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Sunday, April 29, 2007:
Naughty Housewives" by Elizabeth Scott (2007)
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Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: NAL Trade (January 2, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0451220382
ISBN-13: 978-0451220387
Three stories of uninhibited women who won't let marriage put an end to their sex lives.
Shelby has lost trust in her husband, Eric, whose one-night stand put their marriage on the rocks. One thing can save it: tit for tat. All Shelby wants is to even the score. But her perfect fling with a younger man comes with a shocking surprise-especially for Eric.
Lori is a bride with a problem. After only eighteen months, the honeymoon is over. Kent can be a dream between the sheets, but the quickies just aren't cutting it. Until Lori decides to set a new standard in low-down and dirty nights.
Dani has a great new husband in Trevor. Then she finds his nasty little secret-a stash of extreme European erotica. It's terribly forbidden. And totally irresistible. Something this good really needs to be shared.
"Tit for Tat": Shelby's husband Eric has betrayed their marriage vows by having a one-night stand while on a business trip. Consumed with guilt for neglecting her husband in the past, she feels she may have been partially responsible for Eric's actions, but while she wants to fight for her marriage and make it work, she doesn't think she can get past it unless she "evens the score" and sleeps with another man. Eric is understandably devastated, but agrees if it will bring his wife back to him. Not one to put things off, Shelby leaves the house immediately, with no plan other than to find a suitable guy to spend the night with. Eric follows her, not to stop her but to make sure she's safe, and watches as she nervously selects the guy, then takes him to a nearby motel. But what ends up being a cold act of revenge ends up changing their marriage in a way neither of them expected, and bringing them closer together than ever....
"Tuesdays with Lori" : Lori loves her husband and the life they have planned together. Working hard, making sacrifices, it will all be worth it in the end. But after only 18 months of marriage, their sex life has been reduced to tired gropings in the dark, and Lori wants more. Much more. So with Kent's work schedule in mind, she has worked out a plan to liven up the bedroom by having all-out, wild sex on Tuesdays. But first, she has to make Kent want it bad. He has to hunger for her and think of nothing but sex. And she accomplishes just that. Kent loves Lori, but now he craves his hot, little wife like a drug, but he can't touch her for seven (!) days. The sweet, sexy woman he fell in love with has become a hot, addictive witch who fuels his fantasies. The love of his life has truly become the woman of his dreams.
"G Marks the Spot" : Sweet, maternal Dani misses her globe-trotting, gorgeous husband, Trevor. After 8 months of marriage, this is their first night apart, and it's been difficult on both of them. Left alone in their home, Dani takes this time to explore the sprawling mansion, and discover all its secrets. While she hoped to learn more about her new husband, she didn't expect to find the collection of extremely sexy DVDs behind a locked door, but now that she has, she has every intention of finding out just what kind of man Trevor is, and if she's woman enough to satisfy his desires. Trevor has always been self-sufficient, ever since his parents divorced and he's had to depend on himself to get through it. Finding Dani has opened up his world to love, and he cherishes more than he ever thought possible. She's always enjoyed their time together in the bedroom, never shying away from his touch, but how will she feel about the sexy movies he likes to watch? Or the locked room in their house? Well, there's really only one way to find out, and Trevor has the key....
What I liked about these stories is that they are about exploring one's fantasies in a loving, devoted relationship, and in this case, that relationship is marriage. I am a huge fan of erotic romance (stress the romance) so that was a major reason for me to pick up the book in the first place. There is humor and affection in each story, which makes the hot, raging sex even better, imo. These stories prove that sex should not end after the wedding, but rather continue to bring couples closer together and give them more confidence about their personal sexuality. In case you missed it: it's okay to fantasize, to want something more, to explore and have fun and feel good about yourself and your body.
Elizabeth Scott (aka Janice Maynard) doesn't evade the consenting issue, either. There are certain experiences (i.e. potential anal sex) that make the heroine uncomfortable, and I liked that it wasn't forced on her if she truly didn't want it. Nowadays, you can't find many erotic romances without the (obligatory) anal sex scenes, and certainly not one where the heroine says "no" and means it. I liked that the hero and heroine didn't have to like every single thing that was brought to the table, or to the bedroom. Being game for anything and everything is only sexy if it fits the characters and they really want it. Each of the stories has its own individual fantasies, and it was a refreshing change from many of the cliche'd erotic romance out there. This is my first, but not the last, book from ES. Dang, I love the hot stuff ;)

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  1. I keep seeing this book and wanting to pick it up. I need to just do it. The back sounded good, I love the cover, and now your saying it's good. Okay done deal, I'm on it. lol. Thanks.

  2. The book looks good. I love that cover. Must clear out my underwear drawer :)

  3. Stacy - I am so happy you liked Naughty Housewives. I was very pleased when I first saw the cover they gave me, because I thought it looked ultra sexy without being sleazy!

    Toni's reply made me laugh. :) I would love it if women all over the country had this book in the bottom drawer of their bedside tables!!

    Janice Maynard
    aka "Elizabeth"

  4. Nicole, if you do, I hope you like it. I'm curious to know how married women react to it. I think what's between a husband and wife is fine as long as they are okay with it. I thought it was a hot book.

    Toni, LOL. No kidding. The cover is very sexy, not sleazy at all. Very hot stuff.

    Janice, you know I love you! You and Toni are wonderful advocates of sensual and erotic romance, and I find both of you write hotter stuff than a lot of the e-authors. Your books work because they are about people in committed relationships or about people who fall in love. That's very sexy stuff.

  5. I'm pretty sure DH would steal it from me :)

  6. Hi Stacy! If you read this comment.... thanks for posting reviews of Elizabeth Scott's books (to date). I appreciate it as they're (reviews) are hard to find. I'm thinking I must have read/come across Spin the Bottle (one of the stories had the photographer as a third party?) as it sounds like Naughty Housewives might be more for the "romantic" in me! I'll check it out! Thanks again!

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