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Sunday, May 23, 2010:
My fan letter to Shiloh Walker

Before I start my letter, I would like to give some credit to a few people who made this all happen. First off, there was Katiebabs, who forwarded an email from Kassa, who came up with the idea in the first place. And also to EH who created this fabulous blog button. LOVE IT. And last but not least to all the other bloggers who participated, and whose blogs I've visited and enjoyed over the last few weeks, and the others still to come. I've come across several amazing blogs and wonderful recommendations - some of which have been added to my list because I've been so intrigued by them - and my credit card weeps with fear now.

At first I wasn't sure who I was going to write to, because there are just so many fabulous authors out there, some new to me, others old favorites. But after giving it some consideration, I knew there was only one course of action to take: write to an author who consistently affects me strongly as a reader, so that is exactly what I did.

Now on to the main event....

Dear Ms. Shiloh Walker:

The first book of yours I'd ever read was an Elloras Cave release by the name of Touch of Fire, which, according to Books-a-Million, was released in July 2004. Even then, you wrote such a heartbreaking story that I ached from it, but it was the good kind of ache, like right after you exercise, or in this case, when your heart is fully engaged in the story and you never want to leave it.

Since then, I've read the majority of your books, most notably the Hunters series, which has always been sexy and dangerous and often poignant, and which always leads me to coming back for more of this haunting world. It boggles the mind how prolific you are as a writer, considering how young you are and how long you've been a published author, yet if anything, it is a fact that makes this reader exceptionally happy, because there always seems to be yet another story I find I haven't read yet, and that makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. There's nothing like knowing a favorite author has stories in publication that I haven't read yet. It's truly a beautiful thing.

I know that I am a failure as a reader in that I have trouble distinguishing the majority of most of the various author voices from one another, but in your case, that has never been a problem for me. When I read one of your books, there is no doubt in my mind that you have set yourself apart from other writers by "speaking" strictly from your own distinct POV. It's not anything obvious that I can explain, but there's a way you phrase your words that tends to call strongly to me as a reader. Does that make sense? In other words, there's just something about the way you write that affects me in almost a visceral manner, and it's rare that I don't have some type of strong emotional reaction to one of your stories. Most of the time, I cannot stay disconnected when I read a Shiloh Walker book. To me, that is the secret of your success.

At the risk of not sounding very stalker-ish, I will admit that there have been uncommon instances when a story went in a different direction than I would have liked, and some of your choices haven't always sat 100% well with me, but those instances are miniscule, and overall, you have provided me with untold hours of reading pleasure, and even the very few times a story hasn't completely moved me cannot even compare to all I've gained from reading your amazing stories. I am almost as thrilled as you are to see others so enthralled by your stories. To date, my absolute favorite book of yours would have to be Fragile, followed closely by The Missing (which I'd just finished this weekend) and I am really, REALLY looking forward to your fan favorite, Broken, sequel to Fragile. It fills me with anticipation to know I still have new Shiloh Walker stories to savor and sigh over.

I love that though you are most known to me for your paranormals, you've also written historical stories and some straight-up contemporaries, which tend to be my favorites, because you focus solely on the characters and their needs. These are the stories I like to re-read most, and also because they are beautifully erotic and edgy, which I love.

I've also been extremely lucky to have met you on several occasions, and for the most part I think I've been fairly rational and non-scary (though I'm sure you could take me out with one solid kick so why would you worry?), and I look forward to seeing you again next month at the get-together,where I will continue to behave in a mature and calm manner *g*

I dearly hope that you continue to write books for decades to come, and that more readers discover and fall in love with your stories just like I have.

Most sincerely from your (worst) stalker,

Stacy ~

And check out Nicola's blog tomorrow for her author letter :)



  1. awwwww....sniff. Stacy, you're gonna make me tear up.

