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Wednesday, April 08, 2009:
Coffee, books and girl talk
I've noticed that as of late, I seem to be reviewing more than anything else, which isn't a bad thing, it's just that it's been the only thing. I've actually been enjoying reading more than I have in quite some time, well, except for that little relapse I had after reading Julie's book where I couldn't find a book that appealed to me as much as hers did. I think I'm better now, and back on track. And I know y'all can't wait for the wildly scintillating adventures I've been having. (Yeah, right).


Kate Perry's "Marked by Passion" is a book I'm reviewing for RNTV and while at first I didn't think it was my kind of book, I am actually enjoying it quite a bit. It's a paranormal, about a young woman who reluctantly inherits a sacred scroll as the next descendant of the Chin family. She is now a Guardian, i.e. one who protects her family's particular scroll, specifically that of the Earth. There are four other scrolls for each of the elements, one each for fire, metal, wood and water. She doesn't want to be the next Guardian, would give it up in a heartbeat to her brother Paul because he does want to fulfill the destiny of the Chin family, but alas, she's the one that's been marked. And if that weren't enough of a complication, there is also a sexy British distraction by the name of Rhys who makes her burn like mad. Quite delectable is Rhys, and though that particular accent has never done much for me, I'd be willing to put up with it if he were looking to teach me a few things. Crazy woman tries to tell herself she doesn't want his help though. I look forward to seeing these two go up against each other, and for Rhys to get his way, of course.

In other happenings, this past Sunday Michelle B. invited me to hang with her and fellow Bella Amy, who happened to be in town. We got together for breakfast at this cute little restaurant, and spent the whole time eating, drinking tons of coffee, and gabbing. After awhile the place was getting crowded so we moved our party to a nearby McD's, where we ordered mochas and lattes and just sat and talked even more. We ended up spending the whole day - over 8 hours - just sitting and talking. It was so much fun, especially for me because none of the friends I hang out with after work or on weekends read romance, so it was a real treat. Both Amy and Michelle are total bad, bad girls, and God love 'em for it. Here's to girlfriends and their dirty minds ;)

I had to wonder though, if the people at the restaurant could hear us - we were having some pretty graphic discussions, sort of like when Kati and I got together and went into detail about our love of m/m romance. We certainly did our best to educate the masses. Hopefully helped sell a few books while we were at it.

Yesterday I had jury duty, which at first I dreaded, but then I actually was looking forward to attending. Alas, I didn't get called, but got to spend the entire day reading at the courthouse. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Especially since it wasn't at 26th & California, where they have the jail. I lucked out and got a closeby 'burb for my summons. We got out around 2:30, so I had the rest of the afternoon free.


I finished watching season 1 of "The Tudors", and while I can't say I totally loved it, I did delight in the raunchy adventure that it was. JR-M is not on my "to do" list, but he is perfectly naughty - and horny - in this telling of a young and athletic King Henry VIII. Wonderfully wicked fun.

So that's what I've been up to. What about you?



  1. Sounds like you're having fun, Stace! I'm so envious of you for getting to spend time w/Amy, I loves her! I'll bet the conversation was hilarious! Every time I've ever talking to Michelle, we end up talking about something hilariously inappropriate. I'll bet it was a blast.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Tudors. It's totally one of my guilty pleasures. It's totally trashy and overwrought, but it's got all those fab costumes, and J R-M is so over the top. It's just a ton of campy fun, I think.

  2. Stace! It was such a glorious day. I have never spent a day like that. I almost felt guilty--but then I snapped out of it. Michelle and I ended up running a few errands and then going out to dinner!

    We. Never. Went. Home.

    Okay, we did go home, but not until 10:00.

    Kati--the convo was all over the board. And it was hilarious.

    Stace, your review makes me want to pick up the book, but why don't you like a british accent? You like the Tudors, right? Am I missing something?

  3. Hey Stacy:

    Wonderful post! I've not been up to anything nearly as exciting as you unfortunately, been tied up at the dreaded day job, a lot!

