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Tuesday, November 04, 2008:
T.V., a contest, and fulfilling your civic duty
Still catching up from being gone on my business trip (yeah, I'm slooooow) and it came to my attention that the winner of my 3rd prize, the $15 Starbucks giftcard, never got in contact with me. I checked email (including Spam) and the post comments, and nada. So I decided to have another contest for it.
This time it revolves around television. I'm all about t.v. shows right now, and want to know not only what is your favorite show, but why. Please leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner on Saturday, 5pm CST. Oh, I already know about "Heroes" and "Dexter". So please leave these 2 shows off the list. Give me something new please.
Speaking of t.v., I'm sure we're all anxious to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Today in the U.S. is a pretty big day, one that will be making history, so get out there and make yourself heard. If you're like me and didn't vote early, you'll be standing in line tonight. But that's okay. No excuses. Speak up now and....

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  1. Do you know Carnival ?
    I know it got cut short for monetary reason but the two season we had were amazing!
    Quite creepy (without being scary) and the time period is really interesting (just after the prohibition).
    It's really worth a try.....(

    Don't put me in the competition (live in England snif....)

  2. Chuck is one of my favorite shows on tv right now. It's a great spy show where the hero is the geek. I'm very worried that not enough people are watching since it came out right before the writer's strike last year. Chuck has mystery, romance, action, and comedy. Great all-around show.

  3. Favorite show ever? SportsNight. Excellent writing, fast paced dialog, touching stories, unexpected comedy and Felicity Huffman before she was a Desperate Housewife.

    Favorite show that's airing now? Huh. Toss up, Friday Night Lights, small Texas town, teen angst and hot boyz. Or Grey's Anatomy, microcosm of hospital drama, hot doctors doing all manner of things they shouldn't be and frankly, Patrick Dempsey being delicious.

    Although, I'd give Brothers & Sisters a close third to those two. I love that show!

    What can I say? I'm shallow.

  4. Pidute, I added Carnivale to my list. Sounds pretty cool, in a spooky kind of way.

    Liza, I've heard of Chuck, and it sounds like something I'd like. Adding it...

    Kati, I loved Sports Night! I wanted Felicity and whats-his-name to get together. I didn't watch it all the way through, but I enjoyed it immensely. And I think I need to check out Friday Night Lights. Good call :)

  5. I love Chuck!!!! Also Supernatural, Ugly Betty, Burn Notice, The Closer. The last two are in repeats but will return soon. Hope this helps ;)

    P.S. Your livejournal posting isn't working so I had to do this anonymous.

  6. My favorite show is still House, although my all-time fave is Deadwood (sniff!). And The Wire was flat-out phenomenal.

  7. A great idea for a contest. Of course I don't watch tv any longer so you can count me out! :)

  8. The TV show that got me hooked was Flashpoint. It was to air 13 episodes, but because it had such a huge following and is run by CTV and CBS as a joint venture - CBS wanted the last 4 episodes held back on both sides of the border until one of the fall shows loses out. Then they will bring it back and add an additional 13 episodes to it.

    If you missed it over the summer, it was well worth watching. I know that we can watch the aired episodes off the computer still, maybe you can get them there as well.

    Other than that I watch the Hockey games especially if my team is playing.........LOL

  9. I voted, and the line really was not very long where I'm at. It was early in the day though. As far as shows, I'm loving TRUE BLOOD on HBO. It's based on Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse/ Southern Vampire series. I think Alan Ball is doing a good job with the show, but it can be pretty graphic at times, in case that's not your thing. :)

  10. Dancing With the Stars is my fave right now. I love it. I like watching them dance.

  11. Best show ever? Firefly!

    Favorite show right now (besides the ones mentioned)? Gossip Girl. *runs and hides* It's a guilty pleasure, sure, but oh so entertaining. ;-) And Doctor Who - the new season starts on BBC America next week, I think.

  12. Probably one of my all-time favorite shows is Alias. A kick-butt heroine who does what she can, but wow. I *heart* JJ Abrams. The man is a TV making genius. :)

    As for what's on currently? I'm a big fan of Chuck for it's sheer escapism. I'm also totally into House Hunters on HGTV. I love seeing houses people look at and which one they end up choosing. I'm such a geek. :)

    And you can't go wrong with Buffy. Just sayin'. :)

  13. Burn Notice is awesome too! Snarky, sarcastic, but sexy hero? Sign me up! :D

  14. You know, I rarely watch TV now! I love alot of the earlier shows and watch alot of TV Land! And too Game Shows. I love DEAL OR NO DEAL. Its fun to watch! So that goes for my game shows!

    Since I don't watch much TV now, I do enjoy watching some of those Forestic shows, more of the real ones. So I watch FORESTIC FILES and too love HAUNTING EVIDENCE. They use paranormal specialist to help in the solving. So I'm going with that one for sure. Just had some great new shows on recently.

  15. There are so many I like, but one of them is Numb3rs. I like the interaction between the characters. And maths has never looked so good. *g*

  16. My favorite tv show of all is "24". I love Keifer Sutherland and he is a great sctor and very convincing in the role. I enjoy every single episode and am rivted to the screen with the action and excellent script. To me it is essential to be realistic and this show has it all. I also enjoy Morris, Chloe's ex. He is an amazing actor and person. Thanks for this great contest.

  17. Stacy,
    I e-mailed your e-mail address several times for the birthday contest #3 and never received a response. I did again today. Please check.Thanks.

  18. I don't watch a great deal of tv but when I find a show that is great I watch it each week. This happened with House. I think it is special, the acting and especially Hugh Laurie. He is able to project the image of a competent doctor and the episodes are unique. That one show is inspiring.

  19. I am selective about my choices on tv. But I must say that whenever The Commish was on I would always watch. The program was great, and the family portrayed interested me as well. I thought it was well done and all of the actors were able to capture the person extremely well.

  20. I watched Boston Legal every single week. Dylan McDermott was an excellent lawyer and the inter-relationships gripped me and he was gorgeous. I thought that the show was realistic and situations different and unpredictable.

  21. love law and order suv from teh beginging. love the acotors from teh begining. they are strong and vulerable at teh same time. very fast moving show and good story lines

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