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Monday, May 24, 2010:
What I'm watching: Bones season 1

The television series BONES is a crime drama that mixes elements of forensic science, romance, and comedy to excellent effect. Centered on the relationship between forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (played by Emily Deschenel) and FBI special agent Seely Booth (played by David Boreanaz), BONES is a hard-hitting, action-packed show marked by fine writing, acting, and direction. The episodes of the first season are collected here on DVD.

I added this show to my "to watch" list before David Boreanaz became a rat bastard, but even still, I just decided to let that go and focus on the show, see what I got out of it. Quite a lot, actually.

Right from the start, it's pretty gruesome, what with a car explosion in the first episode and beetles eating away the burnt flesh to get to the bones. I'm not the most squeamish, but I also have my weaknesses, so that was not at all pretty. But the characters of the show definitely make it interesting. So far, after watching 16(?) episodes, I've found something to enjoy about each of them, and I think it's a really great cast with a lot of chemistry. I like how we've seen Booth & Bones slowly become more comfortable around each other, more flirtatious. I think Bones (Emily Deschanel) especially is a fascinating character because she's ridiculously smart, and extremely capable of handling herself in just about any situation, but she seriously is lacking with the people skills. It's often painful but also amusing, because she generally doesn't realize that she pretty much exists on a different plain than most people, and she has a difficult time connecting. Booth however calls her on it, and gives her crap, which is something she's probably not used to.

I love that we have a variety of other personalities on the show as well, most with different backgrounds and abilities. Some are well-adjusted, but most of them have some issues with what they do for a living. It's having to separate yourself from the reality of gruesome and horrible death to find the cause and/or the murderer.

And helllooo there, Jack. Well, I didn't take too much notice of him until he took his shirt off, and then whoa. Niiiice. He's a total smart ass, which I love, and a bit of a conspiracy freak.

So yeah, so far I'm lovin' it. Season 1 is almost over and I'm tempted to put the reason of the seasons in my queue, but I will hold off...for now. But if the rest are anything like season 1, they will be worth the wait :)

Do you watch Bones?

Have a favorite season? (no spoilers please!)



  1. I LOVE Hodgins, even before he disrobed, but that was nice too! ;) I've never watched the show in order. I always just catch it on TBS, but one of my co-workers let me the first season so I'm going to try to watch them all in order.

  2. I love Bones. I've watched it every week since season 1. It just gets better and better.

    Hodgins is a hoot with all his conspiracy theories. He's also pretty funny when he gets to perform his special tests.

  3. I love Bones, I'm with you on just paying attention to the show and not letting the idiot ruin the show for me. Put them on your list, they are worth it....

  4. I love "Bones" too. I started watching because I was a fan of David Boreanaz's from "Buffy" and "Angel," but I soon came to love the quirky characters and all their interactions.

    I think you'll enjoy the rest. :)

  5. I love this show and am through season 3. It has some great twists and turns. It is amazing how real they make many of the bodies look.They don't bother me that much because they are dead. Now if it's a medical show and the person is still alive then I cringe and look away every burns.

    You should try Nurse Jackie if you haven't. It's a showtime series in it's 2nd season but the first is out on DVD. Interesting show.

    Oh and thanks for the Damages reccomendation. I have three more episodes of the first season to watch...very intense and unique compared to other shows.

    Today the second season of True Blood goes on sale...whoo hoo. That's what I will be watching this weekend.

  6. I...used to watch. Both last season and the current season (not sure what that is exactly), I've started watching and then just not really cared :( I think there is a fine line between snippets of personal information and said personal information taking over an episode. I think Bone is, ATM anyway, walking over that line. I'm not explaining myself very well, am I?

    Oh, I'm currently watching SGU and the second season of Criminal Minds, which is very good IMHO!

  7. I'm in a similar situation as you. I just started watching the back seasons of Bones. Love that Netflix instant has them all!

    I'm a big fan of Hodgins...super cute!

  8. I love Bones! I am so envious that you have all the greatness yet to come. This is a show that is good enough that I might just start watching it all over myself.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  9. If we let the personal lives of any of the actors dictate what we watch, there would be little out there to enjoy. So, you have to accept it as it was intended-entertainment and totally ignore the rest

  10. Mollie, yeah I gotta admit I liked him from the first. His smartass behavior appealed to me *g*

    Jen, I can see that. I'm definitely hooked. I might have to go get the rest of the seasons and get all caught up now.

    Bkwrm26, I think cheating is just such a hot button for me I can't help but cringe when I see him now.

    Karen, I like how different the shwow is from Buffy, so we're not seeing Angel in this show, which is cool.

    Barbara, I know. Right from the first I was grossed out LOL. But still hooked. Glad you liked Damages :)

    Orannia, you bring up an interesting point. I'm curious now as about what you mean.

    Mandy, it's great to get them so quick! Totally loving this show :)

    Lisa, I envy me too LOL. And yes, I agree that actors are human and sometimes do stupid stuff, but the cheating thing is a bit of a hot button and I think also because I liked David as Angel so much. So far I don't let it affect my enjoyment of the show, but when I see him, I do remember. It's weird, but I won't let it ruin the fun of the show :)

  11. I love Bones. And I got derailed from my viewing pleasure by his cheating too. I'm with you, its a personal hot button issue for me that it does get in the way sometimes. Ick.

    I will say that there have been more than a few episodes that had me hanging on by my nails, lol-ing and sometimes weepy. Best kind of entertainment IMO. This last season wasn't quite on par with the previous ones though. Don't know what was going on behind the scenes but the writing changed. Shrug.

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