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Friday, April 16, 2010:
My eARC dilemma
I've recently run into the dilemma of wonderful authors asking if I'd like to review an ARC of their next release, only to find out it's available in eARC only. Now this really is a wonderful thing on many levels. It saves on paper, (going green, protecting the environment) and I'm sure the cost is significantly less expensive as well. It's a more convenient and faster way to provide the ARC to the reviewer. So lots and lots of advantages.

But I'm totally old-school. I know I'll soon be left in the dust with the whole ebook thing, but at this time I just can't see spending that much on a device I'm not in love with. Besides, right now I have so many books to read that the idea of having access to even more boggles the mind. My TBR pile is so out of control it seriously scares me. But I'm also stubborn, and adore the feel of a book in my hand. Plus, I am fortunate to live in Chicagoland and have the opportunity to attend several booksignings (Simone Elkeles tomorrow) and it's rather difficult - and impractical - to sign an ebook reader, now isn't it?

But back to my dilemma: does it bother authors if they ask a reader to review their book and the reader declines if it's in ebook? Really, it's nothing personal, but I don't own an ereader, and reading a book on my laptop, while possible, is not my preferred method. So I wonder if I am slighting an author by turning down such an opportunity. I mean, I am very appreciative that they thought to ask me, so I don't want to seem ungrateful. I am so thrilled to be asked, whether it's for the first release of someone new or the 25th release of an established author.

So just a note to authors, I love, love, love you and your books, so please don't hate me for not jumping on the ebook bandwagon. I am a dinosaur.

Forgive me????

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  1. Stace - You know you can get a Sony Pocket eReader for around $160 these days, right? That's what I did, figuring at least I hadn't made a huge investment if I hated it.

    And I've found that I love it.

    I'm just sayin' come on in, the water's fine! ;o)

  2. I went with a Sony reader when I got mine a couple of years ago. I do love it(especially when I travel), but it really hasn't helped me cut down on my buying "real" books.

  3. Heck, before I got my Sony Reader I stated right in the "review guidelines" of my blog that I didn't "do" ebooks because I didn't have an eReader.

    I lurve my Sony Reader, but there is no way in heck I'll ever be one of those people that gives up print entirely. Won't happen. Period. When it comes to digital-only releases, Harlequin and ARCS, I love ebooks! But for everything else? Yeah, I still buy print. Just do. It's how I roll.

  4. Honestly? Even if an author's book doesn't come out in print, she can create a printed ARC. Most print authors don't get bound ARCs to give to reviewers. Some reviewers only read on paper - so, you print off your own version of the galleys and ship it. :) I can't imagine an author being offended you don't read electronic books. That's your choice, just as it could be another's choice not to read historical, or paranormal, or erotic romance. ;-)

  5. Interesting blog topic Stacy. I haven't "gone digital" yet but I have been thinking about it for several reasons.

    I think the wave of the future will be more and more ARC's will actually be electronic copies. I have received electronic copies before and printed a hade copy to read just so I am not confined to my computer. I have also read entire books from the coputer on occasion as well.

    Lucy mentions printing her own galleys and sending them out to reviewers. I have read books this way on several occasions for review.

    I don't think an author will take offence with you not wanting to read electronically for the reasons you have stated. The cost factor alone will make it attractive to many and I do see ARC's going that way in the not too distant future. Some are already there.

  6. I love my Sony reader! I love the fact that I can buy ebooks from other websites and download them on my reader. I love the fact that when I buy a book from it automatically downloads into my Sony library!

  7. I adore my eReader, though it is a basic one. I find the convenience a blessing; if you could only see my bookshelves you would understand why!

    I have never run across an author that was offended by a reviewer that doesn't read eBooks, but I guess it can happen anywhere.

  8. Stacy - I did NOT want an ereader and then last May hubs bought me a Kindle for Mother's Day. I did the whole fake smile..but OMG!! I can't live without it. I PREFER it.

    AND - I still my print books all the time. Srsly, you will love it. It is so much easier to hold and turn the pages (cause you know turning pgs is..err..hard in a print books ;p)

    Was that your question?, authors won't be offended if you say you don't have an ereader!

  9. Stacy, I love to feel a book in my hand too. However, I plan on going to an ebook format, because I get pissed when I can not find the book to read. The instant download is too tempting. Also, they are cheaper as an ebook.

  10. I'm still a paper only girl - but I know the day is coming when that will change. I like to think I'm pretty hip to new things - though even using the word hip proves I'm not.

  11. I, like many of the other commentators, have a Sony eReader and love it. I put off getting one because of price but they are getting way more affordable. As a reader, I've noticed contests changing. It used to be you'd have the chance to win a paperback, but 65 percent of the contests I now enter offer the e-version as the prize. And I fully expect that number to go higher. As postal costs go up and since things can get lost in the mail and counting the time out of their busy schedules to go to the post office, authors aren't wanting to take the time/cost/chance of dealing with mailing a product. Ebooks are just easier for everyone all around. So with that consideration I finally took the plunge.

  12. Thank you ALL for the comments. And thank you Kati for being such an enabler LOL.

    The reason I do ask is because an author asked me on Twitter about reviewing her ebook and when I told her about my preference she never responded, so I guess I got paranoid about it. Made me wonder if I offended her because of it. So I appreciate the reassurances :)

    Have a great week!

  13. I think it's good to know what works for you and what doesn't, and you were honest, which is important :)

    It's a shame you can't borrow an eBook reader over a weekend and see if it works for you. I was worried about reading on my iPhone (none of the dedicated eBook readers [e.g. Kindle, Sony, Nook] are on sale here *grumble grumble*) but I find it surprisingly easy :)

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