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Monday, February 14, 2011:
Happy Dean Day!
For those of you who are not a fan of Valentine's Day, or who just think Jensen Ackles is incredibly hot, today is the 2nd annual DEAN DAY!!!!

Intense eyes and that sexy mouth. What woman could resist????

He might be a little rough around the edges, and completely off his rocker at times, but the love he has for his family, most notably his brother Sammy, makes him all the more irresistible.

Here he is, scruffy and cleaned up. Dangerous combination....

Can never have too many Dean pics...and really, what more do you need that a visual of a really hot sexy guy to make your day???

Such a good-looking guy, no matter what he's wearing....

I am so freakin' sad this is the last season of SUPERNATURAL! It's been an incredible road trip these last 6 years with Dean and Sammy, the sadness, the death, the fun, the sexiness, the emotion, the betrayals, the reunions, the lips, the violence, and that awesome car....

I heart you Dean!!!!

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  1. God I love that first pic! Those eyes. I'm sad it's the last season too. I'm going to miss Dean.

  2. I love the pics you found-they are so much better then mine!!! Happy Dean Day!

  3. Crimmeny..give me a heart attack, girl. Have me swooning all over the place with those pics. LOVE THEM! XD

    Can't get enough! ;)

  4. Happy Dean Day! What great pics you posted. Sighs. He looks so good. The perfect thing for a Monday morning.

  5. Since I'm single, Valentine's Day is just another Hallmark holiday to me. Much prefer to celebrate Dean Day!

    Happy Dean Day everyone!

  6. Great way to start the day! off to check out more yummy Deanness!

  7. Great pics, Stacy! I can't believe it's the last season. *sob*

  8. These are some amazing shots of the close ups of those eyes (and of course that mouth!)...thanks for this great post, and Happy Dean Day!

  9. WOOO HOOO!! Happy yummy DEAN DAY!!!
    Loving it all!

  10. Happy Dean day! :D

  11. I have had a crush on Jensen Ackles for like ever! So hot.

  12. I haven't heard anything about this being the last season - Jim Beaver (Bobby) said that season 7 had a chance.

    But I do love me some Dean. Got incredibly hooked on that series.

  13. Also, to quote The Dean: "Happy Unattached Drifter Christmas everybody!"

  14. Great pictures. Thank you

  15. That photo of Dean's lower face...WOW!

  16. I've never watched an episode of Supernatural, but I do love staring at... um, ogling... um, appreciating Jensen Ackles' beauty. ;)

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