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Thursday, May 17, 2007:
My dream home...
[I originally posted this over a year ago, and almost lost it when I updated the blog. Now I found it and have to wonder: what the hell was I drinking when I wrote this?!?! God, this is why I could never be taken seriously as a writer - eww! Note: comments in blue are my current thoughts on what I wrote back then. It's like looking at a picture of myself with an '80's hairstyle: totally cringe-worthy.]
Okay, I admit it: Sometimes I am a complete girly girl who fantasizea about living with her prince in a huge castle covered in diamonds and glowing with love (WTF?????). Sick, I know. I am a total romantic sap. I guess that shouldn't be too big of a surprise considering most of the books I read, but at the same time the dream feels a little outdated.

I don't mean outdated in the sense that true love is out of fashion because I don't believe that's true. I've seen too much evidence of the exact opposite (May '07: not lately I haven't). But I do believe that it's outdated and just plain wrong to settle for Mr. Right Now just to avoid being alone and/or having to pay the bills on my own. (Has Destiny's Child's "Independent Women" been a great learning tool or what?)

So maybe instead of my prince (gag), who is running a little late (hell he lost the directions so you know he ain't gonna show up now), I'm living there with my hottie harem who are all busy taking care of moi and my fancy digs. And knights. Lots and lots of knights, but they'd never wear their armor while I was around because then I couldn't see them (without their shirts). There, I feel much better now (uh not really).....

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Okay, granted these monstrosities would be hell to heat in the winter, but you just can't beat the view....and fall is my 2nd favorite season - those colors are just gorgeous, and they set off the aura of the castle so nicely.... (whatever)

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Can you imagine waking up every morning, anticipating the sight of this gorgeous mountain range? And those trees? If they weren't so beautiful, I'd want them all for Christmas trees, but that would be a heinous crime to nature (that's not the only crime going on here). Um, do you think there are vampires living up in those mountains? (If so, let them kill me now).

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I keep imagining Nessie would pop up here, in this mystical location where a Celtic castle nestles just a wee bit too close to the water.... (well, that might be kinda cool).

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Holy mists of Avalon! (Or Austria, or wherever this place is located). Just like something out of my childhood dreams. Look at all those rooms! Imagine all the books I could store there. Oh yes, my own private heaven. And I've always wanted to have a house with secret rooms, where no one could find me yet I would have access to this amazing labyrinth of which held great secrets and even greater technology - yes, my castle would be computerized, from the drawbridge right down to the lighting to set the mood and definitely an advanced plumbing system. No roughing it for this chickadee. (Okay, well maybe this doesn't sound so bad; in fact it actually makes a great deal of sense.)

So there you have it - my little fantasy mixed with a good old-fashioned fairy tale (aka the reason Stacy does. not. write. Is it Friday yet???)

P.S. For more fantasy homes, you might want to visit here
What's your idea of a dream home?
Have you ever visited a real castle?
Could you afford those heating bills?

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  1. My idea of a dream home is a cottage with a sauna, by the lake surrounded by trees.
    I have visited real castles in Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku and Savonlinna. However, the castles I visited in Helsinki and Savonlinna had been built with the defence of the towns and country in mind. Not very nice places to live in. And they all have some ghosts living in them according to the stories. And no, I couldn't afford those heating bills. And think of the renovations!

  2. My idea of a dream home is one that cleans itself. LOL Actually, I love minna's idea. Something nice and romantic and secluded.

    The only castle I've ever been to is Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. Don't know if that really counts, though.

    I have a fascination with castles and have the most beautiful coffee table book of world famous castles. I hope to see some of them in person some day.

    And no. I couldn't afford the heating bills!

  3. I LOVE castles!! I've never been lucky enough to visit one. Some time in the future, I hope.

  4. That reminds me of Neuschwanstein castle which was the inspiration for Cinderella's castle in Walt Disney World. I love castles and palaces as well.

  5. Hey! This is TOTALLY off subject, but Nathan Kamp is the model for Mary Reed McCall's new release, "The Templar's Seduction". It's HOT in a very subtle way. Like "Kiss of the Highlander". You just want to nibble on that jaw and those lips and, well, I need to stop because I'm sick and I shouldn't be having the thoughts I'm having because they'll lead me absolutely nowhere.

    Just thought I'd share! LOL

  6. Minna! I've been to Helsinki & Turku - loved it. I hope to go back one day :)

    Jenster, yes, I hate cleaning, so that would be perfect *g* And thanx for the rec. I'll look into it.

    Kelley, I love castles too. They seem soooo romantic.

    Mailyn! Missed ya. Yeah, I love the Cinderella castle. And some of those palaces, whoa. To live in such opulence - I don't think I'd have a problem with that!

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