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Friday, March 31, 2006:
The surreal life of a reader on the internet
The internet is truly an amazing place. I'm fairly new to it, probably only really started using it on a regular basis about five years ago. I started out slowly, gradually joining Yahoo groups and slowly allowing myself out of the lurk mode. In that time, I've met many wonderful friends from sites that I frequented because of common interests. Some I've even met in person due to events nearby or that I've traveled to.

But even now, I can't get over how bizarre it is to know people that I might never have met if it hadn't been for the internet. Visiting some of the writer loops, I've exchanged emails with other fans and also with some of my favorite authors. It's strange and wonderful and a lot of fun, yet sometimes I wonder how it happened. How could I, someone shy and nervous around most new people I meet, be reading and reviewing books for amazing writers like Alison Kent and Lucy Monroe and getting interviews with Lori Foster, LuAnn McLane, Karen Kelley and Dianne Castell and meeting amazing authors like Shiloh Walker and Lora Leigh of scorching Ellora's Cave books? I have no clue how it happened, but I'm not about to let it worry me too much - I'm having way too much fun!

So as a happy reader, I want to raise a toast to the internet and say how wonderful my experience has been so far. Two of the groups I frequent often are Lori Foster's and the Scamps and Vamps. So in addition to those I've already mentioned, I get my daily dose of hotties as well as tons of other useful links thanx to a truly great friend and special person (Judy F); non-stop laughter and inspiration from the witty and shocking comments of our dear Krispy Kreme addict (Joni); have been amazed by the knowledge of trivia and song-of-the-day answers from an informed poster who has been so lucky to meet some wonderful country performers of which I'm envious (Jana); I've been mothered by a sweet and fiesty blonde warrior who has the most generous heart and spirit you will find anywhere (Laurie); get warm-hearted and sweet emails from a wonderful Canadian friend who never fails to share her friendship and caring for others (Cryna); have laughed and sighed in exasperation and the bold and naughty teasing of our infamous tormentor (Bad Barb); have been inspired by a strong and caring friend who has her own health challenges but never fails to cheer and be there to lend a kind word when others are going through their own difficult times (Shari); been entertained by a clever, witty member of royalty who gets the most unusual and amusing book recommendations yet has no idea why (sure...) and who is a staunch supporter to those misunderstood Fiends (LadyB); our monthly angel who posts the birthday list so we can celebrate (Loretta) and have gotten to know other special people who share their lives at the groups and never fail to be there when I need it most: Jodi, Tee, Barb V, Patti, Lois, Barb S, Jamie, Lisa F, Mary F, Lori M, Jane, Mark, Chad, Kelley, Jennifer Y, Heather, Lori T, Niny, Janice M. Rosemary, Michelle, Jean, Kati, Alane, Kathleen, Ann, Rosie, Emma, Tami, Erin, Jenny, and I just know I'm forgetting some important names, but I hope they know who they are - great friends who've enriched my life. Special mention to a dear friend who is no longer with us: Judy Schlueter - a classy lady who inspired us all. Salut!


  1. What a wonderful tribute you have done here Stacy. You have put into words so well, exactly what I feel about the wonderful friends and Authors that I have met through the loops.

    These friends are always there for us to lend support, a ear or shoulder, whatever we need. I hope to someday meet each and everyone of you. But in the meantime, please know that I am happy to have you and everyone else as friends.

    Hugs, Cryna

  2. Oh Stacy you are making me cry. That was so sweet of you. You have everyone pegged for their special gifts. You have been a treasure to me esp this past year when my life was so rough. Thanks for being their for me and everyone you touch. Hugs

  3. Great post! And I agree with you! Without the Internet I wouldn't have met so many people that I now consider friends even though we have never met and may never do so.


  4. Gosh dern it, I tried not to cry tears of joy while reading your very thoughtful and eloquent tribute to the reader fans of authors who've touched your life. But honey you must know you've touched quite a few yourself just being you! You have a VERY big way with words in expressing yourself in addition to the opinions you've offered on the many books from authors some may never have taken the time to get to know if not for your insightful prologues! I'm finding it so much fun reading your blog that keeps me coming back for more! Don't ever change a hair on that gorgeous head of yours, you hear me? Thanks for including me, however unnecessary it was, in your awesome tribute! You're beautiful!

    Hugs and Handshakes,

  5. Stacy, I have had a lot of the same sentiments and you put them into words so well! It's great to be involved with such a wonderful group of people. Thanks for the fantastic tribute:)


  6. A beautiful post to go with a beautiful site.
    I, too, am in awe when with a few keystrokes, I can "talk" to authors I admire.
    The internet is a wonderful place.

  7. Well said, my friend, well said!

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