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Thursday, May 20, 2010:
JA Saare: Undead....
Welcome to part 2 of my interview with lovely author JA Saare. She sure ended that last part with some rather wild revelations, didn't she? Did not see that coming. For those of you who haven't read the book yet, be sure to stop by once you have read it to find out the scoop :)

So anyway, let's find out what else Jaime has to say....

S~ Tell us a little about your naughty alter ego, Aline Hunter. What can we expect from "her" books? When can we expect her books?

Jaime: Aline Hunter came about because I do write naughtier stuff. It's funny, actually. I assumed I could write things under J.A. Saare that were a bit, how should I say, smutty? Unfortunately, people enjoy reading offerings that are at least similar in nature, and as I want to write urban fantasy and PNR/erotic romance, it seemed the best route to go. You can expect wet kittens and straining roosters, for one. You can also expect romance, a large cast of characters, and stories that are intertwined. The first book under the pen, Eternity and a Day, releases July 6th at Loose Id and is a paranormal romance with splices of Greek mythology. If you like the usual -- vampires, werewolves, witches -- mixed with the unusual -- dragons, liches, sidhe -- I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy. I'm also creating some contemporary erotic romances that I hope to share under the pen name.

S~ Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between was set in New York City. Are you personally familiar with the city? Were you able to go there for "research" purposes?

Jaime: Oh.My.God. Nightmare. Writing Dead was one of the hardest things I've ever done for that reason alone. I have never been to NYC. Not once. In fact, I almost considered relocating the story as learning the geography was such a pain in the rear, and I was constantly referring to maps. Travel in the big city is insane, and you have to be absolutely certain you're taking the right train, subway, bus, etc. Then, there was the ultimate -- learning the layout of the New York Public Library. All I can say is Ty (the man who single handedly took me through the entire city via phone and maps), I LOVE you.

S~ Free time: who has it? But between writing and family, how do you spend your time? What are some of your guilty pleasures? T.V. shows? Hobbies?

Jaime: I spend 90% of my free time reading. I probably read at least 2-3 books per week (it used to be at least one per day). I don't watch much TV (I enjoy True Blood and V) although I do love a good movie (anything 80's gets my motor running!).

S~ Writers/readers conferences: have you attended any? What are your conference plans for 2010?

Jaime: You know the answer to that one! *grin* I'm attending Lori Foster's Gathering in June [yay!] but don't have plans to attend any others this year. I have too much to get done and too much to write. Hopefully I can do more next year.
S~ So which celebrities are currently some of your favorite hotties? Past hotties: whose poster(s) did you have on your wall? Have any of them ever inspired one of your stories?

Jaime: I'm a huge James McAvoy fan and absolutely ADORE Chris Evans. Inspiration...hmm...Chris Evans is what Caleb (hero in Crimson Moon) looks like but I wouldn't say he inspired him. Most of my characters don't look anything like any celebrity I can envision.

S~ Is there anywhere in the world you've never been but have always wanted to explore?

Jaime: I'm going to sound so boring, but no. I LOVE Alabama and living in the south (born and bred, baby) and don't have any aspirations to leave. I joke a lot about it being Hickville, but the truth is its home and always will be.

S~ What's the most interesting research you've done for one of your stories?

Jaime: I wouldn't call it interesting but the research for Eternity and a Day almost killed me. I had to create a new race (Draigens -- half man, half dragon), find a dragon language, research the Greek Otherworld, compile a list of races, change them according to what I wanted, etc. I'd say I spent 2-3 months doing research for Eternity before I dove in. Since it's the first in a planned series, I had to make sure the timeline worked and the characters were well developed
S~ On your blog you mention being a tattoo enthusiast. What was your first tattoo? How many do you have?
Jaime: I LOVE tattoos! I currently have four (I will be getting another two soon). The first I got was a unicorn on my shoulder. I'd chosen the image in high school, continued wanting it, and went for broke during college. The second is a Chinese character for family on my left hip, the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp on my right hip, and a NIN "The Slip" logo on my left forearm with lyrics from the Stella Soliel remix of A Warm Place above and below the symbol (see bottom of post for symbol).

S~ What to you is the "perfect" day?

Jaime: When I get up, the kids are in a good mood, writing comes easy, and things just gel. It's that simple.
S~ Have you ever written about a character so different from yourself that you didn't really "get" them but you felt compelled to tell their story?

Jaime: Yes. The story hasn't been written yet, but it's in my head. All I need is some time at the PC (which seems to be less and less these days).

S~ Promo: part of the job. What do you consider the most fun aspect of promotion? The most effective?

Jaime: Promo is TOUGH. No one tells you just how bad it can be. To be fair, I'm still awed at how nice and supportive everyone has been about Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between. It truly is the "little book that could". I'd say that meeting new people is the fun part of promo. I LOVE to chat (anyone who speaks to me via Twitter probably knows this). It's always great to get new recommendations for reading and to meet others who share similar tastes. I've made some wonderful friends while doing promo and consider myself very fortunate to have done so. The most effective thing when it comes to promo? Genuine affection, concern, and interaction. I once said that, "If you want people to care about you -- care about THEM," and it's so true.

S~ And we love YOU, Jaime!

"The Slip" NIN logo

Tomorrow I'll post the 3rd and final installment of my interview with JA Saare, and then later in the afternoon I'll post a contest for a copy of Dead, Undead, or Somewhere In Between. Stay tuned for your chance to win :)

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  1. Jaime - We have had our convo on Chris Evans. He is perfect and flawless. I could never tire of seeing that man. We love talking with you on Twitter. You are so much fun and it's a joy to chat with you. :D

    Stacy - You scored an excellent interview with Jaime and I can't wait to read the next installment. :D

  2. Very nice interview Stacy. I have not read the book so I have "skipped" a little of it.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the get together in June JA and getting a copy of this book that I have been hearing so much about.

  3. Bells ~

    I adore you, but you know that. :)

    Barbara ~

    I'll see you in June too. I can't wait to meet everyone and gawk at all my favorite authors as well.


  4. Great interview! I did skip over the "spoiler" section, since I haven't read the book yet.

    Chris Evans = Yummy!

  5. You've got a NIN tattoo? You are my hero now. LOL
    I can imagine that the NYC research would be straining- I really hate maps, so confusing. And Chris Evans...yummy.

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