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Wednesday, May 02, 2007:
You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything
***Warning: this is not the usual Pollyanna blog experience you can expect to find here***
Normally, being the kind of person am, I don't get involved in blog wars. It's not that I have anything against them, I just feel like I don't have much of anything to add to the conversation. Plus, I'm not very confrontational, or even at the very least outspoken, so I mostly keep to myself in blogland. That's just me. I don't publicly share my opinion on everything. My personal choice.
Having said that, it doesn't mean that I think others should do exactly the same thing I do - that's just ridiculous to even consider. I am a huge, huge believer in the freedom of speech. I visit a few blogs that have very outspoken conversations, some of which I agree with, some I dislike, others I laugh at. One of these blogs is Karen Scott's. Karen will most likely never see this as I'm sure she has more interesting places to hang out than here (sad but true LOL), so she probably doesn't know I enjoy visiting her blog, and though I might not always agree with what she says, or the way she says it, I respect her opinion and her right to state it on her own blog, or as an opinion on someone else's.
What's prompted me to even mention her blog is an issue that's currently going on in blogland, all on account of a review she did of a book she thought sucked. (Normally I wouldn't link to it but I think by doing so it will give others an opportunity to see what started it all. Be forewarned: it is rather graphic as that's Karen's nature at her blog, and includes the comments about the entire situation that has prompted this post from me). I admit, I would never have written a review like that, but at the same time, I respect Karen for giving strong, specific reasons for why she didn't like it. I winced when I read it, and yet realized I also had to agree with some of the opinions she expressed. It was a harsh review, and if I were the author, I would have cried to read it. But there was also the fact that the author was not held entirely responsible for why Karen felt the way she did. Others who had read the book voiced their opinions as well, and there were a few encouraging posts towards the author where the reader seemed to feel that the author wasn't given any editorial guidance whatsoever. Not having read it, I have no opinion, and besides that's really not what my post here is about anyway.
If you've read this far, and seen Karen's post, as well as the follow-up post, then you already know that someone rather well-known in the industry left a very long and accusing response to Karen's review. To say I was disappointed by the response is putting it mildly. I was appalled at most of what was said. To think a review could stir such venom really bothers me (stamping foot. Yes, I'm a force to be reckoned with). Seriously though, after reading Karen's review twice, I don't see anything that was said that should have caused the nastiness that it did. Most of the comments by this person were so over-the-top and ridiculous I couldn't help but laugh in disbelief, and then almost throw my laptop out the window in disgust. Accusing a blogger of causing someone to think of suicide is not only ludicrous, but irresponsible. It just sickened me that someone would go around making such accusations as if she was staging an intervention of a drug addict on a rampage.
I don't know Karen very well, yet a few things I do know without having to be told is that she is not a vindictive, jealous person. She's severely outspoken, funny as hell, completely raunchy and a bit twisted, but definitely not some nasty, sick bitch running amuck in blogland. I have no personal reason to stick up for her other than I feel like she's being put up as an example of "bad, bad reader, mean blogger, how dare you try to have an opinion that doesn't mirror mine, you little insignificant twit?" And it totally pisses me off. I don't care who you are: how dare anyone believe they have the right to tell the intelligent, outspoken reading public how to think about a book or story purchased with that reader's hard-earned dollars (or other currency)? How dare they accuse a reader/blogger/Joe Blow that their comments have driven anyone to commit a drastic, horrific act such as suicide? Publishing such outlandish, irrational statements takes away this businesswoman's professional integrity, to say the very least.
Now I know that I am someone who would probably get a pat on the head from the big-wig who wrote this as I have more of a tendency to be one of those fangirls that gets sneered at from time to time for never writing reviews for books that I would grade C or lower, but this time I can't rally for the cause and say "can't we all just get along?" No, this little battle has enraged this Pollyanna, and for a moment I just wanted to throw my copy of "The Secret" in the garbage if this is what the outcome turns out to be from reading it. (Note: using references from "The Secret" about the bad karma that will result from negative thoughts pretty much negates the entire purpose of big-wig's rant since said rant is nothing but negative thoughts about Karen and other readers, bloggers and authors who don't pledge the "Sally Sunshine" oath).
So Karen Scott, for what it's worth, you may never read this and that's okay, but this fangirl is in your corner, and long, long, long live your blog because NO ONE should be able to take that away from you. Plus, on a more selfish note, I would hate to see such an entertaining place fade into the darkness of boredom and mediocrity.
I know, I know. Soon this will be over, and a new topic will be all the rage, and I'll go back to lurking and wonder what the hell I was thinking trying to be one of the big dogs for even a brief moment, but for now I'm going to relax, enjoy the rest of the evening reading a good book, and remember that not all bloggers, readers, and authors are ruled by jealousy, arrogance, illusions of grandeur or attitude problems. Fluffy slippers, Nathan Kamp and Dove milk chocolate, take me away..........

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  1. GOOD RANT STACY! I'm so proud.

    *wipes eye*


    I completely agree with you, except I don't Karen's blog very often. Only if I'm pointed in that direction.

  2. LOL Holly. Baby steps. I'm mostly a lurker and I know she doesn't need me to defend her, but I was ticked.

  3. Stace - I am someone who enjoys a good trainwreck on the blogosphere. That being said, the unnamed person you're talking about went WAY far over the line with the whole suicidal thing. On top of that, have you seen that her publication confirmed that it WAS her posting. I kept hoping against hope that it wasn't.

    Needless to say, I'll be cancelling my subscription to them. How on earth did she get to the top without growing a thick skin?

    I have to say that I'm also WAY entertained by the cover model controversy that is going on over at the SBs. I just love me some Candy & Sarah.

    Excellent rant, though! I'm so proud, Bella!

  4. There is never anything wrong with standing up for what you believe in. YOU GO, GIRL!!!

  5. God, I always miss everything!! Personally I don't slag other writers off on the blog BUT if a reader writes a review people should suck it up (and hide in the cupboard until it is safe to come out).

    The only appropriate rebuttal to a bad review is simply, 'I disagree, I enjoyed it'.

    Going on about not supporting the industry or women in the industry, (which Karen obviously does) isn't smart. It was way off point and personal. Not good.

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