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Tuesday, April 04, 2006:
The woman behind the Vamp (or Scamp?) who is Dianne Castell

During my reading journey, I have been lucky enough to meet some of my favorite authors over the last few years. One of them is Dianne Castell, who has written such wonderful stories as the "Forty and Fabulous" series: "Fabulous Wife", "Fabulous Husband", and "Fabulous Wedding". One thing I've learned about Dianne is that she is just as genuine and as spunky as her stories. This sweet and sassy lady took the time to answer some of my questions, and respond in her unique "Dianne" way. You just gotta love her and her fun outlook on life. And if you've never read a book by Dianne Castell, you are in for a treat. Her stories are sexy, funny, and full of life. Here she is to talk a little bit about a day in her life....

SA: Dianne, your 40 and Fabulous series deals with love, romance and sex for those not in their 20's anymore. I think it was a very empowering message, one that is extremely positive. Do you see more authors writing similar stories, and how do you feel about reading stories involving older characters? Do you think younger readers can relate to these stories?

Dianne: I love writing characters of all ages. In my Brava series the dad, Rory, is 52 and has a baby daughter and is involved with a 38 year old gal.
In the last of this series, I'll Be Seeing U, the hero is 33 and the heroine is 40.
Love is blind to age and people of all ages fall in love. What fun stories, and I so enjoy writing them!

SA: Peeps, an obsession. Or maybe it's a love story. How long have they been a part of your life and how are they served best?

Dianne: Best served stale!!!! I've loved Peeps since I snitched them from my kids' Easter baskets when the kids were little. It's a fast sugar high. What could be better. Beats carrots by a mile! :-) and they come in colors! Gotta love the colors!

SA: What is it with you and Maypoles anyway????

Dianne: the maypole is this big pole in my back yard that's draped in ribbons and when I'm in a good mood I dance and swing on it in my pink cowboy hat and sing Toby Keith songs. (SA: I adore Toby Keith!) It makes me happy. You'll have to come over sometime! :-) We'll eat peeps together! (SA: Dianne, I am sooo there!)

SA: You are an animal lover and have even included them in your stories. How do you feel about reading a story with animals, and what makes them so special? I know your cat Pixie has a special place in your heart - have you/would you include him in one of your stories?

Dianne: In The Way U Look Tonight (Brava) I have a stray cat that the heroine finds, I named the cat Dusty after Judy F's cat who passed away last year. (Note: Judy F. is a special person and a dear friend whom we all adore. She posts regularly at the Scamps and Vamps group. Dianne, what a touching tribute). The O'Fallons (the family in the Brava series) has a big yellow mut dog named Max. He gets shot saving the baby. I loooove animals. I think all romance readers love animals...we are a loving and kind bunch of people! (Amen, sister!)

SA: How does your family feel about your writing, and what do you think of those people who call romance novels the devil's work?

Dianne: My family loves that I write romance. They are artsy-fartsy and have never fit into a mold and don't expect me to either. My kids skip the sex scenes when they read my books. They are of the belief that the stork brought them! :-)

SA: Who are some of your favorite authors? Which ones got you interested in writing, and inspire(d) you?

Dianne: Janet Evanovich is one of my fav authors because she makes me laugh out loud. I loooove to laugh. I love Lori Foster for her books and the terrific friend she is to me. I owe her a lot! I truly love the gals on the Scamps and Vamps loop! Not only are they wonderful authors they are also great friends.

SA: You adore country singer Alan Jackson, carrying his cut-out whenever there's a booksigning. What qualities do you like about Alan? What other men do you admire and why? What qualities do you look for in your heroes? What qualities do you admire in your dh?

Dianne: Alan is a genuine guy. I don't think I've heard anything bad about him and that matters to me. I really hate jerks! Guys who think they are God's gift to mankind or womankind make me ill. There's that old question who'd you like to be on a deserted island with? For me that would be my dh. He's one of those guys who always save the day. Give him a pocket knife and he's carve a boat and get us off that island! My heroes are like that...resourceful, fun, smart.

SA: The romance industry seems like a very supportive community. How did you get your start in the business? What goals have you set for yourself and your writing?

Dianne: Goals...get the next book done! :-)
I got into writing because I looooove reading romance so I thought...why not? I've been thinking up stories all my life now I get to write hot sexy ones and meet all you wonderful readers along the way. What a terrific job!!

SA: From your website you indicate you enjoy gardening (me, too). What other things do you enjoy doing when you're not writing? What gets you motivated and excited to face each day?

Dianne: I love to get in my car, crank back the sunroof, turn on the country western station and sing at the top of my lungs. Too bad it scares the poop out of other drivers. :-)

SA: Who are some of your favorite authors? When you manage to find a few free moments, what are you currently reading?

Dianne: I'm reading Shiloh Walker's books right now. Very hot!! (SA: I'll say! I love Shiloh's books too. Her Hunter series is awesome!) Plus I love Shi. What a neat gal!

SA: What would you like your readers to know about you? What are your hot buttons, meaning the topics you love to talk about?

Hot older cowboys. I can't do the young studs 'cause I have a son that age. I love going to the movies and talking movies! What's good, what's bad. I love the theater. We're going to see Wicked and I'm so excited. Think I'll paint my face green...and sing more county western songs!

SA: If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?

Dianne: Going nuts. I honestly cannot imagine not writing. I have no idea what I would do. I'll be dreaming up stories till I kick the bucket!

SA: You love "Desperate Housewives", and you were lucky enough to meet James Denton. What other guilty pleasures will you admit to?

Dianne: Eating junk food. I really love junk food. Give me a Coke and chocolate cake and I'm in hog heaven. I like driving fast...have the tickets to prove it. I loooove to shop. I love to redecorate my home and make it pretty. Having a pretty house is important to me. My house isn't big but it looks nice...except for my office. We will not talk about my office. UGH!

Stacy: Thanx Dianne! You're a peach :)

Dianne: Honey, you are the peach! I am honored to know you. What a terrific friend you are. Hug! D

(SA::blushing profusely:: Right back atcha, Dianne!)


  1. You've done it again! Another great interview. Dianne is right, you are a peach!

  2. Stacy, another great interview. You do them so well, and they are always a pleasure to read.

    You are an awesome person to bring these interviews to us. Thank you.

  3. awwww.... thanks Dianne and Stacy... *blush*

    Stacy, i like your blog lay out.

    Dianne, the peeps fetish is daughter loves them. you two would hit it right off.

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