    Thank you so much! I don't even know what else to say beyond that. You pretty much struck me dumb...and seeing as how you've met me and know how I like to talk... *G*

    Thank you. :)

  2. That is a great fan letter Stacy! And I must say I have to agree with a large chunk of it! Shiloh Walker certainly knows how to make a reader 'feel' her stories.

  3. Hi Stacy
    Thank you so much for articulating what I love about Shiloh's work. She blows me away every single time. The Missing, Fragile & Broken are 3 of my faves as well. But then I look at her backlist & it's, "oh yeah, that one too"etc. etc.
    "It boggles the mind how prolific you are as a writer, considering how young you are". It isn't just how many books Shiloh has written that surprised me when I figured out her age from one of her posts. It's the maturity of her writing. She writes like an "old soul" & that's what I call her. I know she knows it's a compliment. She evens thinks it's a compliment when she makes my chest hurt after reading one of her books - Damn that woman!! LOL.

  4. Stacy:

    Wow... Beautiful letter, I too have become a Shiloh Walker fan. Broken was just..... emotional and beautiful at once, I hope you enjoy.

    As for you being a failure as a reader? I don't think so...

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Ms. Walker's work.

    Again, beautifully done. :-)

  5. Great fan letter!! Shiloh Walker is an author I've wanted to read forever and I definitely will make time after reading your post.

  6. What a great heartfelt letter! And how lucky you are to have actually met her on several occasions. I love her books and her tweets!

  7. What a great letter Stacy!! I have yet to embark on the Hunter series but I hear ya when you say SW has a distinctive voice!! Long may Shiloh Walker write :)

  8. Great letter, Stacy. Your love for this author's books really shines through.

  9. Great Blog Stacy. I love Shiloh's books as well. Though I don't read the Hunter books her others are favorites. Broken still sticks in my mind and it has been a bit since I read it.

    Kudos to you both

  10. Wonderful letter hon. I haven't read many of Ms. Walker's books but I agree all I read were wonderful.
    I love it when an author touches you the way she does for you. It is a wonderful thing to find.

    Have to go and dry my tears now.

  11. Shiloh Walker is without a doubt the queen of emotional read for me..

    I have read every book by her outside of the Hunter series and she has not failed me yet...

    Great letter...


  12. I think The Missing has to be one of my fave Shiloh Walker reads. It was such an emotive and heartfelt read.

    Terrific letter, Stacy!

  13. That was a wonderful letter!

  14. Terrific letter, Stacy! Although I've only read a couple of Ms Walker's stories I really enjoyed them.

  15. That was one lovely letter Stacy - you express yourself so well!

  16. Great letter!
    I've just recently discovered her books through my friend. I read Broken and loved it. Will read more in the future!

  17. Awesome job Stacy!!!! This is a great letter!

  18. Great letter Stacy!!! When I saw who your letter was to, it made me smile. Great choice :)

  19. Great choice and I loved your letter!

    Thanks for participating.

  20. Lovely letter Stacy! I've only read Shiloh Walker's contemps but she is amazing and I look forward to reading her PNR's.

  21. What a great letter. I have to agree with all you said. I do think however, that once you read Broken, it may become your new favorite. It is a great read.

  22. What a great fan letter!

    And, Stacy I am so there with you!! Shiloh's writing affects me the exact same way. The book that struck home and is my favorite is her No Longer Mine!!


  23. Wow Stacy you hit the nail right on the head when it comes to Shiloh's books for me also. I just love her work and have met her a time or two myself. I do agree that she makes you feel everything the characters are feeling and more. Having met her I also agree she makes you feel welcome and wanted as a fan I will be a big fan for years to come:-)

  24. you are gonna DIE when you read broken - i was lucky enough to get an ARC and i still think about the story and it's been months since i finished reading it. that's sheer talent right there.

  25. I've seen the woman behind the book. Shiloh is an original!

  26. Somehow I missed your letter, Stacy! It's beautiful. I hadn't realised that Ms. Walker wrote so many books already. I mainly know her from Fragile and Broken.
    Thanks for sharing your fan love! :)

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