty pleasures :)

    Orannia, it's never too late to learn about Josh.

    Bridget, he's gotta be over 6 ft, but I'm not exactly sure. I'm of average height, so he looks me. Glad you like :)

    Yep Julie, that's him. But way cuter than Indy.

    LOL Jules. Nope, but I do like to be nice now and again :)

  9. I must agree with everyone... Josh is a NICE looking fella... and smart too! I could certainly use him as a model for one of my stories. Great Pics...

  10. Kimberly, I think Josh would make the ideal hero inspiration ;)

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