    However, I am reading some good books right now including my first purely m/m contemp, which I will be reviewing.

    I am looking forward to a nice long weekend and hope to make at least at miniscule dent in the TBR alps that seem to be growing by the day. yikes!

    Best Regards

  4. Stacy--how weird! I just got called for jury duty at 26th and California about a month ago! I asked Julie James how to get out of it, but alas, I was picked! It was a murder trial, too, good for an author. But at the last moment, the defendant opted for a bench trial.
    So...did you read the whole day in that room that's like eight airport gates put together?

  5. Hiya, Stace. I feel absolutely no guilt about either spending the whole day away -- eight hours of it with you -- or educating any folks in McDonalds about our love of sex. I'm thinking, now, that there may have been a reason our area was so popular with the senior males...

    I also enjoyed our corrupting Amy, as in teaching her the finer points of taking time for one's self.

    As you know, I also found your writing tips inspirational, as in, "if I don't feel like doing it, I don't." I've long been looking for someone to back me on that one,and I didn't realize support was so close at hand. I was thinking of writing a book about that school of writing, but the title would pretty much be the book. Not even enough for a pamphlet. We'll just have to spread the good news by word of mouth and try to win more converts. :)

  6. Kati, it was a ton of fun. The perfect way to spend a cold Sunday. And Amy & Michelle? Total pervs. Love that about them. Same reason I enjoyed The Tudors. Hey I'll be going back to D.C. the week of May 4th. Hope you're free - we can hang out.

    Amy, I am an expert on relaxation and living for myself vs. others. I will guide you to a higher level of spiritual satisfaction LOL. Glad to hear Michelle continued to corrupt you. As for the British accent, it doesn't give me tingles as say, a Scottish Gerard Butler would...though that might be more than the accent...but I can tolerate it. Nothing against it, I just don't find it sexy. I can see why others might like it though.

    Lea, I hope you get your relaxing weekend. My tbr is srsly starting to scare me, it's so huge. I would love to take a week off and just read.

    Beth! LOL. OMG I thought the same thing - ask Julie how to avoid going. But I refrained. I took the high road, and didn't get called. You, on the other hand...*g* I was actually in Skokie, so the room was probably the size of 1-2 gates. And yep, I read. That part I liked.

    QB, I felt no guilt either. Why should we? We bought food and coffee, therefore doing our part for the economy. And educating our fellow man (especially hot, strappin' ones) about sex is our civic duty. Amy needs more corruption in her life. As for your book idea...yeah, I'm not seeing any progress any time soon LOL. But then again, I don't have to write for a living, so my motto works because I won't starve if I ignore it.

  7. I just started Marked by Passion today, enjoying it so far.
    Sounds like you had fun with Michelle. Have not watched the Tudors yet, tempted but have not gotten there.

  8. Sound like you had a wonderful time. I got that book a couple of weeks ago. Glad you enjoyed it. The next in ther series sounds great too.

    Learned something new about you today in this post too. I didn't know that your favorite genre was historicals.

    Looking forward to June.

  9. If I say Scottish IS British will you beat me?

    I think it is all in the voice--like Sean Bean? Doesn't he make your toes curl? lol--maybe it is just me.

  10. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day!

    Out of interest, do you only get called for one day's jury duty? Here it is a week! I've only been called once and spent the whole week waiting to be randomly allocated to a the end of the week only two of us were left!

    Discovered m/m romance last year. Definitely a fan :)

  11. Kris can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book. I ended up liking it. Some things bothered me, but I still want to read the next one. My review is goin up @ RNTV on the 18th.

    Barbara, have you read it yet? I'm curious to know if you liked it or not. Yeah, historicals are my first love. I fall back on them whenever I'm in a bit of a slump. And June cannot get here fast enough!

    LOL Toni. Of course not. I just saw an interview with Gerard Butler from "Beuwolf & Grendel" and let me tell ya, he made my toes curl. But there coulda been other reasons for that ;)

    Orannia, it depends on the county. My boss was called to jury duty the week before, and he was called for the whole week, but he was released after 1 1/2 days.

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