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Wednesday, December 12, 2007:
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Interrupting the regular scheduled holiday program to bring you WOOt. It's officially a word now in the dictionary. It's never been a word I've used (okay, maybe once or twice), but I've seen it quite a bit around blogland. It's funny how certain words become part of our everyday language. Here are some others that haven't made the list...according to this list:
ginormous (adj): bigger than gigantic and bigger than enormous
confuzzled (adj): confused and puzzled at the same time
chillax (v): chill out/relax, hang out with friends
cognitive displaysia (n): the feeling you have before you even leave the house that you are going to forget something and not remember it until you're on the highway
gription (n): the purchase gained by friction: "My car needs new tires because the old ones have lost their gription."
phonecrastinate (v): to put off answering the phone until caller ID displays the incoming name and number
slickery (adj): having a surface that is wet and icy
snirt (n): snow that is dirty, often seen by the side of roads and parking lots that have been plowed
lingweenie (n): a person incapable of producing neologisms
Do you have a favorite "made-up" word?
What word would you like to see in the dictionary?
Which word is just plain stupid?

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  1. Well, you know I'm a big fan of wOOt! My 19YO niece uses "chillax" alot.

    That's about it for me. Fun news though!

  2. I believe that most of my words are made up. I blame it on the kids. Once they start the baby talk and you have to begin translating, it's inevitable that you start talking like them. :p

  3. I saw that today and all I can say is, woot! Of course I am not cool enough to spell it correctly...w00t. Ginormous is a new word? lol.

  4. I suffer from cognitive displaysia. Is there a cure yet?

  5. Did 'spiffy' ever make the cut?

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