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Sunday, December 02, 2007:
Holiday musings....
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Well, taking the week off has been productive, thank God. Now I can avoid the mall for the rest of the year - yay! I hate shopping under the best of circumstances, but during Christmas, it's like Chinese water torture.

Let's see, what have I been up to...well, so far I've written out over 80 Christmas cards, shopped for my three "kids" that I got at work to buy gifts for, wrapped said gifts. Did I ever mention how much I hate wrapping? Well, it's a fact. It just goes against my nature. Gift bags are a blessing, but since kids love to rip open packages, well, that meant agonizing work for me. They look like a toddler wrapped them, with lots of tape, but you can't tell what they are, so that's all that matters to me.

Then I had to buy a gift for our boss. Wow. What do you buy for someone who has champagne tastes and you're working on a beer budget? The idea of a tea service for one was mentioned. Okay, fine. Sounds easy enough, until you go to Macy's or Carson's and discover that a small, dainty teapot runs you anywhere between $230 to $350, and that's the low end. And everyone and their mother-in-law has a dish line - Kate Spade, Vera Wang - designer cutlery? It would appear so.

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Fortunately, I did find something at this lovely little tea shop called Teavana. Now I'm not a tea drinker, but I did try a sample of this amazing tea - a mixture of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls & Rooibos Tropica - which smells heavenly and tastes even better. Who knew I'd end up liking tea? Well, I might just have to get myself my own little teapot and join the craze.
Tomorrow is our annual Christmas party, and we are going to a lovely Italian restaurant called Maggiano's. Last year it was a Greek restaurant. We are just all over the place here. I am looking forward to it, though it feels a bit early, but at least there is no big snowstorm in the forecast like there have been in years past. I'm not ready to face the reality of a midwest winter quite yet.
How are you holidays shaping up?
Having trouble finding the perfect gift?
Find any sweet buys?

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  1. I'm done shopping ~ except for my feline and canine niece and nephews :-) I was wrapping today ~ I'm so glad to be done!

  2. It's a great feeling, isn't it? I feel so ready for the holidays now, except for the weather. I need warmth!

  3. Stacy, if I was closer, I would wrap your gifts for you! I love to wrap and make them look pretty - I've even considered having a little business at home during the holidays to wrap and decorate gifts for people. Unfortunately I never think of it in time to get something put together.

    My daughters are the tea drinkers at our house - the oldest has a teapot and makes "the best tea ever" according to her sister. I wouldn't know a good cup of tea, or coffee, for that matter, if it bit me on the ass.

    Hope enjoy your party - we had our Christmas dinner for the office on Saturday - always lots of good food and good wine = a good time!

    Stay warm (if you can get that way) - cold and snowy here today - we're at 25 degrees right now :(

  4. I had these huge plans to have everything done early this year but the reality of it is I haven't bought ONE gift yet! Not one. I have so much to do!

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