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Tuesday, June 21, 2011:
Fan letter to author Nalini Singh

Dear Ms. Singh,

I know you are a very popular author these days, with not just one but two amazing series available to your readers, and you probably get tons of letters and emails very similar to mine, but I would have to say they are well-deserved accolades. These days, with constant changes in technology and our attention spans getting shorter and shorter, it's more difficult to capture the imagination and even harder to hold onto it. In fact, as I told you myself when I met you at the Lori Foster get-together, I didn't even like "Slave To Sensation" the first time I read it, but something compelled me to go back and give it another try. And that is why I'm writing this fan letter to you today; because despite my initial lack of engagement, somehow I felt I was really missing out on something, and now I'm devouring each book like it was the most decadent and sinful candy ever created.

And I love it! Lately life has been relentlessly kicking my ass, so to have this amazing outlet to escape to and fall in love with is such a welcome relief. I feel like when I enter the Psy/Changeling world, I am free of all the demands and criticisms and yes even the loneliness I've been experiencing lately. I let myself imagine being enveloped in the sensual embrace of a sexy Changeling eager for skin privileges. I pretend I have the intelligence and boldness and strength to go up against even the coldest Psy. Nalini, you created this absorbing, wondrous world, and I thank you very much for that. I've experienced hours of reading pleasure by delving into your world and letting it wash over me. It awakens my joy of reading again, something I'd lost for a little while, and it makes me very happy to have found my way back to books. The pressures of adulthood and responsiblity can be heavy burdens, but losing my desire to read is perhaps one of my deepest regrets. Yet with your books, I've found it again, and it grounds me. Makes me feel like I have a safe haven to turn to on those occasions when life overwhelms me. That is very rewarding.

I know after meeting you, you mentioned there is a definite ending to the series, and that saddens me, although I understand the "why" behind it. Everything eventually comes to a conclusion, and while I don't want to think about it, when it eventually does happen, I will be glad for the chance to read this series and have experienced all the joy and sadness and love you infused into it. I comprehend the need for closure, so I will be happy that I got to go through it with all the other readers who loved this series so much. One of the worst things that could ever happen is to have a series "jump the shark", because that takes away from the enjoyment that was originally felt in reading it.

Now I cannot end this letter without saying what an extreme pleasure it was to meet you and spend a few moments talking books with you. You are a lovely, gracious, intelligent woman and so easy to chat with. I felt completely at ease in your presence, even while in the back of my mind I'm thinking "OMG this is Nalini Singh! Squee!!!" Despite never getting a break and constantly having readers approach you, you were patient and sweet and wonderful. It was definitely one of this reader's highlights.

And thank you ever so much for sharing your colorful and vivid imagination. If someone ever asked which paranormal series they absolutely must read, without hesitation I would mention the Psy/Changeling books. It includes all the elements of a truly memorable journey that all readers should be able to experience at some point. What I love about it is that there is not one element I skip over. I enjoy every aspect of the series, from the chilling Psys to the hot and sensual Changelings; from the bravest heroine to the most evil villain. None of it bores me, and I savor every word. That, my dear, is a reader's delight. Muchos gracias :)


Stacy ~

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  1. Wonderful letter Stacy! I may be a little jealous that you got to meet Ms. Singh. Just a little. ;)

  2. Great letter!
    And I'm jealous, it sounds like you did much better than me when meeting the lovely Ms Singh.. When I finally worked up the nerve to approach her at the Aus Rom Readers convention, all I could do was stutter out "I love your books" and then I, well, quite simply put, I ran away. :D

    PS. I hear you on the life kicking thing, maybe we should start kicking back?
    ((hugs)) and hope things improve.

  3. Lovely letter! I agree 100% :)

  4. Twinsies! I'm glad you wrote Nalini. And such a good letter too, Stace!
    Her series are delicious and so diverting from real life, aren't they?

  5. Stacy
    What a wonderful letter. I haven’t started this series yet & I’m
    looking forward to it.
    Had to laugh at :

    I felt completely at ease in your presence, even while in the back
    of my mind I'm thinking "OMG this is Nalini Singh! Squee!!!"

    That’s exactly how I felt when I met her at Lori’s. So fun, down to earth and so friendly but deep down I’m thinking, “Do you know how big time you are?”

    Great to see you again Stacy. Keep on keeping on.

  6. Stacy - that's one fantastic letter! I'm so glad that it has rekindled your reading mojo and that you got a chance to meet Nalini! I'm hopefully meeting her next month - I can't wait! (I;m currently behind with this series - I've been off PNR for ages - so am hoping Bonds of Justice will get me back in it :)

    And I'm so sorry that life has been kicking you both up and down :( *hugs* Here's hoping the second half of this year is much better!

  7. The Psy/Changeling series is indeed awesome! How fun that you got to meet Nalini too Stacy. I'm nervous about the thought of meeting someone famous - I think I'll lose any coherence and just say "gack" or something. :)

  8. Wow you got to meet her, congrats! I love instances like that. I've heard nothing but good things about this author and she's on my "must read" list. Great letter!

  9. What a sweet letter! I confess I've only read the first two books in the series but your letter has convinced me to get back on track and give her series another shot!

  10. What a wonderful letter! Nalini is the tops in my book and I hope to meet her in person, some day! Thanks for sharing your fan letter!

  11. i was the same way about her Guild Hunter books, didn't come away from reading the first one with a strong sense of wow (even though i would happily build a shrine of golden shelves for her Psy/Changeling books, some of my favorite books in the world) but after reading Angel's Blood for the second time it just clicked, my fangirl for Elena and Raphael kicked into high gear and i immediately downloaded all the released books in the series and glommed them in 2 days. great fan letter!

  12. Great letter, Stacy. I love Nalini's work too. Her world building and characters are just unforgettable even long after I put down one of her books.

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