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Thursday, April 06, 2006:
"Willing" to win!

Okay, I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of Lucy Monroe. Emotional intensity is a really important part of my reading experience, and Lucy is an incredible storyteller who mixes romance, sensuality, and spirituality into each and every one of her books. She also gives so much back to readers with her positive attitude and passion for the work that she does. She is rather prolific, so don't be surprised to find that among her books are titles from the Harlequin Presents line, Kensington Brava and Zebra, Berkley Sensation. In addition, one book I am eagerly anticipating is her first contemporary paranormal, which is to be released in December 2006. Look here for more details......

Anyway, I decided when I set up this blog that I was going to have a few contests because I have been extremely fortunate as a reader to not only meet some of my favorite writers, but to also get the opportunity to review their books. And since what goes around comes around, I decided to have a contest to win a copy of "Willing". (Please keep in mind it is book 2 in a trilogy and while it does stand on its own, it's so much better read in order). Check out her website and the cool flash movie that goes along with it.

Soooo, how do you win? Well, it's going to be a random drawing, but I thought I'd get some feedback from you. What I am requesting is that you give me the name of a book and the author for a story that touched you. Maybe it made you cry. Maybe it stayed with you for days. Maybe you dreamed about being the heroine. Whatever. It doesn't have to be your favorite book, it just has to be a story that got a strong reaction out of you. I would also like a quick sentence as to why it affected you. Why, you ask? Well, because I might really like to read that story. So share your story with me, and enter to win a copy of the excellent story, "Willing".

If you have already been lucky enough to read "Willing" when it first came out, I also have an extra copy of Edwina Columbia's "Mistress in Training".

For those of you who may not have met Eddie, she was at Lori Foster's reader/writer get-together last June and was an absolutely delightful person to chat with - very friendly and entertaining. I am so excited for her because I feel like a met a friend that day and to see her dream become a reality is just so much fun (more books, more books!) The romance-writing community is very lucky to have her as one of their own. I am really looking forward to her next story, and I believe I already know what it is ;)

So there you have it - two chances to win. I will pick a winner on Wednesday, April 12th, from those who participate, and will do my best to mail it out by Good Friday. Oh, and this contest is not limited to just those in the U.S. So please, share a favorite story with me, and take the chance to win not just one, but two wonderful stories. As readers, you can't possibly convince me that you have enough books in your tbr pile :)

4/12/06: Update! I have the winners :) They are, for "Willing": Dannyfiredragon! And for a copy of "Mistress in Training": Lidia! I would also like to say a huge "thank you" to the fabulous and gracious Lucy Monroe and the funny and entertaining Eddie Columbia for writing such wonderful books - they make me want to share :)

Everyone, thanx for playing, and stay tuned for future contests!


  1. Hey Stacy--

    Interesting topic.

    For me two books come to mind and surprisingly they are by the same autho Elizabeth Berg.

    The first book is called TALK BEFORE SLEEP and it's about the power of women's friendships. It's about women who become unlikely friends and the power of their friendship thru the years. I have read this book several times thru the years and it never failes to move me in some way.

    The second book is called RANGE OF MOTION and is also by Elizabeth Berg. This one is about a married couple and how deep love can bee. The husband is struck by gigantic icle while walking outside his office one day and winds up in a coma. His wife stands by his side through the many months ahead and believes he will recover when everyone around her gives up hope as the months pas. In addition to the husband and wife the author also tells of the couples friends and extended family and shows how time and not knowing what to say or do through a difficult time makes people drift apart.

    Both of these books are very well written and are two of my all time favorites.

  2. Okay...I'd *love* to win Eddie's book, so here's my answer:
    The Dare by Susan Kearney made me cry. It was fabulous. A story about a computer who has a serious crush on a futuristic warrior and becomes human. It's very good!

  3. The book that had the most impact on me was one by Debbie Macomber called Between Friends. It shows how friendship can survive even when two people are from different social standings. It is a book on strengths and courage and how one can endure so much and still remain friends.

  4. Stacy, I just read over on the loop where you said to state which book you would like and I neglected to do that. I would like Lucy's book if I was lucky enough to win. Thanks.

  5. The story that comes readily to mind is Under Your Spell by Shiloh Walker in Ellora Cave's Hot Spell anthology. The emotions are heartrenderingly intense (trust me, you will need to have tissues at hand) and one of those stories I simply had to finish in one sitting. I feel for the hero even though he was at fault. If you like a fuller length story, Her Best Friend's Lover is also a good choice for emotional intensity.

    The book I like to win is Willing by Lucy Monroe.

