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Monday, March 15, 2010:
Chicago Signing: Beth Kery, Shiloh Walker, Julie James & Joss Ware

Here's the first thing you see when you walk through the doors of the Barnes & Noble, located in Chicago on Webster. So pretty.....

Here's Beth Kery, author of one of my top favorite erotic romances of all time: Wicked Burn. She's so sweet, and much prettier than my blurry photo-taking skills would indicate. In my defense, I was using my phone to take the pictures, and it's not the best quality. But take my word for it, Beth is adorable.

I didn't notice this at the time I took the picture, but have to laugh at the sign above Julie James and Joss Ware: Bargain-priced top selections. Yeah, I'd have to agree - they are a bargain *g*

And here she is, the object of my "obsessive" stalking: Shiloh Walker! Ain't she just the cutest thing ever???? And she left me the sweetest message in my copy of Broken, which I would have taken a picture of to show you, but I ended up leaving my books in someone else's car and don't have them back yet, but they are not far from me, so if I get them back soon, I'll be sure to take a picture and show you all. She says the nicest things LOL.

It was a most fun Saturday, and I also got to meet some Twitter friends, like Colleen. Julie's adorable son Jackson was there, but I missed the opportunity to meet the brilliant Mr. James. Perhaps another time. I also missed seeing my pal Dani again. I got there around 3:30 and stayed the whole time. I figured if I'm going to drive into the city I'm going to make the most of it.

After the signing, we headed across the street to the Webster Wine Bar. (I did take a picture, but it was so dark in there it's hard to see after I downloaded it). I talked to Julie a little bit about her next book - her heroine owns a wine store and Julie did extensive, um, research for the book, which has now prompted me to find out more about wine. I never really cared all that much before, but it turns out Illinois has some decent wineries, plus I checked online and there are a gazillion wine-tasting events around the city and suburbs, some of them even free. So I think I'll be brushing up on my wine knowledge.

Shiloh's hubby was also in attendance. Gotta give the guy credit for listening to our chatter. He didn't talk much but you can just tell he's got some interesting thoughts and opinions, judging but the look on his face LOL. I'm sure being married to an author, he's heard it all.

Got exciting news from Joss: she's working on book #4! I won't give anything away, but I'm thrilled to pieces. It's going to also reveal a lot about another character who will be getting a story later on, and I can't wait for his story. It's going to be a doozy, I'm sure. And in Colleen Gleason news, she's got a new vampire series she's working on, so I'm tres excited about that. Keep those books coming, Joss/Colleen!

In other news, I have a interview with Beth to post, which will probably go up sometime this week. I'm looking forward to that. She was very patient with me, as I tend to ask really confusing questions, but I think we worked it all out.

So as you can see, I had a GREAT time. These ladies are 4 of my favorite authors, all auto-buys for me. And I'm looking forward to seeing them again later in the year for other signings. There's the Chicago Spring Fling, which I'll be attending, as well as the Lori Foster get-together, and RWA. It's going to be a fabulous year :)

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  1. What a fun day Stacy!!! Thank you so much for the pics!

  2. Ah, Stacy! What fun! thanks so much for posting the pics and sharing your experience. Looking forward to reading the interview with Beth.

  3. Hi Stacy, sorry we missed each other. I have a couple of pictures up on my Facebook page.

  4. Awesome post. This looks like a great time. Wish I was there.

  5. Looks andsounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I haz a jealous!!

    I was able to hang out with Julie, Colleen and Shiloh at nationals i DC this past summer and all these ladies were so much fun and lovely people. :)

  7. Sounds like such fun. Thanks for posting the pictures. Wish I could have been there.

  8. Thanks for posting pics Stacy. It must have been uberawesome hanging with them in the bar. I wish I was a fly on the wall to hear the conversations you guys had. Book #4in the works...YIPPEE!!!! I am glomming Shiloh (I love how she hides behind a book in all her pics) now and Julie James. I have to do some investigation of Beth though. I don't read many erotica books, so this will be different for me. Maybe I will see you at RWA this summer. Have a great rest of the day.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  9. I am extremely jealous! I wish Shiloh would make it to Oz, so I could do the mad fan stalk, love that woman's work!

  10. Ooh, thanks for the snaps! Fun.

  11. Great pictures Stacy. Isn't Shi the cutest thing? I loved Broken.

    Glad you had a great time.

  12. "Got exciting news from Joss: she's working on book #4!"

    Having just finished Beyond the Night Eternal (and posting my thoughts on it), that is exciting news and I'm so glad to hear it!!

  13. Mandi, anytime. It was a lot of fun.

    Marisa, you know I will always thank you for your rec of Wicked Burn. One day I hope to give you big hug for it :)

    Dani! So sorry I missed you! Julie or Beth mentioned you'd just left. I was so bummed.

    Lynette, these ladies are wonderful. So glad I know them:)

    Barbara, I love sharing these signings. Just wish y'all coulda been there.

    Kate, I bet you had a blast with them. Good times :)

    Liza, do you think you can attend the Chicago Spring Fling in April? I'm so excited - never been.

    Paula, going to the signings is nice, but hanging out and chatting is even better. I hope I get a chance to see you at RWA as well. That would be wonderful :)

    girrlit, Shiloh has been one of my faves for ages. She has such a distinctive style, and her writing gets to me everytime. I love that.

    Carolyn, be ready! This is gonna be you very, VERY soon!

    Judy, yes, Shi is so adorable, and it's cute to see her with her DH. I'm proud to be her stalker (as inadequate as I may be LOL)

    Kristie, I was worried, because several authors write 3 books for a series and a lot of times, that's it, finito. But Joss has at least one more. Yay!

  14. Stacy, I know I'll be at RWA, but not sure about the Spring Fling. I would really love to go, but need to check pricing first.

  15. OMG. I wish I could have been there, thank you so much for posting pics/commentary

  16. Color me so jealous! But it looks like you all had a great time.

  17. That you so much for the photos! What an amazing day!

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