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Thursday, January 19, 2006:
Good-bye to a dear on-line friend
I just found out today that a sweet soul I knew from a couple of the Yahoo groups had passed away on Monday. Her name's Judy Schlueter. I had never met her face to face, but I'd responded to various posts she'd written and vice versa. We shared a love of books and that is a very strong bond. It really makes me realize how attached we can get to our on-line friends. I've been teary-eyed all day - I am really going to miss her. I've lost a dear friend.

She hadn't been feeling well - needed to get a pacemaker right around the holidays. We hadn't heard from her much but she was always in our thoughts, and we sent her Christmas cards even though she said she couldn't participate in the exchange this year. Our group(s) is such a close-knit one, and rather rare from what I've seen with other groups. We all all respect and care about one another, and shared parts of our lives, but we never get nasty or negative. I love how supportive everyone is of each other. Judy was such a big part of that. We were hit hard by the news. I liked knowing that even at age 70, she loved getting the daily pictures of the hotties that were sent out on the loop. There are many wonderful memories like that. So while I may not have known her for very long, she was a wonderful person and I wanted to take a moment to remember her. It's moments like these that make me realize how truly lucky I've been to have such amazing people in my life, and to take time to treasure them. Tonight I send prayers out to her family, and thank God that I knew such an amazing person and for a time she was a shining light in my life.


  1. Thank you for saying so eloquently what I wanted to say. You are a sweetie and a good friend and I'm glad you're my friend too. I've been teary since reading the news yesterday. Judy was/is a beautiful soul and I'll miss her.

  2. Thank you Shari. Judy was a special person and I know we will all miss her very much. Yesterday was a hard day. I'm glad I have friends like you to share with. Hugs right back atcha.

  3. Thanks, Stacy, for the wonderful note about Judy. She will be missed. Dianne C

  4. Well said Stacy! I cried when I read the news about Judy and I get tears every time I read such grat things about her like this.
    I do believe that we are close friends even though we have never met in person. I have told you all more than some of my close friends and I wouldn't change any of that ever!
    Thanks for the nice words about Judy and the loops!

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