  6. I'm going back quite a few years for the book that touched me...there have been many since then, but this was an early one. Jude Deveraux's "Wishes" was a book that made me cry. I felt so many emotions for Nellie, everyone so unkind to her and took advantage of her kindness. Until, Jace came into her life and saw immediately that she was a truly good person. I just absolutely loved this book.
    I would like Edwina Columbia's book! I fortunately have Lucy's book which helped to make my choice easier.

  7. I recently read Laura Leone's Fallen From Grace and this book runs the gamut of emotions from tender love to outrage to disbelief and then some. I would be feeling so good about the relationship between the hero and the heroine and the next thing I knew I was crying my eyes out finding out how the hero had been treated in his past, then I couldn't believe the way he was currenty being treated by a woman who supposedly loved him. This book is full of gut-twisting emotion and one of the best books I've read in years.

  8. Hi Stacy,

    also I am an very emotional person, there are very few books that moved me to tears and one of them was "Born in Sin" by Kinley Macgregor.

    Please enter my name in the drawing for Lucy's books. This series sounds really terrific.

  9. Wow these are really great responses! I don't think I've read any of those books except for Jude Deveraux's(grew up on her books and still love them today)

  10. Great question Stacy! I'm enjoying the answers (like I need more books to read!)
    Books that really touched me were written by Karen Kingsbury. She is a Christian author and I would recommend all of her books! Her September 11 books were very emotional and the Redemption series touched every possible emotion.

  11. Great contest and topic!

    The book that really touched me emotionally and has stuck with me was Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson. I loved this book and still re-read it today. The touching historical story is about a young woman who has lived a solitary life and has been misunderstood for entire life because of an affliction and the man who marries her because of guilt over his brother's actions toward her. I don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't read it, but the hero comes to understand her affliction and helps her to connect to the real world. The characters truly heal each other.

    It is hard to explain why exactly I was touched by the story and why it has stuck with me for so long. I just felt for the heroine so much and was touched by the love that grows between the two main characters and the gentleness of the hero. I loved this book and still vividly recall passages. I highly recommend this book for anyone who hasn't read it.

    Since I have Lucy's book, I would love to win Edwina Columbia's "Mistress in Training".

  12. the pirate and the pagan , virginia henley , i read that so long ago, and have since reread it at least 5 times.
    she is so strong and a survivor

  13. crazy wild by Tara Janzen...........there are several scenes that tell of the murder of one of a group of's chilling and heartbreakingly sad, i cry every time i read this........there are 3 other books in series but this one "hurts" you and leaves a lump n your throat...........Emma

  14. For me it would have to be "Lord of Scoundrels" by Loretta Chase. I can't keep track of the number of times that I have re-read it.

    It is a historical but in many respects both highly emotional as well as funny.

    Sebastian is a self-loathing hero. He is half Italian and looks it -- dark skin, long nose. Because of that he feels like an outcast in many respects. Jessica, is a strong heroine that is not scared to admit to lustful thoughts. Quite unusual for that time.

    Even though this was written years ago, I still find copies of it in the bookstores -- I think that it has been re-printed.

    I already have Lucy's book so I would like "Mistress in Training" if I win.

  15. One of my favorite books is CLOUD NINE by Luanne Rice. Sarah Talbot has been through a long battle with cancer, but is finally healthy again. She decides to set things right with her difficult father and runaway son. She hires a local pilot to fly her to the family island off the coast of Maine, and he eventually proves to be her soul mate. This book deals with a lot of complex family issues, and it made me just cry buckets. Very much a roller coaster ride for your emotions. This was my introduction to Luanne Rice, and I immediately went out and scooped up all of her other work. She has such insight into family dynamics.

    If I should win, I would like Eddie's book. Miss Lucy is an autobuy for me, so I already have WILLING.


  16. Hi Stacy,

    I recently read LORD OF TEMPTATION by Paula Quinn, and I was completely consumed by the story. It is a beautiful and passionate historical. It is about a spirited young woman named Gianelle. She has been a slave since birth and only desires her freedom. Then, she meets Lord Dante Risande. He stirs feelings inside Gianelle that she never knew existed. He is strong and breathtakingly handsome, but it is his kindness that proves a temptation to great to resist. This book made me laugh, cry, and stay up reading until dawn. It has a proud place on my keeper shelf, and I would recommend it to any romance reader.

    Please enter me for Willing by Lucy Monroe. I just love her!

  17. I am impressed with these responses. I've added lots of new books to my list. Thanx everyone :)

    Since I go into work rather early, I won't be able to draw the winners until tomorrow evening, so I'll give it until 5:30 pm CST.

  18. Stacy,
    Thank you! I just read that I am one of the winners.

    If you need any personal information to send me the book, please email me at: -- THANKS AGAIN!

  19. Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy your books.

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