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Tuesday, September 16, 2008:
first crush?

Do you remember your first crush? Not your t.v. crush, or your celebrity crush, but the first time you actually "liked" the little boy (or hey, girl) sitting next to you on the swings or in the classroom? The one you wanted to either share your snack with or you wanted to kick them in the shin? Remember those crazy feelings? Sometimes I think the urge to kick someone of the opposite sex never fully goes away.
When I was five, I had a little boyfriend named Scottie. He was blond, and somewhere in my parents' photo albums, there are pictures of us holding hands and even dancing. It was a one night stand; I didn't really remember much about him after that. Alas, he was not the love of my life.
Now kindergarten was a wild time for me. There I fell for two of the hotties in my class. One was the bad boy, with dark hair and brown eyes. His name was Ricky. My love for him was short-lived however, because when I asked him why he didn't chase me around the playground, he told me he didn't chase the ugly girls. Sniff. Yeah, Ricky deserved a good punch. Too bad I wasn't the one to give it to him.
The other dreamboat in my class was a blue-eyed blond prince named Kevin. Oh how I love that name. Kevin was the kinda guy all the girls would give their bubblegum to (those damn hussies). He didn't like me back, but at least he wasn't a jerk about it. Kevin was an okay kinda guy. Quality.
But as nice as those crushes were, it wasn't until I was in the 3rd grade that I really knew what boys were all about. Jason W, oh now was he dreamy. He had brown hair and blue eyes, and the reckless soul of a heartbreaker. He had a cleft chin and an intense gaze, but he could also make you laugh, and one look from him gave me butterflies. I had a crazy crush on him for 4 years, and often ended up sitting next to him in class, which was heaven. Jason was the boy that got me thinking about kissing, and holding hands. I longed for those days when he went to his boy scout meetings because he would ride on my bus and always sit with me. Swoon. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
Sadly, nothing ever came of my love for Jason either, but I still think of him every once in awhile, and wonder how he's doing. He was such an important part of my younger years, and I can't help but remember him most fondly. I heart Jason 4-ever.
Do you remember your first crush?
Did he/she crush on you back?
What made them so special?



  1. My first crush was a little boy Robbie. He was in my class from kindergarten through 5th grade (when I moved away). We chased each other on the playground and played footsie under the desks, those were good times. I remember on my 9th birthday I fell off the monkey bars and cracked a rib, he carried me to the nurse. He was my hero.

    Ironically, I moved back to the same area when I was in high school and now are boys play on the same baseball and football teams. LOL My how times change. He's still a nice guy and even laid our carpet in our house when we built it.

  2. first crush was Jeremy. I'd just moved to a new school in first grade & it was one of the first days of school. Jeremy brought me a little piece of paper where he'd drawn a flower that had I Love You written on it.

    We were inseperable until 5th grade when he had a different teacher. I loved him more than anything & he loved me too. *sigh* I wonder what type of man he's become???

  3. I think I remember having my first crush in 5th grade - Steve. Now I look back he was kind of a dolt! lol

  4. *sniff* I don’t remember :o( I remember my BF Kyle and we had all our classes together till fifth grade and then we grew apart. But I do remember Brian (one of my brother’s old BF’s) and I had a crush on him all the way through JR High and High School. But then I had lots of crushes on my brother’s friends lol :o)

  5. Cute stories :) Thanx for sharing.

  6. My first crush started when I was in grade 3 and his name was Jack. He was the son of some good friends of my parents. Our families would go on holidays together until he was old enough not to have to go. He never crushed back on me, but he did teach me how to dive off a raft in the lake and how to row a boat. We went to the same public and the high schools. We both went ice skating at the same place and I was always hoping he'd ask me to skate but he never did and I was too afraid to ask him when it was ladies turn. I had a crush on him right up until I was in grade 11 - A Very Long Time - when the cheerleader he was dating got pregnant. Being young, square, innocent and naive, that pretty much took care of the crush and devastated me - but I still can't help feeling kind of strange when I hear his name because it was such a deep and long lasting crush.

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