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Monday, April 19, 2010:
Meeting YA author Simone Elkeles
This past Saturday I had the opportunity to meet my favorite YA author, Simone Elkeles. For those of you who may not know, she wrote the amazing "Perfect Chemistry", as well as another YA favorite of mine, "Leaving Paradise". Her latest book, which I finished moments before the signing (it's amazing!), is my current favorite of her's.

Here are just a few of her releases. I've read 3 of her books so far, and I highly recommend each of them.

The crowd wasn't very big, but Simone took her time with each person, especially the teenage girls, and I was impressed with her patience and enthusiasm.

Simone and me (isn't she adorable?)

I think other than the parents, I was the only adult, but I didn't mind. I could hear comments from parents praising the book and how it got their teen reading, and from school teachers who said that "Perfect Chemistry" was still the top-read book in their school. There were also several librarians there as well. It's pretty cool to hear adults being so positive about these books. They certainly didn't have this kind of reading material when I was a teen.

Here are Alex (Alexander F. Rodriguez) and Carlos ( Giancarlo Vidrio) from Simone's Perfect Chemistry trilogy. I just had to get a poster of these 2 young hotties ;)

I got to chat for a few moments with Simone about the books, and let her know how much I enjoyed them, and that it was another adult and fellow reader - Christine - who brought her books to my attention. Christine, hon, I truly appreciate it! I am such a huge fan, and I have you to thank for that :)

One of her characters in "Rules of Attraction" is a young gay man named Tuck, and I was curious to know whether or not she would be writing a gay YA story. It appeared the thought hadn't crossed her mind, but you just never know, right?

Anyway, it was quite a pleasure meeting Simone. She was lively and funny and totally focused on whoever was standing in front of her. I'm sure she understood how it is for some teens to be shy and uncomfortable, and Simone was wonderful with each person.

Funny sidenote: while standing in line I noticed this guy there who looked very familiar. It turned out to be Simone's husband, but what was funny was that I actually knew him from the building where I work! So he noticed me and came over after I had my books signed and asked me if I worked for --- and we got to talking. Of course I tried to hit him up for some future books LOL.

Srsly, a GREAT day. And to make it even better is that Simone will be at the Chicago Spring Fling this upcoming Saturday. April is shaping out to be an awesome booksigning month.

If you ever get the chance to meet Simone, please do. She is truly amazing :)

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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  1. I have Perfect Chemistry..I neeeeed to read it!!!!

    I think YOU are adorable ;)

  2. Oh wow. This is awesome, Stacy. First, I have to say how happy it makes me to know that I'm the one who inspired you to pick up Perfect Chemsitry! I think that's one of the most powerful things about being a book blogger, you know? Sharing --- and spreading--- your enthusiasm for a book or an author. Second, it sounds like this signing was really fantastic and special. I would love to meet Simone some day, myself, and I know my daughter would love to as well. Maybe if she ever comes to NYC.

    How funny that her husband works for --- and you recognized each other! Small world.

    Love the photos. You are both adorable! :)

    Mandi ... You need to read Perfect Chemsitry sooooooon!

  3. Perfect Chemistry is one of those books I keep kicking myself for not having read yet. So glad you got to meet the author!

  4. How amazing - that's wonderful! It looks like such fun! :) I have not been to a signing yet I cant wait to get to my first!

    LOVE LOVE her books - Rules was amazing, and I cant wait till Return to Paradise, since Leaving is my fav so far!

  5. Thank you Stacy! Great photos! Like Patti, I haven't read Perfect Chemisty...yet, but it is on my TBR list and I obviously need to move it up that list!

  6. I am so jealous! LOL. I would love to meet her. Her books are WONDERFUL. I read both Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction in one day for each of them.

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