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Wednesday, April 21, 2010:
What I've been watching: week in review
When the Wernham Hogg paper merchants needed someone to come in and shape up their office, they found the man who definitely thinks he is the most capable candidate in David Brent (Ricky Gervais). Brent rules a tight ship, but at the same time tries to be every employee's best friend. Brent is the centerpiece for this brilliant satire of 9-5 office life. Camera crews follow Brent and his employees around in this British series that uses no laugh track, and doesn't need it. The razor sharp comedy will have audiences in stitches. When released in England, this wickedly funny series broke all sales records for non-film DVD releases.

I had every intention of starting to watch the U.S. version of "The Office" until I noticed that the original BBC series was on Netflix. So being rather curious about the inspiration, I rented season 1.

Let's just say British humor is mostly lost on me. The slang and references usually go over my head. That's not to say this isn't a funny series, because I found several very amusing scenes in the 6 episodes, and Ricky Gervais is funny just standing there with a sheepish look on his face. It's so politically incorrect, and I love it. So much so that I'm getting season 2, which appears to be the last season. I definitely see why it inspired the U.S. version. And there's the office romance brewing...will it ever be resolved? Time will tell....

Jason Statham stars in this fast-paced and very loud thriller that was written specifically for him by French filmmaker Luc Besson. Statham (SNATCH) plays Frank Martin, a former Special Forces operative who is now a high-priced courier paid a lot of money to deliver packages he would rather know nothing about. His creed: Never change the deal, use no names, and never look in the package. But when he finds out that his latest delivery is a beautiful young woman (Shu Qi), everything changes, and he is off on a wild chase, in his specially made BMW, that includes plenty of explosions, bare-knuckle fighting, cool weaponry, and tongue-in-cheek humor. Hong Kong director Corey Yuen, who has previously worked with Jet Li, lets the action tell the story as Frank battles the bad guys in the streets of France. The score is by renowned jazz great Stanley Clarke.

Really, the only reason I rented this is to see a shirtless Jason Statham, and oh boy, was I NOT disappointed. He is one fine-looking man, and watching the "making of" bonus feature proves he's even more gorgeous when he smiles and laughs, which he really doesn't do in "The Transporter". I was a bit bored with the film about 1/2 way through, and the heroine was annoying (though lucky enough to get Jason nekkid), but it was a good action film, and I love the way Jason moves. I'll probably get the 2nd & 3rd Transporter movies now.

TWILIGHT's Robert Pattinson trades in the pale skin and vampire teeth of Edward Cullen for the guitar and life crisis of Art in this British dramedy. Much to his own disappointment--and that of his mother (Rebecca Pidgeon)--Art finds his London life as a musician is going nowhere. Enter Dr. Ellington (Powell Jones), a self-help guru and the author of "It's Not Your Fault." But his page-bound words aren't enough: Art has the graying writer live with him and his parents with comedic--and hopefully inspiring--results.

Does Robert Pattinson have talent beyond the Twilight movies? I figured this movie would tell me that. I'm sure he does, but this movie is so depressing, and I prefer Pattz with an American accent and even his Twilight hair. I'm sure this film is considered brilliant by some, but I was tweeting while I watched it. It's quirky and strange and somber, all the things that can make a film mesmerizing to critics. Me, not so much. Give me obvious all-out drama and humor. I don't need to have deep thoughts. I'm fine with my superficial ones :)

What have YOU been watching?



  1. I've seen all the "Transporter" movies many time as I am a JS fan too. But Transporter 3 is by far my very favorite - he actually gets romantic and wants more than just a tumble - he wants a future.

  2. I tried to watch the British version of The Office and I just couldn't get into it either. So I started watching the US one and was able to relate to it more.

    Love Jason Statham! I enjoy all his movies.

    I am currently watching The Gilmore Girls. My marathon will begin today as soon as the mailman drops off my Netflix dvd's.

  3. I have a theory that some comedy is location specific. The only US shows I find amusing are The Big Bang Theory and Glee. (That's not to say there aren't some very amusing US shows, because I'm sure there are, just that I don't find them funny.) In contrast, I find more British shows amusing, particularly a show called Coupling, which is rather similar to Friends. Friends I didn't find funny, Coupling I did. Hence the location comemnt. And maybe it's also how your sense of humour develops...what you're familiar with/exposed too? Very interesting :)

    Saying all that, I don't really have a sense of humour *grin*

    Currently watching - Criminal Minds Season 1 and Glee!

  4. I never got the humor on the British Office, either.

  5. Modern Family!!!! Cam is just so funny I heart that show I really do.

  6. I watched The Lovely Bones last night and The Blind Side the night before. Both excellent movies. I will buy The Blind Side because it is something I will watch again and again.

    The Lovely Bones while good is not something I think I would want to watch over and over again. It was a bit of a strange movie but I did like it and think it was worth watching.

    I am also watching episodes of the old series Beauty and The Beast. Great tv series. Vincent and Katheine....ahhhhh.

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