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Thursday, May 03, 2007:
Bad Barb, revisited
About a year ago I interviewed a voracious reader of romance, Bad Barb. (Here is my original interview). She also happens to be a good friend and yes, a mentor of sorts. Last year at RWA, it was amazing just how many authors actually know Barb quite well - actually, she is widely recognized in the industry by readers and writers alike. It's been awhile since that interview, so I thought I'd so a catch-up post and see what Barb has to say, and as usual, she's up to her old tricks......

How it all began.....

I have been reviewing for about 6 years now, right now currently reading "Simon Says" by Lori Foster and "Lights Out" by Amber Green (Amber is with Loose ID). I also have been test reading, giving feedback on submitted manuscripts. (I really like doing this).

If you want to review like I do, the best thing I can tell you is find a legitimate review site and apply, most of the time you will start with e-books and then work your way up. DON'T go to the authors begging for copies, authors can tell if you are being friends with them just to get free books and stuff or whether you genuinely like them.

I started reviewing when Lori Foster sent me a copy of IN TOO DEEP, it was the first ARC I ever received and I reviewed it at Amazon and and she started sending me her other books, eventually other authors liked what I did and sent me stuff too. I think it was harder when I started 'cause there weren't as many places to review as there are now.

SA: So Barb, how many ARCs would you say you get in a month? Where do you primarily get your ARCs from ((Kensington, etc or authors?) Which authors do you get ARCs from on a regular basis?

It varies, but mostly I get my arcs lately from Berkley. :) I love Cindy Hwang. I also get books from Tori Carrington regularly and Renee George (she writes for Changeling).

SA: Do you have a review site? Tell us a little bit about the site (if you would be so kind) What is the link for it?
I review at which is part of Writerspace.

SA: Can you share any "teases" about "Simon Says" and "Lights Out"? Even just one-sentence blurbs (something more than "it's really, really good" LOL)
I have to say Lori's heroine in "Simon Says" is one of the best names. :) and for "Lights Out" it is a menage (I love those) vampire.

SA: Are you doing test-reading for authors or for publishing houses?

I am test reading for one author right now (willing to take more. :)) and for someone I can't say who.

SA: Can you give a quickie review on a book that was recently released that you thought was awesome? (a New Author discovery, maybe)?

"FOUL PLAY" by Tori Carrington is the latest Sofie book and it was totally awesome. As much as I love Jake (the Aussie bounty hunter he is hot) I like the new guy that has entered Sofie's life. This time Sofie is looking to see what is going on with a pitcher from the NY Mets he appears to be the same but is he really?
(SA: I met Tony and Lori a few years ago during their baklava tour and they are both very sweet and funny. I got hugs from both of them, me, who is so not a hugger of strangers, but they were adorable - I will find a pic from the event and post it so you can see me too LOL).
So there you have it: Bad Barb in her own words. And what did we learn today? That she remains the master of "the tease".

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