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Thursday, October 21, 2010:
Winner of the charity donation!

13. Stephanie D.

Congrats Stephanie! I will email you since you selected 2 different charities that you are involved in so you can pick which one I should make the donation to.

Let me tell you, this post really left me feeling pretty good. It's nice to do a little something for a cause in need of help. Thank you all for commenting and naming a charity near and dear to your heart. Love you guys and your generous hearts :)

21. Modokker
18. SpazP
2. Diana (book of secrets)
23. Loretta Canton
26. Crystal GB
1. Barbara
20. Bells
9. donnas
3. Lori
10. Natasha A.
12. Danielle
6. Moonsanity
8. LSUReader
15. cories5
7. Maureen
14. Barbara E.
25. Smash Attack
24. Jen M.
11. Jane
4. Dev
16. Estella
5. Tori
22. Lynette
17. The Book Pimp Blogs
19. Scorpio M.
27. joder



  1. Congrats Stephanie!

  2. Congrats Stephanie!

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