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Sunday, May 06, 2007:
Cover model Nathan Kamp speaks....
....for Karen Marie Moning. (Sounds like it was actually done by a fan of KMM's books - Leiha).
You've seen his picture on just about every other romance novel out there, now hear him talk about himself and how he ended up as one of the most recognizable cover models outside of Fabio and John D'Salvo (well, those are really the only other models I recognize).

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Thanx to Michele for giving me the heads-up
It's much 'ppreciated ;)

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  1. Okay, okay...I have a new appreciation for Nathan Kamp. I would totally watch his cooking show.

  2. Loved the interview. Awesome! Thanks again for the link, Stacy. :)

  3. I'm going to read this now :) I tagged you BTW.

  4. Jodi: LOL. Brat.

    CT: you are very welcome. Anytime - I love, love, love your blog ;)

    Toni: I've read Michelle Buonfiglio's interview, but to hear him talk was cool. Plus, he's totally in love with his wife, so that makes me like him even more. And I accept my mission.

  5. Good interview, thanks for sharing!!

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