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Sunday, November 09, 2008:
Someone's gettin' a Starbucks giftcard...
The winner of the favorite T.V. show contest is....dun dun dun...


Congrats! Please email me your snail mail addy to: and let me know in comments that you've sent me the info. Just a reminder that if I do not hear from you within one week from today's date (meaning by November 16th) I will draw a new name or hold a new contest for a new prize winner.
And to Anne, who won the last Starbucks giftcard, your's should go out in the mail tomorrow - it's been a hellacious week and then I was completely lazy this weekend, so keep an eye out for the mail...
Until next time....



  1. Congrats!!!

    Gosh. Lucky!

  2. Yay! And I didn't even realize it was a contest, I was just talking TV (and pushing Firefly, as always). So it's a double bonus because it was unexpected. :-D

  3. wtg winner

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