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Friday, April 03, 2009:
Special guest: Ann Aguirre and "Blue Diablo"
I'd like to give a warm welcome to a very special guest - author Ann Aguirre - as she kicks off the April 7th release of her amazing new book, Blue Diablo. Here is just a short excerpt from her website, starring Corine Solomon:
Chance Met

Right now, I’m a redhead.

I’ve been blonde and brunette as the situation requires, though an unscheduled color change usually means I need to relocate in the middle of the night or face people burning crosses on my lawn. I’ve set a new record, going on eighteen months in the same city, no consequences, no demonstrations, and for the last year, I’ve been a respectable business owner to boot. Maybe I should knock wood.

So I do.

But right now, a redhead. I tell myself it goes with the blue eyes, even if my skin is a little too olive for the carpet to match the drapes. And sure, I get a few looks because it’s a true red, Garnier Nutrisse 64R to be exact, not the plum that most women here favor, but I may as well please myself because I will never, ever blend in entirely. The best I can do is to make sure nobody reckons me any crazier than anyone else.
Doesn't that make you curious for more?
Now here's Ann:
Cross-genre Fiction

These days, we enjoy a rich buffet of cross-genre delights. I’ve apparently done some innovating myself. Readers have called my Jax books “futuristic urban fantasy” because they don’t seem like your typical SF. I’ve very pleased with that, and I’m happy I can attract readers who don’t usually care for SF.

Now take my Corine books books, for instance. They’re a lovely amalgam of romance, and fantasy, lightly seasoned with mystery. How can I hope to bring so many disparate elements into one cohesive whole? What makes a captivating cross-genre book?

Well, first I need…

A plot.

This is more important than in a completely character-driven romance, where the relationship is the primary focus. But if the characters spend the whole book running around getting into random situations that exist solely as an excuse for your leads to spend time together, readers will notice. Story arc is crucial in cross-genre fiction.

Compelling characters

The cool thing about cross-genre is that I have a little more leeway than straight romance. I don’t necessarily have to wrap up the love story by the end of book one. That means I can draw out the sexual tension. I can even offer the heroine several male leads to choose from, and explore various options as I go. Sweet! I’m really looking forward to hearing what readers think of the Blue D men.

Moving on, I also need…

Consistent, detailed world-building

How does magic work in my world? Why? Are there supernatural creatures? (A resounding no.) Why or why not? How do various factions interact?

And maybe…


This one is a bit controversial, but I hope to draw romance readers. Since I’m writing outside the box, I don’t have to wrap up the romance subplot in one book. That’s good for me. I can also fiddle around with several sexy love interests before I commit. However, romance readers want to immerse themselves into a world where good eventually triumphs over evil. I’m not interested in writing anything else, either.

This is fantastic news for me because I have a whomping big case of genre ADD. If I had to commit and say, “Yes, I’ll never write anything but this, so long as I live, amen,” it would be a sad, sad day at Casa Aguirre.

How do you guys feel about cross-genre fiction?
Random commenter gets a copy of Blue Diablo
* Contest ends 8am CST and the winner will be contacted via email, therefore a valid email address must be provided for the comment to be entered in the giveaway *
~ Now go forth and comment, and be sure to stop by Ann's blog for her special "Blue Diablo" blog blowout~
Thank you, Ann, for stopping by!

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  1. The series looks very intriguing :)

  2. Hi Ann! Congrats on the release of Blue Diablo! Katiebabs has been gushing about how terrific it is.

    I've almost always been a romance reader. But as the genre bends, I find myself more and more heading to the Sci Fi/Fantasy section to pick up books that I'm reading for the romance aspect. That's where I go to get your Jax series, and Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series and her Alpha & Omega series. So, whether I actively realized the change or not, I'm becoming more of a fan of scifi/fantasy then I ever thought I would.

    I also really love the CL Wilson books, although I know longtime readers of fantasy find the books perhaps slightly predictable, but for me, who has never really read fantasy novels, they've been a ton of fun to discover.

    So, I guess that's a long way of saying, as long as the story is good, I don't care what section I pick up a book in. More and more I find it's the fantasy section, as opposed to romance. And that's just fine with me.

  3. I love cross-genre books. I have found that I enjoy the twists authors are able to bring which expand the dimensions of my enjoyment. Instead of just my SF or F or Romance brain areas (yes I read a lot) those books touch on all of them. I enjoy your Jax series and eagerly anticipate reading your new series :)

  4. Ann! So many reviews have said how great your book is! It's definetly on my to be read list :)

    I LOVE cross fiction. Sometimes reading the same thing over and over gets a tad boring. Cross fiction gives it a bit more openings you know?

    Super excited for your new book!

  5. I'm good with long as there is a bit of my fav genre in it :D (romance).
    Although, I can read anything. I don't really look at the genre, if the blurb sounds good, I read it.

  6. I do like torturing my characters, but I´m a romance reader at heart. I want to be sure there´s a happy ending waiting at the end of their travails. (And when I´m writing it, I can make it so. ;) )

  7. love cross genres...but you are so right, it starts with a well written story. I atarted as a romance reader. I like a little romance in all of my books, but for a while, the romance genre forgot the importance of a good plot. So I started reading more and more cross genre books.

  8. I love cross genre books because I'm a fan of many different genres: romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc. and enjoy the blend.

  9. I like cross-genre books.I also like stories that continue into other books in a series. That way I can see some of my favorite characters again. Blue Diablo sounds really great!

  10. I really like cross-genre books. Romance is my favorite genre, but I really like Sci Fi and paranormal too. So a blend of them - awesome.

  11. I love cross-genre books. It's a great way of trying new genres, too. I was introduced to Sci-fi with your Jax books and I loved it!!

  12. I think it´s really cool, the choices we have now.

  13. I think that the cross genre can be promoted to a larger audience and maybe pull in readers who thought they would never enjoy "romance" book. They will go ahead and read it because it is fantasy/sci fi and realize they really did enjoy it and didn't drop over dead from romance cooties.

  14. I love cross-genre books as well. When they're done well it's like getting to eat all my favorite ethnic foods together in one meal. I've met so many new genres this way.

  15. I love romance books. Nowadays I tend to search for different genres with romance in them. I've noticed that if there's even just a hint of some romance, I find myself liking genres I never thought I'd like :)

    Maija P.

  16. I most definitely love cross-genre books!

  17. Thanks for having me here! And now for the winner:

    Maija P.! Email aztleclady at gmail dot com with your address. She will send you your copy of Blue Diablo.

  18. I love Corine even if she isn't a true red head :P

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