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Thursday, May 03, 2007:
MY vision of "V"
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A lot of times I don't picture the heroes in the books I read as anyone famous; sometimes they're people I know, or even some imaginary guy I envision from the heroe's description. But my Bella pal MaryKate thought Wentworth Miller from "Prison Break" was Tohrment, the Brother who's heart and life has been devastated. Cutie pie, true that, but way too young-looking. But it got me thinking about Vischous, you know, the hot, kinky vamp from J.R. Ward's BDB series. I see an older version, and Dominic Purcell here gets my vote as our V.
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In this picture, especially. Look at those hot eyes, that sexy mouth. I can practically see the tats on his face, and I totally imagine him as our boy, V.
What about you: who is "your" V? Tohr?
Are you anxious for "Lover Unbound"?
Favorite Brother?

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  1. Grrrr...I really have to read this series!! I went to Borders yesterday, but they only had the most recent book. Amazon - here I come!

    Can't say for sure on the guy...never even heard of him.

  2. Stace - I don't like Dominic Purcell (mainly because to hear him speak in his own words, he seems dumb as a box of rocks). That being said, I have no idea who I'd choose for V. Could be because I'm not as attached to V as I am to Tohr.

    The guy on the cover worked for me. Even though he was missing the tatts.

    Yes, I realize I have to move on from the no tatts, but I'm having a hard time.

  3. LOL. I have only read one book and haven't got a handle on V yet. But if he works for you--GOOD :)

  4. Jodi yes you have to. HAVE to.

    MK: LOL. Yeah, I kinda got that impression from the show he did called "John Doe", but I was hooked, and dumb or not, it worked for me. I'm a total superficial t.v. watcher. I still see him as V. Silent V *g*

    Toni, I shock myself at my love of the kinky stuff in this series. Heck, not that long ago, (thanx to Bam) I even enjoyed a m/m erotic romance. Shocked this midwestern-born & bred innocent, let me tell you...but I find I do re-read it from time to time. Just don't wanna see it live.

  5. Ooh, that one works pretty well for me actually.

    I don't watch PB, but my only exposure to Dominic Purcell was in a Vampire movie (was it the last Blade?) where he was very miscast as Dracula, and pretty wooden. But in photos, I think he's yummy. I like that big British soccer hooligan type.

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