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Friday, April 17, 2009:
My TBR pile a.k.a. why I need to read faster!
I just started reading this one, a sexy romance by one of my new favorite authors, Beth Kery. It has some paranormal elements to it, but nothing outrageous, and I can already tell it's going to be incredibly hot (fanning self). Let's just say that Hope's and Ryan's encounter, where Ryan dreams they touch for the first time, is intense. Day-umn.

Another thing I really love about this book is like Wicked Burn, it talks about Chicago and some of the city's rich history, which I've recently started to become almost obsessively interested in. I figure after living her for nearly 18 years, it's about time I discovered all the great things, both well-known and somewhat obscure, about this fascinating city that is so close to being my home, and one I love dearly.

And for those who are interested in possibly winning a copy of this new erotic romance, Beth is having a special Daring Time contest going on until May 8th. Also, I will be giving a copy away around that time, so stay tuned....

Jill Shalvis, you rock my world. No, really, it's true.

I was so excited that I managed to snag a copy of the next installment in her "Instant" trilogy, and it's all thanx to Jill. And, if you've ever had the pleasure of visiting her blog, you know how much crazy fun this cookie-obsessed chicka is. Reading her daily antics, embellished or not, and seeing what Alpha Man, Mountain Barbie and the rest of Jill's gang are up to is definitely one of the blogging highlights of my day.

So when Jill was asking for reviewers for Instant Gratification, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I gamely offered up my meager reviewing skills for a shot at more yummy goodness like only Jill can do. It promises to be another wonderful story, I just know it. She keeps getting better and better, and the last one, Instant Attraction, has been my favorite Shalvis novel to date. And that's pretty impressive because I didn't think any book would surpass my Brody love. He's still numero uno, but he's got competition. So this is a shout-out to Miss Jill for always giving readers more of what we want.

I probably would never have noticed this book if I hadn't read some glowing comments about this debut novel by author Jennifer Haymore. So when RNTV sent out their most recent list of books to review, this was one of the books I chose. The fact that it's a historical doesn't hurt either, since I've been gobbling them up like potato chips lately.
The premise is about a woman who lost her husband to war, and after grieving for years, finally found love again with another man, only to have her supposedly deceased husband return home, wanting her back. Sounds like a tearjerker, to be sure, and it reminded me of the beloved story, Twice Loved, I read many years ago by the amazing writer LaVyrle Spencer. I'm curious to find out how this one plays out.

I saw this book at Barbara's blog, and the author, Sophie Renwick (aka Charlotte Featherstone), was looking for reviewers. It helps to be at the right place at the right time. This one is a June release, and my first book by Charlotte/Sophie. But it sounds wonderful, like my kinda story, and after reading some of the reviews for Charlotte's story, Addicted, I figured I was in for a real treat from a talented writer.

Plus, the cover is uber sexy with just some hot guy's half-nekkid torso for inspiration. That way he can look like anyone who currently flips my switch and won't distract me by having me imagining the face of some cover model instead of my own fantasy guy. Plus I do love those erotic romances. This is a June release.

[Note: I have to confess that I've been very blessed with the books I get to read, and I am deeply appreciative that authors have asked me to review for them. Reading is my most beloved pastime, hobby, vice, you name it. So it means a lot when someone values my output. And a sincere thank you to those who've sent me books for review. I hope to return the favor by paying it forward.]
Last but not least, I have listed the first full-length story in Kresley Cole's immensely popular paranormal series. Many people have loved these books and continuously raved about them, yet I don't think it was until I read a random Twitter comment made by Ana from the Booksmugglers that I finally decided to read the novella, and was totally blown away by it. I felt that wonderful thrill of excitement because I finally got it, that this was a series that stood out. It was fresh, alive, and immensely interesting. I immediately wanted more of what Kresley was dishing out. But since I have several books up for review, all books that I actually want to read, mind you, then I have to behave for a little while. But that's okay. I can wait. Right now I am in book heaven, and plan on savoring each one as it so richly deserves.

What's at the top of your TBR list?



  1. Um, Stace, we need to talk about you shipping me some books! ;o)

    I'm dying to read Under Fire by Jo Davis, that's first and foremost on my TBR list. Plus, I need to contrive a way to get someone I know to buy Lover Avenged and loan it to me. I refuse to pay for it in HC, but damn, I want to know what happens. LOL! I'm pathetic.

  2. who would have thought ghost sex would be so hot?
    Don't get me started on Lover Avenged. :( I have heard some interesting things about that book, and not all good.

  3. I really liked Instant Attraction--it was my first Jill Shalvis. Who is this Brody character and which Shalvis book can I find him in?! :)

  4. Kati: A little birdie is sending me "Under Fire", and I've been instructed to send it to you. If I get it before May 4th, I'll even hand deliver it since I'm going to be in D.C. that week.

    Kate: Ghost sex turns out to be super hawt! I'm waiting for LA in paperback. I will get it, but I can wait.

    Mollie: Brody gives me shivers. He's in her Sexy trilogy. I liked seeing him in all 3, which helps to give the full affect of his yumminess, but the last one, Superb & Sexy, is his story.

  5. If I get it before May 4th, I'll even hand deliver it since I'm going to be in D.C. that week.Um, and maybe the Jill Shalvis? And the Beth Kery? ::begging::

    Let's definitely get together the week of the 4th! Maybe we can scandalize another waiter! ;o)

  6. Good Morning Stacy!

    "Daring Time", IMHO is an awesome read! I know I couldn't put it down. I hope this was communicated in the review I posted a while back.

    I have "Instant Attraction", by Jill Shalvis in my TBR and am looking forward to the read.

    This weekend I'm hoping to finish Julie James' two books and start a paranormal. I just have to stay away from the computer for the weekend. lol

    Warm Regards

  7. I picked up Lover Eternal last night for a re-read. And it’s been a while since I’ve read it so it’s been nice revisiting :o)

    Kati I’ll loan you my copy Lover Avenged (once I get it) since I really do owe you one :o)

  8. Ohhhh, interesting books are a-coming :) I like the first one...sounds very interesting!

    Don't get me started on Lover Avenged. :( I have heard some interesting things about that book, and not all good.GULP! *whispers* Noooooooooo!

    Kati - I'm utilizing my library for this as I won't buy a hardback with all the others in paperback. It's just wrong!

  9. Hi Stacy!
    My TBR is out of control, really. I think I have over 200 books waiting to be read, and really... who can resist some the temptation of new releases? Let's see... I'm reading Blue Diablo right now (going to read your review in a minute), then I've got about 10 books that I've been dying to read, but just don't have enough time to read these days. One of them is definitely Practice Makes Perfect, though! :wink: Thank you! :)

    I may even make a post about my TBR pile and take a vote as to what I should read next. Hmm.

  10. Oops! Nice grammar, huh? :giggle: Hey... it's Saturday morning and I just started my first cup of coffee. ;o)

  11. Okkaaay.. so there is no review of Blue Diablo. LOL! That's what happens when you skim posts on your iPhone. You make stuff up. ;p

    Great guest post by Ann Aguirre, though! :)

  12. Daring Time is definitely one of them. Let's see what else - I just put in a order at Chapters - what did I order again? Just a sec - OK - got it
    The Countess Takes a Lover by Bonnie Dee
    An Indecent Proposition by Emma Wildes (and guess where I got the NEED to read this book from???)
    The Wolf's Heart by Jenna Leigh
    Fire at Midnight by Lisa Marie Wilkinson

  13. Oh I can't wait for Instant Gratification!

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