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Wednesday, November 14, 2007:
I want to see this one....
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Comedy and Romance
Release Date:
January 11th, 2008 (wide)

Jane is idealistic, romantic and completely selfless--a perennial bridesmaid whose own happy ending is nowhere in sight. But when younger sister Tess captures the heart of Jane's boss--with whom she is secretly in love--Jane begins to reexamine her "always-a-bridesmaid..." lifestyle.

See the trailer here

I really liked Katherine Heigl in "Roswell", (I don't watch much t.v. these days so I haven't seen her on "Grey's Anatomy") and she's engaged to Josh Kelley - I love his music. And I've liked James Marsden since...the first time I saw him, period. I think it was actually a film with Katie Holmes, some type of creepy movie where everyone's pretty much lobotomized, but James was in it, so it was all good. And who didn't love him as Cyclops, battling alongside Hugh Jackman?
This movie looks like a fun, romantic comedy, and it's on my list of "what to watch".

Do you plan on seeing it?

What's your favorite romantic comedy?

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  1. I can't stand her character in Grey's so the thoughts of paying to see her - uggghhhh. One that does look cute though - and I completely forget the name though is the one where the princess in a cartoon movie comes to life in New York. It has Dr. McDreamy from Grey's I could see me seeing that one. Another one I have that I really like is Something New with Simon Baker and Sanna Lathan. Of course for a completely different kind of genre - there is always North and South


  2. I think this looks good. I'd pay to see it.

    Kristie ~ The movie you're thinking of is called "Enchanted". It comes out next week!!

  3. Cute - thanks for the heads up!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Enchanted as well.

    And Kristie - I saw Something New and really really liked it!

  4. That looks good. I really enjoyed DWP :)

  5. Kristie, you reminded me that I want to see that Simon Baker movie. Thanx!

    Dev, yeah I plan on seeing it too. It looks cute.

    Jill, good taste. Thanx for the title.

    Toni, I just wanted something sweet and cute in my movies after all the violent ones I've been lately, ya know?

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