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Friday, November 21, 2008:
A week of nothing


Oh I love this time of year. Not because it's Thanksgiving, though that's very nice, and definitely not because of the weather (I'd rather be in Aruba), but because every year I take this week off to do whatever: Christmas shopping, writing out cards, catching up on books and movies, and even sometimes taking a small trip. In the past I've taken a cruise (around Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands) and I've gone to Vegas twice. This year I'm settling in and taking it easy. It's about nothing.

Are you someone that can be lazy, or do you always
have to be doing something productive?
What's your favorite way to be lazy -
watching t.v., napping, twittering?

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  1. I completely appreciate lazy. I don't get to be lazy often, but when I do I read. If I'm really lazy and the kids aren't around then I nap.

    Have fun on your week off - you deserve it!

  2. Well I can't say that I deserve it but I'm definitely going to take advantage of it :)

  3. I'm the kind of person who would love to be lazy but it just doesn't happen. Especially this time of year. I told my hubby once that my ideal vacation would be somewhere warm where I could just do nothing. That is my definition of paradise.

    Have a great week off, Stace!!! Do nothing for me too?? ;p

  4. I'm taking the week of Christmas off, Stacy for the exact same thing. I'll do a little cleaning, and a lot of relaxing and reading! I hope you have a fantastic week off! Enjoy every moment of it.

  5. Og, I'm soooo jealous!! I wish I could take the week off. *pouting*

    I am going to take Wed off, however. So we can brave the freeways and drive up north to the inlaws. So not looking forward to it. (the drive, not the inlaws!) First time in about 15 years, I haven't cooked. Now THAT, I'm looking forward to!

    I love being a lazy bum. I'm a reader/napper, cause I so seldom get the time to do nothing.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. I would love to take a week off and have nothing to do. I always have something to do if I'm off work.

    My favorite lazy time is napping, reading, and watching tv.

    Hope you have an awesome time off!

  7. I definitely appreciate a lazy day. My favorite way to spend it is a tie between reading or watching movies with my niece and nephew.

  8. Why do you think I am a teacher? I get the chance to be lazy every summer! OK, maybe not, but I do love a lazy day, weekend, or week. Reading, napping, cooking fun stuff just for me. I love it.

    Hope you get to enjoy each mazy minute of your time off.

  9. Stacy-

    Sounds wonderful. I took Friday off and did nothing. My one day was great I can imagine what a whole week would be like.....funny though that week will go by so fast for you. Doesn't seem quite fair that the weeks off go by so fast.Oh well hope you get a lot done....or nothing at all whatever you choose. have fun.

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