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Wednesday, November 19, 2008:
Wonderful Wednesday: Simon Baker
There is an exception to every rule. I totally have a thing for guys with dark hair,
and never really cared for blond guys, but Simon here is my exception.
Sure, there are others, but Simon is unquestionably
my favorite.
I just really like this picture...
something about those eyes...
Those smoldering eyes, and I don't know about you, but I'd really
love to run my fingers through his hair.
This is from "The Ring 2" and he looks a little
goofy but still adorable
Swoon...just look at that smile...
Do you have a favorite type?
Is there someone who's the opposite of your
favorite type totally flip your switch?

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  1. Ahhhhh - Simon Baker!! Isn't he gorgeous? I discovered him in The Guardian and I've been all gooey over him ever since :)
    I don't have a favourite type per say, but one that I melt over which is surprising to me, is Nicolas Archambault, one of the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. He has a mohawk, a number of piercings including his eyebrow, tattoos. Normally those kinds of things are such a turn off - but on him they just work and I can't seem to get enough of the show.

  2. I like the big, brawny type. The, you know, Jeffrey Dean Morgan type. LOL!

    But I also love a bad boy. I don't want to marry a bad boy, but I'd love to have a really hot weekend with one. :wink:

    As for hair color and eyes, dark hair and doesn't matter what color eyes. But there are the occasional blonds too, say Jason Lewis from SaTC. He's delicious. And Josh Holloway from LOST. But mostly, darker hair.

    As for Simon Baker, I love him. He's got such an awesome accent and those bedroom eyes. He was terrific in The Devil Wears Prada and in Something New too.

  3. I lurve Simon. Simon, Simon, Simon.
    That's all I am interested in at the moment.

  4. Yes he is very good looking. Usually I like dark haired men too.

  5. Personally... I like blonds. But ascetically, I can admire just about anyone :)

    I don't even know what hero I'm on anymore. My life is tangled LOL!

  6. Simon is very easy on the eyes. He's not my normal type. I am usually more of a tall dark and handsome girl, but having said that I have always been a bit partial to redheads.

  7. Ooh, i like him. I love his grin. Last night's Mentalist was great.

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