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Tuesday, March 29, 2011:
Ups & Downs...and ups!

Hello! I missed you guys! And my blog. I can't believe I've ignored you for so long. Okay, yes I can. I've been in a selfish mood and really haven't felt like making an effort. But that is done. I am tired of being sad about things I cannot control. Not to say I won't relapse from time to time, but there are other things, fun things to get excited about. So I will. Let's see, what's been going on:

- Weight: I have lost a total of 13 pounds since December. I keep wondering why not more, since I sweat my ass off at the gym 4-6 times a week and eat fairly healthy and drink a gallon of water a day. It's muscle, isn't it??? But as long as it stays off, I should be content, right?

- Job: I now work in downtown Chicago. Weird, because I never wanted to commute. Still don't, not really, but so far it's been rather fun. I am so looking forward to nicer weather and exploring the city more. And meeting some new people.

- Makeover! Okay, I haven't had one, but I intend to. Now that I'm working on being kinda cute, I need to look the part. I plan on going on a shopping spree and totally, okay partially, change how I look. I would love to get purple streaks in my hair, but I don't think my employer would be too thrilled with that though ;p

- Attitude: I'm getting one! I have been a mopey rag for far too long, and now I'm ready to be "me" again. Not to say that I didn't learn something while I was dealing with some personal stuff, because I sure did. And sometimes being proven right isn't all it's cracked up to be. But whatever. The main thing is not to lose yourself or to try to change for any other reason than you want to. I tend to be a people pleaser and really, it's not worth it most of the time. So time to get my bitch on.

- Books: I'm reading again. Go me! Finished Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy, which was dark, BDSM'y, yet whimsical. The last book draaagged for me, but overall, not a bad series.

- Music: obsessed with Silversun Pickup's Panic Switch. "Waitng and fading and floating away". Right now those words sum up some feelings I've had.

And now it's time to enjoy life again! Got a lot going on in the next few weeks. Meeting new friends for the first time in person, reading some great books, touring the seamier side of Chicago ;)

What's going on in YOUR world?



  1. Go Stacy!! I'm so happy to hear you're spirit is up and at it again! WTG on the 13 pound, I often relapse these days in comfort eating. Not the best thing to do and I try the hardest to keep gaining any pound by walking and cycling a lot.

    I LOVE make overs, get a new hair-do, some new make up and clothes. Feeling feminine and good about yourself. It's a great boost for one's self :)

    It's good to get out of the woodworks with some attitude and new resolutions. BTW, I read book one in Rice's BEAUTY series and was so, shocked I suppose. I still need to read book 2 and 3...

    Have a great day Stacy ;)

  2. ppffff okay, here we go. It just isn't my day today *throws hands in the air in defeat* Okay, of course I don't try to keep gaining pounds, I try to keep them off by walking and cycling *sigh*

  3. Glad you have a positive outlook!! Be proud of those 13 pounds..that is awesome!!!! :)

  4. Welcome back!! You've been missed :)

  5. Stacy!!! You go girl, I was wondering how you were doing.

    Now I have to get my butt moving to lose weight.

  6. Go Stacy! I'm pretty sure I've gained the 13 pounds you lost. However, that is all about to change when I start running again. :)

    You have to post a picture once you do your make over. So fun! You could even do the purple streaks in the bottom layer of your hair. You could hide most of it for work.

    Glad you are reading again. I went through a no reading phase last year and it took me forever to get out of my funk.

    FYI, I would love to come to Chicago soon. Need to figure out my travel budget. Pretty sure I'm going to do RT next year in Chicago, but hope to get there before next year.

  7. Just started the gym. 13 pounds is awesome and yeah I bet you have built up a lot of muscle. Do you keep track of inches lost? I need a makeover too. Well, maybe just a trim. Kind of scared to do any drastic cutting. But I am about to change my pink to blue. (I have 3/4 of my hair pink)

    I enjoy the blog!

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